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Google+ As A Marketing Tool To Generate More Leads

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imagesHangouts are places where sit together and chat. We all need a hangout in our lives.And everyone loves and enjoys a good hangout. Google has introduced it in social media as well. Google Hangout can be opened in any of the Google circles, offered to friends via e-mail or open to public so that anyone who choose can pop in.Google Hangouts is a means to meet face to face with potential customers, employees, partners and coworkers via text, voice or HD video saving money on travel as well as time and still availing the benefits of a face-to face meeting.The host hangouts upto a maximum of 15 people either within or outside the organisation. The screen naturally focuses on whoever is speaking and sensible brilliant systems prevent background noise.The Hangout can be joined from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile with ditto easy to use experience .

BakeSpace is an excellent example of optimally using Google hangouts for small businesses. BakeSpace is a digital publishing platform for cooking lovers and has 360,000 people in their circles and has hosted around 40 Hangouts with an average of 100 live attendees in each Hangout.

For the success of big and small business, it is high time that Google Hangout should be integrated into the overall marketing strategy. The methodology adopted by different industries will naturally differ depending upon the brand personality sought to be built through the platform. Here are the basic fundamentals underlining the innovative Google Hangout.


Businesses have been using Skype to communicate with people who are far flung across the globe. These meetings include meeting with co-workers, partners and employers. The limitation is Skype allows only two persons to talk at a time through video and Google Hangout favorably solves the problem and allows upto 15 people  to chat at a time.

Customer Service

Businesses can initiate Hangouts for providing customers information about how to use the product or how to repair a damaged product, and it could prove to be a fun-filled way to offer customer support both at the convenience of the customer and the business. It will add a personal touch to the services.

Market Research

The platform can be constructively be used to ask consumers as to how they got to know about the brand, what made them purchase the product, the instant instigators, how’s been their overall experience about the product. Would they like to refer the product to others and how frequently they  intent to buy the product, What is new about the product or is it something regular which is brought to the table. The Google Hangout can serve as an medium which instantly clicks with the customers.


Customers at their own convenience can provide the feedback to the product or the services they used.Was the quality upto the mark or did it exceed expectations. How would they rate the experience of using the product. What further improvements they expect out of the product. And all the company would like to know from the customer can be easily asked on this platform.Its a better experiment to collect the feedback because it is not a face-less communication.


With global companies and offices located at different corners of the world, discussions about what’s new, trending and fads likely to witnessed in the near-future becomes complex process. But with Google Hangout the free flow of communication which is its USP, the process couldn’t get smoother.All that the participants require is a webcam, mic and a Google plus profile.


Launched new products, introduced into services into the pipeline, make urgent announcement to the public, welcome the country head to the office, disseminate public information and so on can be done with personal element attached to it through Google Hangout. Even press releases can be brought into picture. The best part is the video will automatically uploaded into the you tube channel of the business, available for access anytime.

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