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Google Announces AdWords App For Android Mobiles

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The Launch

After having exclusively launched the AdWords app for Android in Canada this year in February, Google rolled out the AdWords App for Android mobile users globally, in the first week of March. In its incessant endeavor to enhance the experience of its customers – the advertisers enrolled under Google AdWords, the auction based, online advertising program — Google has made the management of the accounts a lot easier and flexible especially for the owners and pay-per-click (PPC) managers of small and medium-sized businesses who are always on the go.

AdWords account managers would not agree more to the fact that their work does not end with the end of office hours and monitoring a PPC account is a never-ending job. Management of AdWords accounts is akin to stock market where you need to be involved twenty-four hours as the market can change for better or for worse at the drop of a hat and if you do not have a monitoring system which allows you to spot these changes and react to those changes spontaneously, it may cost you a fortune and your PPC budget may vanish in a blink of an eye. This app would facilitate the PPC managers to keep a tab on the activities of their AdWords account and respond to any updates almost instantaneously on their android mobile phone or a tablet, without the struggle to find a desktop or a laptop in case they are not at their work seat. Though Google has tried and incorporated the frequently monitored metrics of AdWords in its app, however, the app by no means is a substitute to the desktop, full browser version; it is more of a companion to the desktop version. The larger organizations having bulky and multiple accounts might have to wait more for enhancements in the app features as the present specifications do not offer much utility for them. It is being anticipated that an iOS version of the app is expected in months to come, however, no exact timeline has been disclosed by Google of its launch. That would mean half of the US population which is on iOS, has not yet got the chance to experience the app!

So, what is at the touch of your fingertips?

From customer support to product orders to marketing, business owners are managing most of the business processes on their smartphones. The app is Google’s way of acknowledging this trend and offering a solution to the advertisers so that they can have better control on their account; and can view and smoothly monitor the performance of the campaigns – no matter where they are – at home, away from work-desk or on a vacation! On opening the app, you will see a dashboard which displays the number of impressions, the number of clicks, and the click-through-rate among cost and conversion details. The app also allows you to customize and change the view settings of the basic metrics by ad group, day of the week and the device. All available metrics can be viewed on home screen just by scrolling left or right; clicking on one of these metrics highlights it and then you are presented with different graphical insights for that specific metric. You can see additional metrics on the tables by customizing your columns; to do so select the three dot menu in the top right of the Campaigns view; next, select customize columns and click the pencil icon to change metrics.

The app offers some useful management capabilities for its users. Apart from just viewing the statistics of your campaigns, you can even update your bids and budgets; get notifications and alerts on a real-time basis, so if there is an opportunity to get more impressions, Google will suggest the same so that you can instantly act on the customized suggestions; and can even call a Google expert if the need be.

The app primarily provides you with a stronger hold on your campaign at any time of the day. For instance, if one of the campaigns is about to exceed the budget, you can make adjustments so as not to lose the potential sales. Within few clicks, a campaign may be paused or enabled for a time-sensitive promotion.

Anything missing in the AdWords App for Android? Yes!

No doubt, this highly intuitive and easy to navigate app is an extremely useful addition to the advertising toolbox for pay-per-click (PPC) managers; however, if you are looking to create campaigns, Ad groups or ads, the app does not let you do so.  Some users have found difficulty in opening the app on their tablets; it may be because the app is supported for tablets with Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. So, make sure you have the required version on your device. At the moment, the statistics for the video ads are not accessible within the app; so this might be a little frustrating for those advertisers who have TrueView video campaigns running. Also, the app does not currently allow for access to billing and user details. For an agency or someone managing multiple AdWords accounts, My Client Center (MCC) manager account is accessible on this app; however, making bulk changes and data filters cannot be done. As it is just a start for this app, Google can look into the above mentioned lacunae and may plan to address these loopholes and include more segments for data analysis, in its future upgrade.

Where to get the app from?

AdWords app is available for all the devices that use Android 4.0 or later version and can be easily downloaded by all the existing AdWords customers from Google Play Store. iOS users will have to wait for some while for an iOS version as the rumors suggest that it is on its way, however, no such confirmation has been received from Google. It is worth mentioning that this app is quite different from the lighter AdWords Express service, which is altogether a different app.

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