How does Google Remarketing work? Benefits of Google Remarketing

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Google Remarketing is a process through which a digital marketer or a website owner can show targeted advertisements to users who have visited their website. 

Visitors will see your advertisements on different google platforms that are a part of the google display network (GDN). GDN is one of the top two remarketing platforms, with the other being Facebook. 

Remarketing is considered highly powerful for brand building. As per a recent study, 

161% Conversion Rate Rise From Google Remarketing Campaigns.

So, if you also want to learn and master Google Remarketing, this post will unravel everything about remarketing quite comprehensively. So, let us get started right away-

What is Google Remarketing?

Remarketing revolves around the practice of connecting with those audiences who previously interacted with your website on any device. 

It lets you strategically position your advertisements in front of those audiences who have shown some sort of interest in your brand, product, or service, and hence optimize your brand awareness by reminding your audiences to make their purchase. 

How does Google Remarketing Work?

To use this service, you have to add a simple code, also known as a pixel, to your website. 

This pixel will enable google to include visitors to your remarketing audiences by using browser cookies. 

These cookies have a unique ID that is automatically added to your remarketing list. 

You can create multiple cookies that will allow you to target customers who visit your website’s different pages. This feature proves handy for an e-commerce website. 

As it allows them to target customers with the advertisements of specific products that they might have looked at. You can also create multiple lists based on membership duration, goals, and various other characteristics.

Google Remarketing allows you to control the duration for which this unique cookie ID stays active in your marketing list; it also allows you to set the number of caps per on the number of views per audience member.

You can also segregate your audience based on demographics, geolocation, interests, income, etc. You can gain extensive knowledge about this process through digital marketing courses.

Google Remarketing Benefits

There are many remarketing benefits provided by Google for your online business/website. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) Creates Brand Awareness

Google Remarketing allows you to target your visitors with more than just add texts on SERPs. With Google Remarketing, you can display ads using custom graphics that are more attractive than normal text ads. Displaying ads through the display network of GDN will increase your click-through compared to using only text ads. 

Display ads also allow you to increase your brand awareness. Seeing the logo and name of your company on different platforms will increase your recall value amongst customers. This function will allow you to establish yourself as a brand, providing you with an edge over your competitors in this cut-throat market.

A mixture of display and text ads will allow you to judge which advertisement works better for your website. Some people might respond positively to the former, while others might prefer the latter. You can learn more about branding through various digital marketing courses offered.

2) Achieves a higher CTR

Advertisements created for remarketing campaigns on any platform will have a higher click-through rate than normal advertising campaigns. 

As in a Google Remarketing campaign, the user has already visited your website once. Your consumers/visitors are already well informed about the services and products you offer. A customer is more likely to click on the advertisement for your website.

Unlike the users who get attracted during normal ad campaigns, this customer is a high-value customer as he is much more likely to convert compared to other users visiting for the first time.

3) Lets you run different Ad Copies

Your visitors have different preferences. They prefer different color combinations and different wordings in an advertisement. Creating just one ad copy reduces your chances of attracting the maximum number of visitors. 

A potential customer might not be intrigued by one ad copy, but the other might be perfect to attract him to your website. Advertisements might be targeting customers who are present on different levels of the purchase funnel.

Different ads are required to push people from the stage of awareness to the stage of consideration and finally to the purchase stage. Having the same or similar ads for any of these stages will reduce your chances of conversion. 

Google Remarketing allows you to push specific ads to the consumers present on different purchase funnel stages. IF you want to learn about creating Ad copies, you can join various online digital marketing courses.

4) Increases user engagement

Advertisements on the internet are created for the single purpose of increasing user engagement. Marketers use various tools such as forms filled, products sold, and documents downloaded to assess user engagement on their website

Google Remarketing allows marketers to increase user engagement by targeting the same users over and over again. This process not only increases user engagement, but it also increases the chances of conversion. 

A repetitive visitor is more inclined towards buying your product in comparison to a new visitor.

5) Lets you target the best sites for your advertisement

You can target the websites that you think will perform better for you. Google Remarketing gives you the option of choosing the websites you want to advertise on. 

After the first stages of your Google Remarketing campaign, you can assess the situation again to figure out which website is not attracting enough visitors to your website. After figuring this out, you can avert your advertisements from displaying there. 

By serving your ads on websites that perform the best for your business, you can ensure that you get the maximum return on investment. 

You can learn about the other benefits involving Google Remarketing by undertaking digital marketing courses.

Things to keep in mind while using Google Remarketing tools

Google remarketing requires your Unique cookie ID list to cross the one hundred mark before the campaign becomes active.

It is essential to create an ad copy that is highly relevant to the customer you’re trying to target. The ad copy should also be enticing, as it needs to attract the visitor for the second time to your website. 

Offering deals and discounts are the best ways of attracting a customer to your website for the second time. Choosing an ad-buying strategy, such as vCPM, will allow you to increase your brand awareness amongst customers. An ad should run for days, weeks, and even months, depending on your business’s goal and budget.

Many studies point out that even if a user fails to click on your display advertisement. The brand recall value that has been created by seeing strategically placed advertisements for a long period eventually drives them to visit your website through direct channels.

Even though the metrics might suggest that the advertisement was not effective, the reality might be different. There are many remarketing benefits of using GDN, which can be studied in various digital marketing courses.

17 Google Remarketing Strategies

  1. You should target all your website visitors and app users
  2. You should use bid strategies that optimize conversions
  3. You should target similar audiences and Use auto-targeting
  4. You might opt for dynamic remarketing
  5. Try to  re-engage visitors with abandoned shopping carts
  6. You should use up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers
  7. Try to showcase different product categories
  8. You need to reach customers within a certain period after they completed a purchase
  9. Try to tailor your ads to your remarketing strategy and use responsive ads
  10. You might bid on lists that are more likely to convert, plus you can broaden your location and language targeting
  11. Try to extend the membership duration of your lists to reach more visitors
  12. You might decrease the duration of the list to get only the most recent visitors
  13. You should cap the number of times your visitors can see your ads
  14. You need to schedule ads for when your visitors are likely to see them
  15. You should accelerate ad delivery so visitors see your ads sooner after coming to your site
  16. Try to invest your ad dollars on websites that show results
  17. You should grow list size by growing your website traffic

Let us now have a look at the 9 most popular remarketing services that can optimize the performance of your remarketing strategies-

Popular Remarketing Services you can Try

  1. Google AdWords Remarketing
  2. AdRoll
  3. ReTargeter
  4. Facebook Retargeting with Custom Audiences
  5. Perfect Audience
  6. SiteScout
  7. Exact Drive
  8. Criteo

Final Thoughts about Google Remarketing!

Google Remarketing is the perfect tool to push conversions for any business that has an online presence. It allows you to make smart decisions during the entire campaign. 

Google Marketing helps you to establish yourself as a brand in the online sphere. Thus, increasing your recall value and conversions. Many things should be taken into account when determining the effectiveness of a Google Remarketing campaign.

There are various digital marketing courses in the market that allow you to learn more about Google’s remarketing benefits. If an online business has not incorporated Google Remarketing into their business, then they’re missing out on a big slice of the pie.

Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course will help you learn and master key Google Remarketing Strategies to convert past visitors to your site.

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