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Google Brings Cast For Education App, Quizzes in Google Forms & Google Expeditions

Google Brings Cast For Education App, Quizzes in Google Forms & Google Expeditions

On Monday, Google announced a series of new apps and tools that will help strengthen its presence in classrooms across the globe. The search engine giant launched Quizzes (a set of features in Google Forms), and Google Cast (for Education), which is an app that effectively performs as a classroom projector. Also, the internet giant announced that it is making its virtual reality application Google Expeditions available widely in a couple of few years in beta.

These new Google apps for Education are all free though Google has certainly seen benefits from its focus on providing educational resources. More than 10 million teachers and students now use Chromebooks which helps to keep its sales high even in a rough PC

Google Cast For Education

Google claims it has worked personally with educators in order to develop these new apps for education. It has rolled out Google Cast for Education in beta after getting opinions from the teachers that “projectors are a key part of their classrooms but remain disconnected from their lesson plans”.

“In talking to teachers about what they want for their projectors, what they told us is they don’t need another device.” Max Kirsch, Chrome Product Manager.

In order to resolve this issue, Google has built the Cast for Education app which helps teachers to share their screens wirelessly. Also, it works with Google Classroom making it simple for students to use it to share their own screens as well. An important point to note is that since all the sharing with the app is account based, it doesn’t matter what network is being used and this is essentially useful for classrooms with multiple

Quizzes in Google Forms

Another update by Google is Quizzes in Google Forms that allows teachers to auto-grade checkbox and multiple choices questions. This helps students with real-time feedback on whether they understood the material and it can present students with supporting information to help them better understand the concepts. For example, it could direct a student to a YouTube video that explains a concept related to a particular domain. Teachers can thus get fast and better insight into which students are having problems with and therefore, which concept needs more attention.

Why Google Built Quizzes?

Google has put in its efforts in Quizzes after releasing that many teachers were using a Google Sheets add-on called Flubaroo. This was reported by Google’s product manager Molly Mackinlay.forms-studentview-nocopy-blog

This Google Education app is useful for teachers who wish to create quizzes and it is available to all Google Forms users. Also, it could be used for many other purposes like creating individual study guides or conducting corporate training.

Google Expeditions

Talking about Google Expeditions…It has already been used by 1 million students in 11 countries since the beta version was launched in September.

It has been released widely this Monday and Google is making more than 200 ‘virtual field trips’ available. Some of the virtual field trips were produced with partners including Pearson and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

From Monday, the app is available for Android and will be available for iPads and iPhones soon.

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Another announcement made by Google on Monday is that they are making a collection of creative apps for Chromebooks available as a package at a special price for schools including WeVideo, Soundtrap, and Explain Everything.

Non-Education announcements by Google

Other than announcements made by Google related to Education tools, the search engine giant on Monday unveiled Project Bloks, a research collaboration between IDEO, Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University, and Google.

This project is an open hardware platform that helps developers have hands-on programming experience for students/participants.

“Making code physical – known as tangible programming – offers a unique way to combine the way children innately play and learn with computational thinking,” Google Blogpost

Pucks, base boards, and brain boards are three of the components in the system. Starting with the brain boards, they are the processing unit which is built by Raspberry Pi Zero that provides the other boards with power and also contains an API to send and receive data from the base boards. These base boards are modular and can create various programming flows while the pucks can be programmed with different instructions like ‘turn on or off’ or ‘move right’.

When they are connected together, the system is in a position to send instructions to connected devices like tablets or toys over Bluetooth or wifi.

You can have a look of Google Cast for Education in the video below

Image Credits: 9to5google dot com, dailygenius dot com

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