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Google to put user photos, comments in online Ad endorsements

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We all are aware that Google has made a fortune by selling Ads and now it is has launched a new service of using the profiles, pictures and recommendations of people in order to endorse various products and services across the web.

This service is expected to be launched on November 11, after which users will be able to review a video on YouTube or any other information on various portals with their names, photos and comments being showed up in advertisements on any of the 2 million websites that are a part of company’s display advertising network.

This controversial practice was announced by Google on Friday as a part of an emerging trend on internet. It is believed that consumers play a major role in placing a value on product endorsements. In fact a large number of growing companies are trying to capture that social advertising in a systematic manner.

Google said that the launch of “shared endorsements” will help the consumers to make a better choice. “We want to give you and your friends and connections – the most useful information. Recommendations from the people you know can really help”, the company wrote in its announcement.

Moreover, it also added that users can also now automatically opt themselves out of the Ads and further it will automatically exclude people that are under the age of 18.

This new announcement by Google is quite similar to advertising feature of ‘sponsored stories’ by Facebook which turns a recommendation made through the social networks like button to an advertising endorsement on a friend’s Facebook page.

Along with this announcement, Google also mentioned that its new advertising policy will to all the 390 million people that have signed up for Google+. Therefore, any user that prefers to limit the reach of his/her advertising endorsements can simply adjust the setting accordingly.

“This move by Google reflects the growing and unchecked expansion of online data collection by the industry,” said Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy.

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