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Google Adwords Keyword Planner As A Tool To Understand The Market Better

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keyword market researchThe keyword planner tool by Google was developed to help people advertise their business on Google. The main idea behind this tool was to provide a research tool for businesses to get an estimate of how their ads and promotional material might perform online. A majority of Google’s revenues come from their business of selling ad space in their search results. Each time a reader clicks on an ad, Google gets a small commission. This is beneficial for online marketers and advertisers because they get an idea about which words or phrases are more popular with their target audiences who are trying to find specific products or services.  Every time a potential customer does a search, Google stores that information in its database.  This data is then made available in the AdWords Keyword Planner tool. This tool shows historical data and statistics to estimate traffic and other parameters.  This is valuable information for any marketer and business owner.

Learn how to use the Google adwords keyword planner to understand the market better in this blog. Open the adwords account and click on keyword planner in the tools section to start your research on getting to understand your market better.

1. Search for new keyword and Ad group ideas

Type in your search term; for example, ‘gold jewellery’. Select the target geographical location and then search for ideas. The keyword ideas tab is more useful in market research. You can analyse the seasonality of the keyword with the help of the graph icon, which shows the month wise average searches for that keyword. In this case, the demand for gold jewellery will obviously be high during marriage and festival season months of may, june, october, november, december and january. Furthermore, whenever you see that the competition level for a certain keyword is high, it means that business related to that keyword is very lucrative and people are spending more money on that business. Therefore, you can definitely consider getting into that business. If you are not getting many keyword results with high competition levels, then change your search term, try out different combinations of words to get competitive keywords.

2. Local SEO by using the keyword planner toollocal seo

The ad group and keyword idea tabs are very useful to determine the optimization potential for local areas for a business. This feature provides accurate information on the searches being conducted in the local area that your business is targeting. You can easily find out the cities which have high search volumes for your targeted keywords and then customize your campaign for that city and capture all the business. Start developing quality content for the target customers based on the local SEO information as it is good for long tail searches and these searches are good in the long term.

long tail keywords3. Keyword selection and filtering out the unnecessary

Now that you have hundreds of keyword ideas on your list, the main task is to determine which ones to use and which to discard. The long list of keyword ideas suggested by Google makes this task very challenging. Let us classify the keywords into 3 types:

  • Short tail – Keywords having higher search volumes and can be difficult to rank higher on new websites. They generally have 1-2 words, e.g. gold jewellery.
  • Medium tail – Keywords having moderate search volumes which are still tough to rank for, but obviously easier than short tail keywords. They generally have 2-3 words e.g. gold jewellery designs.
  • Long tail – keywords which have low search volumes and are relatively easier to rank for. They usually have 4 or more words, e.g. Gold jewellery designs Pune.

When you are planning to start a new website then it is highly recommended to use medium and long tail keywords as they will get you substantial visitors. Once you start getting the required traffic and rank well for the medium and long tail keywords then you can also start using short tail keywords.

Use these tips to make Google adwords keyword planner work for you and help you in understanding the market better.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shiva Teja   /   Reply

      Good post. Picking what type of keywords to use in what kind of situation is very important as it determines the website rank and website position in SERPs.

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