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Google Disapproves Speculations In Search Engine Rankings

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googleWorld’s largest search engine giant, Google’s speculation for changes in search rankings has created a stir in the digital world. This news is a head-turners for most of the internet users as the headlines are reflecting everywhere. Even though Google has no immediate plans to change the way it ranks the search results, paving for the facts besides links.


This news has some connection with Google’s algorithm, the changes in which are reflected through the search rankings. Even though few of the news websites has reported that besides using the number of links that are coming in the web page for calculating top search results, shall commence to be counted in the number of inaccuracies in a particular web page. Ideally, the more inaccuracies on the page, the lower will be the search result.

After Google researchers posted a paper last month on the site, an online archive of scientific research, rumors began spreading that Google was working on changing the way it ranks its search results.

By far, Google stands alone as the sole largest search engine successfully prevailing in the world, so this news is no short than a breaking news. Ironically, search engine giant Google denies the reports that this is simply not the case at all! According to them, this was clearly a rumor, a speculation that has no substantial proof.

Google’s spokesperson stated: “This was research. We don’t have any specific plans to implement it in our products. We publish hundreds of research papers every year.”

The news is still under the roll as Google is not even considering this at all. To make that kind of change in the way Google’s search engine handles rankings would be a major overhaul.

For instance, how would the new system handle issues like satire, jokes and memes? How would it deal with a situation where something is thought to be true and then evidence comes to light disprove it? How would it know if all the information that’s out there is more trustworthy than new information?

The notion of basing search results on facts instead of links could one day be a possibility, but it’s not even on a roadmap at this point, the company said.

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