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Google Allows Advertisers To Upload & Target Customer Matching Adwords Mailing Lists

Google Allows Advertisers To Upload & Target Customer Matching Adwords Mailing Lists

The ever rising world of Google has again made new changes, and with that, it brings perks for all the business websites seeking customers for their products and services. Google has made lots of changes in past few years, and those were amazing. The latest change in their search engine algorithm named as Google Panda has already showed their fruits to all those who have unlocked the secrets via SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Today the most of the people using internet is dependent on the Google Search Engine. It has become a necessity for the business websites to keep them updated with the changes in Google Search Engine Algorithm, without it, they will be lost among the crowd. Google gives an advantage of making a website visible to the crowd with least effort. One can even select their customer segments and target them with a better positioning.

Now, recently Google has brought an amazing product, which was first reported by Wall Street Journal. The product is named as Customer Match. Judging by the features of Customer Match, it should prove to be one of the best product yet from Google.

More about Customer Match


For long time, people have been wondering, how sweet it would be, if they can find what their customers are looking for, just by typing their email address.  Well! That wish is granted by Google with the launch of their new product, Customer Match. All those products and services that Google have offered their customers makes use of the email verification. So, now Google has made it possible for tracking all those customers by other individuals, just by uploading the emails into it.

Introduction of the Customer Match, will bring up a great change in the way on target their customers. Customer Match will allow advertiser to upload the list of emails of their customers. This will lead to a better way of targeting the audience.

It is for sure that companies have realized by now that the old ways of targeting is no more fruitful for the customers. Now, the way customers buy things and perceive ads, have changed a lot. When a customer see’s an ad they want to feel that the product and services shown in the ad is for them. They will skip the ad within the first few seconds, if they don’t find it interesting. For long time, Companies have spent millions for branding. And most important part of branding is the use of an effective ad for the customers. Lots of market research is carried out over time to minimize the cost of branding through ads. Many tried to seek the right customers through which they can target the ads specifically to the best prospects of the product, by all in vain.


Now, Google has a breakthrough in creating the new product, Customer Match, which might prove as a better way to get the right customer to see the ads. Customer Match will allow advertisers to get the customer owned data. Customer data is like Gold Mine for advertisers, they will be able to get all those information about the interest of the customer and accordingly, they will be able to find out what type of ads to be shown to different customers. As of now, all other social media platforms have this facility to target the customers specifically by tailored ads and their audiences. Customer Match will now allow Google to overcome this limit and compete with other Social Media Platforms for targeting their ads in a better way.


It is not just the Google Search that the Customer Match will be focusing for targeting, it will also make use the Trueview ads of YouTube and the Native ads of Gmail. This shows how huge the capacity of search volume would be for matching customer data from different channels for better targeting. This one cool update will mean a lot for the Advertisers as, this will not just save time and that long tired process of selecting right prospects but also the extra cost. There is even the chances of increase in number of prospects. Imagine the hike in ROI from the use of better targeting. Only those customers which are more likely to buy the product will be able to see the ads. This will also help to gain all those potential customers who miss to watch out those ads.

Drawbacks of Retargeting Lists for Search Ads


For those who don’t know what is RLSA (Retargeting Lists for Search Ads), it is a product of Google which allows advertisers to target their customers based on their interest. Retargeting Lists for Search Ads helped advertisers to fetch ads to the site visitors and customers. Although they helped advertisers to target there audience and bid on different ads, they a drawback. And this drawback led to the development of Customer Match. Retargeting Lists for Search Ads serve by using the saved cookies of user. Although it used to work earlier but now a days, in order to get rid of spam messages users are wise enough to keep clearing the cookies, which cuts down Retargeting Lists for Search Ads from getting the customer data. No just that Retargeting Lists for Search Ads is not even handy in order to fetch customer data of mobile users. But need not to worry because this new product, Customer Match will be able to use email lists, so that they get better stability over different platforms.



The release of Customer Match will be a big relieve for the advertisers. The pain that they are facing for getting the customer data to target their ads to the right kind of audience will be taken care of by use of email list. As we know, almost all the new software, and Apps in mobile devices makes use of email. It will give a huge boost in the stability of the product over different devices. This product will prove as one of the best way to create and broadcast ads, in a way that customer will feel as if it’s just for them.

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