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Google Destination Enables To Plan Your Trip

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Most of you might be reading this blog via your smartphone. There are more than 200 million internet users accessing through mobile. Without any doubt, along with these millions and millions of mobile internet users in India, there are more and more adding up by each progressive day. According to the recent statistics, over 50 percent of the travel related queries were from mobile phones. 

Well, everyone wants a break from their monotonous routines. However, it is a pain to plan for that break. Your head might be juggling between questions like where can you go to have a memorable vacation? When should you go to enjoy the best? What is the amount of money you need to spend in order to enjoy without burning your pockets? Well, Google has got answers to your questions.

We know how much user-friendly Google is. Seeing this trend and tapping this prospect, the search engine giant Google has introduced a feature called ‘Destinations’ which helps users to explore countries, cities, and book flights. This new feature by Google uses its huge database that pertains to various locations and helps you in planning your trips in advance. This includes a mixture of Google’s famous services like Hotel Search and Google Flights. For the time being, this new service introduced by the search engine hero, Google, is available over mobiles only. By providing information on light speed, users can easily compare the prices which are offered by various companies.

How can you enjoy this feature?

What you have to do is…just enter the area of your interest in the search box on Google which will be followed by the term ‘vacation’ or ‘destination’. After this, Google will show a list of itineraries from where you can choose what suits you. Along with this, you will see rates of the flights and hotel accommodation rates. Furthermore, by filtering the search results, you can get to know the tentative dates of flying, your budget and everything you can probably think of.  

For instance, you want to take off in December for celebrating Christmas, but you have not thought over where to go. With the help of a filter named ‘Flexible Dates’, you can refine your results according to month (December, in this case) and then can see when the tickets are lowest within the time range you would want, across different destinations. Google will show you the flight rates, and availability of hotels along with local attractions where you can go. Sounds as if you have used this service? Well, this new feature is strikingly similar to the Google Now Cards. However, there is a differentiating factor. The ‘Destination’ feature will also give you a list of itineraries along with map locations. For example, theme based tours or shopping tours are on itineraries which come with map locations. This will help you to a great extent on what to do in a new location.

This seems great to me. Suppose, if you want to avoid bad weather or crowds, select any destination of your choice and click on the ‘Explore’ tab to check what the weather is like according to your month preference and when your destination is crowded and most popular. This is calculated by Google on the basis of historic visits from other travellers.

Google will then throw up search results of flight rates, and hotel availability along with local attractions to check out. This may sound quite similar to the Google Now cards that we get when we reach a new location. But the differentiating aspect with Destinations is that it also gives you a list of itineraries along with map locations. For instance, if you search for India, you get the itineraries such Taj Mahal, Red Fort etc. If you go look up for Vienna, you will see a 48 hours in Vienna type itinerary and more. This is something we usually search for on sites like TripAdvisor, now you are getting the results within your Google Search! 

Summary of the steps you need to perform:

  1. Search a specific destination of your choice via your mobile and add the word ‘destination’ to it.
  2. Scroll down the options.
  3. Google will show new spots you are looking for.
  4. Tap on ‘Flexible Dates’ filter so as to refine the results by month.
  5. Via flights tab, you can find the lowest rates across multiple destinations.
  6. With ‘Explore’ tab, you can check the weather of your destination.
  7. Once you click on ‘Plan a trip’, then you will see lowest and highest rates for flights and hotels for the next six months.

Google is making our lives easier for sure and you never know what is in stored for us in the coming times. Share this post to help others know about this amazing new feature started by Google and help them plan a trip that memorable to them!

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Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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