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Google To Launch Its Own Android Phone This Year

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As per The Telegraph, Google might release its own android phone this year. However, the rumors surrounding Google android phone were already active with its release of Pixel C tablet. Google is in talks with carriers about smartphone distribution under its own

Until now, the boss of the Android operating system has been working with smartphone manufacturers so as to produce Nexus phones. But now, Google is planning for more control over almost everything related to design and process of making smartphones.

Partnership for mobiles with companies

Though Google has its own smartphones i.e the Nexus line of devices. These phones are made in partnership with companies like HTC, LG, and Huawei.

Why its own android phone?

The reason why Google has jumped into the manufacturing and designing of its own smartphone is because of the fragmentation of the Android versions. Most of the Android phones are running very old versions of the operating system. This is because manufacturers are not really bothered to work upon the updates of software for those phones.

Google’s rivalry with Apple

Well, Google’s biggest rival Apple has a greater control over the updation of software for iPhone as well as iPad as it has control over their design and manufacturing.

Google is now going one on one with Apple’s iPhone.

We all know Apple iPhone has become a success with the Cupertino company always had full control over both the device’s software and hardware. This is why it is comparatively easier to optimize the user experience. According to the stats by Apple company in Feb 2016, as many as 77% of active iOS devices were running the latest iOS 9 operating system.

Whereas Google still struggles with its inability to push the latest version of Android to most users’ existing phones, security vulnerabilities and specific software customizations that OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) make on smartphones they sell.

According to the company’s statistics, only 10% Android phones run the latest Android Marshmallow operating system globally whereas 31.6% are still on Android KitKat (which was released in 2013). This fragmentation spoils user-experience to a great extent.

Why Google is going for smartphone when smartphone sales is slow?

Given that the growth of smartphone sales is slowing in some of the cases. It may seem a little unusual why Google is refocusing on smartphone manufacturing at this point of time.


Google’s recent behavior gives two notable ways in which the manufacturing of its in-house smartphone could be comprehended.

First one is the hiring of a new head of Google hardware, Rick Osterloh. This signals that Google is looking to boost up its product lines. Along with Chromebooks, Google has announced a smart home with the smart speaker, Google Home. Since the future is going to be all smartphone thing, it is logically expected that Google wants to control its hardware and chips.

Second, this month, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai ‘s statement that company would be ‘more opinionated’ over the design of Nexus phones. The strength of Google with Android has always been open and therefore available for lots of smartphone manufacturers to use. However, this is a weakness too as it could be seen as a lack of central control that makes it hard for Google to effectively compete with Apple when it comes to high-end buyers.sundar-pichai-android

This lack of control is more visible when it comes to updating to the latest smartphone system and giving consumers a chance to use cool new features that are offered by Android. Talking about this part, Google definitely has no control over when most customers get an update. This is completely up to carriers and manufacturers for all phones excluding the Nexus.

This fragmentation causes problems with patching security vulnerabilities and advertising Android features.

How Google will stand out?

In order to beat the competition in Android market, they have to offer something unique and noble. According to sales numbers and surveys, Google cannot win the smartphones market by offering something boring and their usual products.

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Google do have a number of exciting ideas announced already. One of them is Project Tango. They have been working on this for years however, it has come to become talk of the town lately. Its feature lets you scan and map the inside of the room. Researchers forecast that this will help you do things like letting your phone scan a room to find your keys. This has started showing by a Lenovo phone which is Tango-enabled. For instance, it can help you measure the length of space to see if a sofa can fit in there or not. Cool features like these are something you can look forward to Google smartphones.project.tango

The second project is Project Ara, which aims to make smartphones modular. This means you could easily snap in a new camera, a GPS unit, or a better audio recorder only when you wanted.


Undoubtedly smartphone makers don’t always get t win the markets. The success or failure of each product helps to drive the whole category forward. There is a spark for smartphone revolution and Google is a player that can help speed that up.

What change in smartphone sales will occur if Google builds it own android phone?

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