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Google Analytics scope has skyrocketed in recent years. This article deep dives into the nitty-gritty of Google analytics and its growth. You would get a fair idea of the Google Analytics scope in India for businesses and career aspirants. Let’s start the journey to understand the scope of Google Analytics.

What is Analytics?

Analytics has become a buzz word in every industry today. All the important decisions of the business are based on data analysis. Every company loves data.

But, why so?

Because it eradicates the guessing game and let companies take a wise decision based on what the previous data has shown. Otherwise, it’s completely based on top executives’ assumption. One can wonder why analytics has gained so much importance lately, though people have been using data to make decisions from earlier days. The answer is due to the intensity of data availability, extensive data points and development of analytics platforms and methodologies. Today data collection is pretty easy due to the digitization of most of the touchpoints with business and transactions. This has led to the revolution of the analytics industry.

To answer the question, what is analytics? It is a methodology of processing data collected from various mediums using statistical methods and deriving an actionable insight out of it.

What is Google Analytics?

Data can be collected by various means such as a machine reading, measurement, logbooks, etc. but the most in-demand form of data is the website data. All thanks to the way the world does business now which is in digital media.

Google Analytics is the lifesaver for all those tech-savvy businesses. Google launched its free web analytics platform in 2005 after it acquired Urchin. It gives detailed statistics about the website performance and behavior of users on the website. It also gives sophisticated information about the source of traffic generation based on the settings done on the platform. The kind of data points given in Google Analytics ranges from as simple as day & time traffic generation to the kind of browser, mobile device or network type of user. This invaluable information available in Google Analytics gives immense power for Data Analysis.

Why does a Business need Analytics?

Google Analytics Analyst

The way businesses happened in earlier years and the way businesses function today are poles apart. Earlier days, customers had fewer choices due to fewer players in the market. Also, the scaling of businesses was limited to an extent as entering the global market was really difficult. If we nullify these factors also, the scope of data collection was also limited. Due to all these factors, analytics never saw the light in those days.

Today the story is completely different. Thanks to the digitization of doing business, one can track right from the strangers who showed interest to the prospects who turned to customers. Each step of the user can be tracked and it gives immense data to improve the sales of the business. To answer the question, why does a business need analytics is that everyone out there is capitalizing on the power of data if you don’t then there are many competitors ready to grab your customers through the insights of analytics.

What made Google Analytics famous?

The market has quite a few analytics platforms like StatCounter, Adobe Analytics, etc. But no one has been able to beat the popularity and wide usage of Google Analytics. There are many reasons to back it up;

  • The association with the most trustable brand name “Google”. We have all used Google’s products and we know how much we trust Google. This has been one of the undeniable reasons for its popularity
  • Well, it’s free. Though Google Analytics has a premier version, most of the commonly used (many advanced features) are available in the free version. This is very much apt for small and medium enterprises. Hardly businesses feel the need of premium version
  • Solid association with other Google products like AdWords, Search Console, Double click, etc.
  • Free Google Analytics Course. An analytics with top-notch features without any educational content to help the user is of no use. Google Analytics has detailed study material along with the certification for professionals to learn the skill
  • Some of the awesome advanced features like custom metric & conversions, data import and measurement protocol to connect offline data makes this platform users’ favorite

Google Analytics Scope – What is the future?

In the section of “Why does a business need Google Analytics?” we already learned about how Google Analytics has become the need of the hour. This isn’t it. If we look at the way businesses are turning towards digital media for customer acquisition, the scope is going to increase day by day for Google Analytics.

The internet world has transformed the businesses to such an extent that it has given birth to new business models in unimaginable domains. To quote few examples; (1) the food delivery businesses, a couple of decades back who would have thought a mere website or app, can bring food to your doorsteps from your favorite restaurants. (2) the online banking, just imagine those days when you have to stand in long ques to deposit or withdraw money from your own account, all those challans, drafts, cheques etc. Online banking has sorted the life of common man. (3) Miscellaneous household services booking; gone are the days when one needs to look for a plumber, electrician, gardeners in the city. Home service companies have structured the most unorganized and hugely spread services and made it a cakewalk for end-users to book the service.

This is just the beginning, the internet is here to stay and the way offline business will utilize digital media is unimaginable. Till the time websites and apps are in use, Google Analytics’ scope can’t be questioned.

How to secure Google Analytics Job?

The good news is anyone can secure Google Analytics’ job as there is no prerequisite educational background required for this job. But the not so good news is it requires a lot of focus, passion for data and hard work to ace in this field. To be honest, if you aren’t passionate and curious about data, then you need to rethink about this profile. Following are the few steps one can take to start their journey in Google Analytics;

  • Subscribe to Google Analytics Course. Learn Google Analytics from basics by an expert and hit the job market.
  • Learn Google Analytics on your own through Google’s official course in the academy for ads. Practice the concepts in the demo account provided by Google
  • Practice Google Analytics by doing freelancing for startups
  • Prepare yourself for interviews by referring to the frequently asked interview questions

What is the growth potential for Analytics professional?

After understanding Google Analytics’ scope in this article, you would already be convinced about the impact and the potential it has for its professionals. To be precise, it is a huge ocean with endless possibilities and opportunities. The growth of the industry has given birth to many roles in this domain. The most commonly used ones are:

  • Google Analytics Manager

This is the topmost roles and involves the end-end responsibility of the account right from planning, strategizing, implementing, data analyzing and giving actionable insights.

  • Google Analytics Analyst

This is the most popular role of Google Analytics. The majority of work involves structuring data, analyzing and extracting the useful meaning from the raw data

  • Google Analytics Reporter

This is an entry-level job. The major work involves implementation work and report generation based on the need of Analyst

  • Google Analytics Implementer

This is a technical job of Google Analytics. It involves setting up an account and configuring tracking on the website through Java code, tag manager etc.

The other opportunity for professionals of this domain will be the career in data analytics and big data. One can upgrade themselves with these skills and can hop to higher positions where data in abundance is used to take the most important business decisions.


After knowing so much about Google Analytics and its scope; there is nothing much left to tell. But this is a booming industry. If you are contemplating beginning your career in Google Analytics, then don’t. This is the most in-demand skill and companies’ are looking out for professionals in this domain. So, get set, learn Google analytics and fulfill the demand.

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