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Video content has become a major tool for connecting with internet users and grabbing their attention. Whenever you post single video content, the chances of getting spotted increases by 53 times on Google.

Did you know that 80% of all the internet traffic has been predicted to arrive from video by the year 2019?

Yes, it is true! All this makes Google Search Videos one of the most important practices you need to have a knack of.

Marketers are using various type of video content in a large context such as live streaming, 360 and virtual reality (VR).

That is why we thought to come up with this post covering all the aspects of Google Search Videos, key features, important practices, and the latest trends.

Actually, Google Video Search enables anyone to search for videos in Google Search results. It also alleviates Google Video Search download for you. Let us understand how you can search Video on Google-

How to Search by Video on Google?

You have two options for doing this-

1. Search by Video ID

Video ID Image Source - Joe Workman

Video ID

Opting for this one will let you use videos IDs for searching up to 140 videos simultaneously. For doing this, just follow below given steps-

(i) First, you need to go to your My Videos page. To do this, you need to click on your account icon and on Creator Studio.

(ii) Then, you will see Video Manager on the left, just click on that and then click on Videos.

(iii) Here you will find Advanced Search Options, so, open it by tapping on the drop-down arrow available in the search box

(iv) Now, you will see the Video ID search box. Here, you need to enter video IDs separated with spaces or commas in the search box and then click on Search

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2. Use Advanced Search Operators

This one will help you find the list of those videos that you are looking for. Following below given steps will help you do this adeptly-

(i) First of all, you need to go to your My Videos page and then click upon your Account Icon and later on Creator Studio. Now, you need to click upon Video Manager on the left and then on Videos.

(ii) Now, you need to go to the search box and type any of the advanced search operators related to your video search. In some case, you would be required to enter the search terms such as a Word in a Video Title or Description.

(iii) After doing this, just click on the search icon.

Find Advanced Search Operators in the image below-

Advanced Search Operators

Advanced Search Operators

Site owners can also integrate Google Video Search features on their site.

They can easily use a JavaScript interface provided by Google Video Search API to embed Google Video Search Results in their website or application.

The whole process is quite simple, and you can do this by following below given steps-

(i) Go through the developer documentation.

(ii) Start integrating Video Search API using the Code Playground.

(iii) Take help from the API discussion group for community discussion and support related to Google Video Search.

You can see many businesses and brands are including the Video search feature in their site.

Such sheer prevalence of videos compels Video Search Engine Google to come up with different updates that set the new trends for the industry.

Here are the latest changes, trends and important practices in YouTube & videos that you should pay attention to-

Google Video Search: YouTube, Google and the Future

YouTube & Google Image Source - YouTube

YouTube & Google

The second most popular website in the world according to Alexa ranking is YouTube. Though it records around 30m visits and an average of 8 minutes per person.

The link on any video generates the traffic and there is probably no denying of this fact.

A vast number of videos included by YouTube in its SERPS are hosted by Google.

YouTube gets a whopping 16% of its traffic from Google’s search.

When we talk about alternative options, YouTube has a number of direct competitors. Vimeo, for example, has outlawed itself as quality high definition alternative.

Even Twitch has millions of gaming fans because of its specialization in live-streaming.

Videos being shared across social media platforms are also considered as a competition to YouTube. For example, Facebook records for 1.5bn searches every day.

Considering all this, it looks like YouTube will have an edge in Google Search Videos in the future too. However, new video technologies may emerge and succeed in Video Marketing. Let us dive deep into some of those-

Google has come up with Outstream Ads to boost Video Reach beyond YouTube

Outstream Ads Image Source - Lander

Outstream Ads

Outstream video ads which were recently launched is a brand new Video Ad option.

This will let the marketers have an opportunity to reach their audience without a YouTube video. It helps in playing of the video on devices like mobile enabling the Google Video Partners for sites and apps.

The video will appear in both portrait and landscape in apps, as banners in mobile web placements and interstitials, in-feed.

Advertisers would need to include things like video, logo, headline, description, final URL and thumbnail. They would need to create a new video campaign by choosing ‘Outstream’ as the campaign subtype.

The campaign then starts with bids and start/end dates.

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Advertisers will now have AdWords Tools to Test & Measure Creative Elements of YouTube Ads

Good news for advertisers, Google is soon introducing new tools in Google AdWords to enhance the creative aspects of video ads, which is going to make Google Search Videos more productive and result-driven.

There are basically four different tools set in YouTube creative suites that were recently launched and they are; Video Creative Analytics, YouTube director mix, Video Experiments, and Video Ad Sequencing.

To explain more, Video Experimenting is a testing tool, letting an advertiser insight into brand lift metrics.

It works to identify the impact of ad’s elements on various factors like consideration, brand endorsement, and purchase.

A plus point involves running a ‘cleanly segmented’ ad on YouTube by paying only standard ad fees, giving results within three days.

It also helps in the transformation of a non-working media into a working media, which operates in a real ad environment. This will set an ideal testing ground for the advertisers to see trustable results.

A new tool, Adwords will be available for YouTube advertisers from now on. It will let them check the creative aspect of their video ads.

This recently framed tool will consist of the aforementioned features like Video Ad sequencing, video creative analytics, Youtube director mix, and video experiments.

The tool will work on providing the info related to brand and will also work to measure the efficiency of various ads element like consideration, brand awareness and purchasing intent.

Video Creative Analytics Tools

Video Analytics Tools Image Source - Mautilus

Video Analytics Tools

A rollout of two phases occurs and the first one focuses upon the audience segmentation. It will work to let the advertisers understand the efficiency of their video content across the users.

The next, they will focus on analyzing a total percentage of the audience who are into ad viewing and what portion of that they are viewing the most. 

Such annotations will let advertisers keep a track on the creative elements of the video.

In this way, the advertisers will get an idea about the ad in a much broader manner; there will be better and much-improved ads in the future to enhance the Google Search Videos experience.

Director Mix Tools

It will help the organizations to swap the attractive and creative portions in the video ad. For example, things like customized text, image, sound, and video can be added to the video.

The advertisers will be able to run different sets of ads and will get to know which is more effective.

Video Ad Sequencing Tools

With the help of this function, organizations will able to smoothly run the ads in a sequenced manner. The aim of Video Ad Sequencing is to create a storytelling experience that a customer can relate to.

Do you know the 20th Century Fox has been successfully implementing the new Video Ad Sequencing tool to promote films?

Even, Kellogg’s (a Cookie & Cracker Manufacturing Company based in the USA) has used the YouTube Director Mix to assist with ad personalization efforts.

YouTube Plans to Display More Authoritative Search Results Around the Latest Topics

Google will consider breaking news with greater authority and control now.

It aims to get serious about fighting off the fake news and encouraging news sources on YouTube.

An entire $25M investment is being dedicated to these tasks that are going to revolutionize the future of Google Search Videos.

Google is working towards improving YouTube search results and algorithm. Youtube is working continuously in order to provide better breaking news-search results on YouTube.

For the initial hours of a major news event, YouTube is planning to provide a short preview of news articles. The news events will first appear in your search results on YouTube from where you can direct it to the desired links and the article.

It has also decided to add a reminder-feature that will inform the viewers about changes in breaking and developing news. As there is constant development, facts around the story may change.

Now a total of 17 countries have access to the ‘Top News and Breaking News’ feature of YouTube in order to get better results regarding news on YouTube in an efficient manner.

Google is further working to provide more content and sources on searches and videos.

Hence, they are striving to provide a sustainable video ecosystem for news organizations.

Since Google and Facebook have been constantly under review for having fake news on their platforms, this is a great step to enhance user experience with Google Search Videos.

Google Search Videos: YouTube Is Serving Up More Pre-Roll & Mid-Roll Video Ads

Pre-Roll & Mid-Roll Video Ads Image Source - Playwire Support

Pre-Roll & Mid-Roll Video Ads

An SEO consultant worked on analyzing a total of six ads that were displayed in a span of 17-minute videos. Results showed that there was a reasonable uptick in mid-roll and pre-roll ads on YouTube.

As per SEO consultant, there were a total of two Skippable pre-roll ads which were appearing in a sequence of the one-third way and then appeared two more ads which were on the two-thirds way in the entire video.

What this result meant was that Google was analyzing the results of pre-roll and mid-roll ads on Youtube by testing them. However, there is no confirmation for it as of now.

There would be a slight encouragement in the revenue for the two organizations; Youtube and the publisher, which works on monetizing the content.

We could see that tough competition coming for YouTube. With the help of the IGTV of Instagram, which is a platform for influencers and brands, the changes are more evident.

There are two kinds of people; one who focuses on stacking their video content with a lot of ads whereas there are few who focus on their user experience so that their users can enjoy the content in the best manner.

In one way, it can be said that YouTube’s unverified tests signal that there may be possible experimentation going on about the amount of ad inventory Google Search Videos can take.

Making ads useful and relevant for the users is the aim of such updates.

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Difference between YouTube & Google Video Ranking Algorithms is also playing an important role

A new report released by RankRanger says that there is a little correlation between ranking well in YouTube search and in Google video carousels.

Your rank in video carousel in Google search may not be good even if it ranks well in the YouTube search and vice versa.

There is a difference between the search algorithm of YouTube and Google videos in the video carousels.

In Conclusion…

Ain’t all these updates are quite useful in enhancing your experience with Google Search Videos?

In addition, Google is also going to replace video boxes with video carousel for desktop searches. You will also see the impact of the new Reach Planner that Google has recently launched for the forecasting of YouTube & Vide Ad in AdWords.

That is why being well aware of all the updates concerning Google Search Videos will help you use videos in the most productive manner possible.

The right use of videos can easily multi-fold your returns. You just need to have the knack of all the latest and important marketing and advertising practices for Google Search Videos.

Enrolling in a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course that not only covers video marketing but also empowers you to understand how SEM, SEO, Social Media, Google, and Analytics are interrelated will help you make most out of Google Search Videos.

In case of any doubts about Google, YouTube & Video Marketing, write to us in the comments below.

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