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Google Brings New Handwriting Input Tool For Android Devices

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Search engine giant Google has been making attempts to make provisions for Android device users. One of the latest updates that Google has made is the launch of a new handwriting input tool for Android device users. This facility has been made available to Android apps and users with the 4.0.3 version of the Android software, wherein the users shall now be able to place text into any application or app (as it is fondly known) simply by writing onto their device screens.

Google Handwriting Tool Pic

According to one of the reports by TechCrunch, it has come across that Google has already offered this handwriting recognition tool in the Google Translate app. Besides being available in the former, the handwriting tool is readily available on mobile search as well. However, the likely fact is that the handwriting input tool is amongst the latest addition in the Android services.

Even though the feature has been introduced now, the modern touch screen and swipable keyboard text input methods are yet to be seen as how useful will those be in case of this handwriting input tool & to what extent the results will be seen.

From Google’s end, it has come across and it is evident that this feature shall be specifically be of more use to South Asian languages that have complex scripts. Those who wish to use this new app, can readily access the same from Google Play Store that enable not only on-device but also cloud-based character recognition devices as well.  

Image Credit: Googledata  

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