How to Generate Profits from Google Display Ads: Webinar Recording

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The world of advertising has changed a lot. There are not only challenges but ample opportunities when it comes to online advertising. This is because of various factors like better-informed audience, growing internet penetration rates, and digitization. With Google Display Ads, you can tap those undiscovered opportunities.

With over 48% growth in Digital Ad Spend, it has become the fastest among all other Ad Spend in India. (2016)

The growing demands and changing consumer behavior has led advertisers and companies to increase the sophistication of their tools and marketing plans. Now is the need to evolve your marketing strategies!

In order to understand how Google can help you make the most of the current opportunities, Chandrashekhar Muralidharan, Display Product Specialist, Google, has taken up the webinar on ‘How to Generate Profits from Google Display Ads?’. In this webinar, he has covered various aspects such as factors changing the digital advertising in India, how can Google Display Ads help you with that, and more.

Following are the key takeaways from the webinar on ‘Making Your LinkedIn Network Work for You’:

  1. Factors influencing the online advertising landscape in India
  2. Impact on Display ecosystem
  3. How can you leverage these changes?
  4. In what ways can Google Display Ads help?
  5. Ideas for your next big display opportunity

Found this Google Display Ads webinar valuable? You can get to know about the upcoming and trending webinars along with gaining knowledge from the past webinar recordings.

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