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Google Health Cards Offers Health Services In India

Google Health Cards Offers Health Services In India

We have been witnessing many big hits when it comes to technological innovations. As technology has grown, it has been the driving force in the evolution of different industries. One of the industries enjoying the benefits of technology is healthcare. According to statistics, in India, health conditions are one of the most searched queries on Google. One in 20 searches on Google is related to health. There is no doubt in the crucial role it has played from patient registration to monitoring of data, from self-care tools to lab tests.

As we are progressing, conventional methods of monitoring and recording have been replaced by devices like tablets and smartphones. Thereby, contributing to services that could be taken out of the hospital walls with the help of accessible devices. One recent example of this is Google’s new tool ‘health cards’ that was launched in India. Google health cards, will provide people with comprehensive data on over 400 conditions relevant to Indians. This will show the condition’s symptoms, how contagious and common it is and if it is critical.



Considering India’s current doctor-patient ratio, one doctor for every 11,500 patients, a feature like this was much needed. Indians can now expect more reliable and credible information with regard to illnesses they search on Google. India is the third country to get this feature after the United States and Brazil.

This feature will appear at the top of a Google search page when using its smartphone app. With this app, Google is now a curator of information on health instead of just being a provider of health-related information. The search engine boss has rolled in the latest trend of health information providers who are leveraging technology to provide basic facts about diseases. These apps are being popularized by the private sector and the government as well.

“Considering that 80% of health issues are related to preventive health, mobiles, apps and digital content are becoming a very effective tool for wider dissemination and impact,” Osama Manzar, founder-director, Digital Empowerment Foundation.

Top 5 health-related technological tools available in India

Here is the list of some crucial technological tools that are available in India which helps people understand their diseases better.

1. Heart App

The heart app was devised by Rajeev Rathi, cardiologist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi. This app was launched last month and is available via Apple’s App Store and Google Playstore. It helps to identify whether a person is suffering from coronary heart disease with the help of question answers. The app asks for a set of seven basic questions which a physician would ask when feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. With the analysis of answers, it shows the possibility of a heart attack. The notable feature of this app is, even if a person is healthy and goes for this questionnaire, this app will help him identify how near or far he is from any heart-related diseases. Also, this app makes the user aware and provides preventive measures.

2. Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA)

This app was developed by the United Nations Foundation along with healthcare company Johnson and Johnson. The target audience of this app is the expecting mothers with an aim to keep them healthy and deliver healthy babies. It provides users two to three messages in a week, giving them advice based on the stages. It is also available in South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and India. The key feature of this app is the adaption to the needs of each country and then sends messages that are culturally sensitive.

3. Google Health Cards

When you will type the name of a disease on Google, the home page will look different from before. A section at the top will tell about important characteristics and data related to the disease. This provides information on how contagious and common the disease is, which age groups are most likely to be affected. This app, Google Health Cards, was launched in India on 5th April 2016. India is the third country to have this service.

This tool is different from Wikipedia as it localised. This app has adapted to the local needs of the country and has been verified by doctors from prestigious institutes like Apollo Hospitals, Columbia Asia Hospital, and All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

“It does not replace a doctor or a physician. But it satisfies initial questions that come to people’s mind about diseases. We expect this tool to empower people to have deeper conversations with their doctors,” Prem Ramaswami, senior product manager, Google Search.

4. iLap

This app helps people gain insights on the causes, treatment, diagnosis, and the prevention of liver diseases. This app was developed by Delhi government’s Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences. This app is packed with comprehensive and full details about all types of liver cancer, and hepatitis which has now become common. This app also explains minute differences between symptoms of hepatitis and jaundice. The key feature of the app is information and not the diagnosis. It is available in question and answer format.

5. Mission Indradhanush

This app was launched last year by the Union ministry of health and family welfare. The aim of this app was to keep a check on the status of immunization of children under the mission. This app also updates all information on the mission on various media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

“We do not directly put information regarding dates and place for vaccination. But a lot of such information is routed through social media. As people write on Facebook in their own languages, the information provided through the app is in multiple languages, making it more inclusive’ Health Ministry Of India

Technology and health go hand in hand and this is evident from the progress we are seeing nowadays. Other than these top 5 health-related apps, the technology is progressing further in order to be a boon on the human race. Share with us which apps you were aware of and which made you curious in the comment section below.

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