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Google Confirms: More Searches Are Now Happening On Mobile

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It has finally become official from the search engine giant Google itself that the search volume on the mobile phone devices is increasing at a fast pace as compared to the searches happening on the desktops. This is increasingly happening with the evident fact that the mobile phone users are increasing at a fast pace.


One of the most beneficial factors that has worked in favour of the mobile phone users. Google employees have come across that the fact that the mobile search queries have gone up with a huge number as compared to the use of desktop for accessing their net and thus overtaking the concept of desktop queries. This result came across some time in the last year.

After the confirmation made by the search engine giant Google, it has very evidently come across that the structure has more in store for the mobile phone users than if it is seen for the desktop users. As per the statements, the following has come across:

“more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

Besides this, no other details pertaining to the fact revolving around the countries involved or the timings involved in the changes happening or the information pertaining to the relative volumes of PC and mobile search queries.

According to Google, it has come across that the queries generated via mobile phone devices primarily tend to include mobile browser-based searches and those coming from Google’s mobile search apps. However, no intricate details pertaining to the relative shares of each can be seen.

In today’s time, it is smartphones and tablets that are changing the format and not including desktops for the search concept. What is your take on the switch of the devices from desktop to the mobile phone and tablets? Do share your experiences by dropping in the views in the comments section.

Image Credits: searchenginewatch

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