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Google Play Store Gift Cards Soon Coming To India

Google Play Store Gift Cards Soon Coming To India

google_play_prepaid_voucherOn June 16 2015 Google has announced its Google Play store gift cards to be made available soon to India. Google Play gift card is also known as Google Play Prepaid Vouchers in India. Currently Google play gift cards are only available in the selected countries. In the below table list you can see list of countries where Google play store gift card are available and their respective denominations in which they are available. Also you can see in the table that for India it has defined that Retail Partner coming soon that means soon the card will be available in India. This list is as per the google play support page. Also note that this list is updated as per the current availability of Google Play store gift cards.

Country Denominations Retail partners
Australia $20, $30, $50
Austria 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Belgium 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Brazil R$15, R$30, R$50, R$100
Canada $15, $25, $50
Denmark 150 kr, 250 kr, 500 kr
Finland 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
France 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Germany 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Greece 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Hong Kong HK$200, HK$500, HK$1000
India 500 INR, 750 INR, 1000 INR, 1500 INR Retail partner list coming soon
Ireland 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Italy 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Japan ¥1500, ¥3000, ¥5000, ¥10000, ¥15000, ¥20000,
¥1500 to ¥50000
Mexico $ 200, 300, 600
New Zealand $20, $30, $50
Norway 150 kr, 250 kr, 500 kr
Poland 50 zł, 75 zł, 150 zł
Portugal 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Singapore S$ 30, S$ 50, S$ 100, S$ 150, S$ 200
South Africa R 150, R 250, R 450
South Korea ₩15,000, ₩30,000, ₩50,000, ₩100,000, ₩150,000
Spain 15 €, 25 €, 50 €
Sweden 150 kr, 250 kr, 500 kr
Switzerland 30 CHF, 50 CHF, 100 CHF
Turkey TRY 25, 50, 100
United Kingdom £10, £25, £50
United States* $10, $15, $25, $50

From the above list you can refer to your following country and see the list of partners from where you can get your Google play gift card. For example if you want to find out the partners in USA, you can simply click on the link and you will get its partner details. Refer the below image for the same.


In USA the Google play store gift card was made available in the year 2012. Google is slowly and steadily rolling out its gift card in the other country. In India gift cards will be available only in selected cities which includes Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kolkata , They will be available in the denomination of Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 and Rs.1500 respectively.  These cards will be available on retail Electronics outlets of Vijay Sales and Spice Hotspot. In this store you can simply ask the cashier to give you a Google Play prepaid voucher and pay cash or  do payment in any mode which is accepted by that Store and in return you get a redemption code which is required to purchase an app on Google Play Store.

What is Google Play Gift Card and how we can use it?

Google Play Gift card can be used towards the purchase of any digital content from Google Play stores. There are millions of in-apps, songs, videos, games, eBooks which you can chose from Google Play store. Some apps are absolutely free while others are paid , you can install free apps but for the paid one you need to pay the amount either by debit card or credit card, but now in India you can pay with Google play store gift card too. Also for the android users Google play is providing free service that is, it will give notifications to the user whenever there is new app available for download at Google Play store.  You can redeem your gift card online by logging into your Google play store account by Clicking to redeem link and applying your redemption code and on Android by going to the app store and clicking on the redeem option.

Google Play redemption

 Benefits of using Google Play Store Gift Card

The main benefit of this card is that it does not have any expiry date and you can redeem it at any point of time you want. Further it also eliminates the need of Credit Card or debit card. It is not necessary that everyone has the credit card or debit card with him and if someone wants to purchase some digital content it can be purchased using Google Play Gift Card. If you do not want to link your credit card or debit card to google accounts to purchase from Google Play store then you can use your Google play gift card. Hence making it convenient for the users who do not have access to their cards thus making easy to buy using Google play gift card.

Google Play store

There are enormous apps available for the users to choose from like entertainment apps, Photography apps, productivity apps, social media apps. Now days it is very common that people install their favourite apps on mobile device, some are free to them and some are paid. They use the app for the various reasons like to watch movies, listen songs, or for an ease of the productivity for the work they do and so on. It is like they can make a utility from the available resources to fulfil their purpose and availability of Google Play Gift card will be like an added advantage to the users to easily get an apps they want to purchase.

Image Source: Google Play

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