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Google Analytics & Megalytic Integrate For Automated Reporting

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Megalytic is an online service provider in web analytics. Various digital agencies, marketers, and other businesses uses their service faster and insightful reports. Megalytic helps creating reports that deliver precise data. Its features allows analyst to generate professional report for variety of audiences.The major features that Megalytic provide for better reporting are:

  • Templates – Megalytic provides various templates for overview, comparisons, goal conversions etc.
  • Customized reporting – Megalytic crafts the perfect report for their audience, with charts, tables and maps.
  • Widget Library – This provides specific reporting of which we require.
  • Automated reporting – The reports can be scheduled for delivery. The automated reporting deliver the data at right time as per the time scheduled in desired format (html, pdf or print).

Megalytic integration with Google Analytics, Google webmaster and AdWords – This feature of Megalytic has made this a comprehensive tool to generate all kinds of reports. Integration with various tools helps to pull data for customized reporting.

Megalytic Integration with Google Analytics


The Megalytic integration with Google Adwords has enabled the AdWord reporting easy and faster. This allows creating admirable reports in fraction of time. Integration starts with connecting a Megalytic accounts to Google Analytics or Google Adwords.

Advantages of Megalytic integration with Google Analytics

Widgets for Drag and Drop report building

Widgets are pre-built charts and tables in Megalytic. For example we need to know about the traffic from a particular geographical area. Megalytic provides a widget called “Traffic by Geography”. We can just drag and drop this widget to the report that we make. This gives a report similar to the figure shown below. The widget gives a live data connected to Google Analytics.


Automated Date Ranges

The date range for which we need generate report can be set in Megalytic to get automated reports. Based on the selection of the date range the report will get automatically updated. Suppose we set a Date Range of 12 weeks, the report gets automatically updated to show data for the previous 12 weeks. This helps in saving time we don’t have to set Date Range every single time to generate data. All the charts and tables will recalculate automatically for each time we run the report.



The reports can be saved as templates, so that it can be reused for different clients or websites. This saves so much of time in regenerating reports for different clients or websites.

Automated Scheduling of Reports

Megalytic allows the option to send the reports to client automatically. We can schedule the time for report delivery. The reports can be send monthly, weekly or on daily basis. The scheduling of reports are easy with Megalytic. In the schedule option we can provide the list of people to whom the reports should go. Frequency of report delivery can be set, based on whether it is monthly, weekly or daily. Also we can customise a message that is to be included in the email in which we sent the report. Finally we can set the format in which the report is to be send. The report can be either pdf web page link or both


 Collaborating reports

Depending upon the expertise, the reporting for a single client can be done different people. That is different users might be working on a single project. Megalytic allows generating multiple user name and password. When different people are working simultaneously on same report, each one will be able to view others report in real time.

MEGALYTIC integration with GoogleAdwords.


Megalytics integration with Google Adwords have helped in generating insightful reports based on pay per click (PPC) campaigns in short time. Same as with Google Analytics, Megalytic have provided access to its widget library. The widget library can be customized to generate reports as per the various requirements. For example the “Multi-KPI Widget” displays multiple Key Performance indicators across all campaigns in the AdWord account. Reports highlighting Clicks, Cost per Click etc can be generated quickly with this option. Any data related from Google AdWords can be easily accessed with Megalytic. The reports can be compared with the past performances also.

“Our goal is to revolutionize digital marketing reporting by streamlining the process and make it less time consuming. With the announcement of Google AdWord integration, we are one step closer to our vision of offering digital marketers a comprehensive tool that they can use to generate all reports that their clients demand”  Mark Hansen, CEO Megalytic. Data is a driving force for digital marketers, as can help generating campaign performance and other related reports. Megalytic offers its clients a unique personalisation for each report. Moreover Megalytic creates the efficiency the best use of data in making search engine marketing more insightful. The Google Adword and Google Analytics functionality in Megalytic provides high quality report that can help online marketers create better strategies.

Image Credits: Megalytic

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