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10 Awesome Growth Hacking Tools Digital Marketers should use

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In today’s highly competitive market, business leaders want great results in the way of increased traffics, better engagements, improved lead generations and enhanced conversions.

Delivering to such high expectations creates immense pressure over marketers, and if you are amongst those- Growth Hacking is here to get you out of the hook.

It is a concept that has really picked up over the last few years and now, has become synonymous with most startup marketing tactics. [image1- Sujan Patel- Source-LinkedIn]

While talking about Growth Hacking, Sujan Patel of (Growth & Content Marketer and Co-founder of WebProfits) says- “Growth hacking is a mindset. It’s a fast-paced, no B.S., data driven, and actionable approach to capitalizing on opportunities and ideas that drive business growth.” 

What Actually Growth Hacking is?

Growth hacking can be understood as an adept incorporation of all the tools and techniques that aim at increasing online visibility and awareness of a brand in least CAC i.e. customer acquisition cost.  

     Some experts even enunciate it as a ‘mindset first, technique second’ approach that is highly efficient in analytical thinking, originality, creativity and metrics to increase revenue and track successes of your business.

Growth hacking is a way of testing everything and then implementing most efficient methods to hack and scale the growth.

How Growth Hacking helps businesses achieve a growth rate above the industry average? – By Integrating Marketing & Engineering together, as given in pic- [Image2- Growth Hacking is integration of Marketing & Engineering-source- neilpatel]

[Image3- Sean Ellis, Author of Hacking Growth- source-LinkedIn]Sean Ellis, Author of Hacking Growth, CEO of GrowthHackers is the master who coined the term Growth Hacking. He says, “For meaningful growth, startups must completely change the rules of traditional channels or innovate outside of those growth channels. They are too desperate and disadvantaged to adapt to the old rules of marketing. They have to dig deep creatively, and relentlessly test new ideas. If they don’t figure it out quickly, they will go out of business. Some people would just call this marketing. I call it growth hacking.”

Let us go through this marketing metrics to know how Growth Hacking can make a difference-[Image4- Power of Growth Hacking- Source- neilpatel]

Following 10 Growth Hacking tools can aid you hack growth and optimize marketing campaigns in more agile manner as other startups and leading businesses are doing these days-

10 Best Growth Hacking Tools

1.) Google Analytics[Image20-Google Analytics]

  • Google Analytics is one of the best free Growth Hacking Tools that is used by more than 18 million businesses across the world. It helps marketers turn insights into action.
  • Use Google Analytics to get stronger results across all your sites, offline channels, and apps. It offers best marketing analytics products for businesses of all sizes to target customers in more conversion-oriented manner.
  • Google Analytics is considered as best analytics tool that helps DM professionals improve customer engagements. It also helps them well target their internet marketing campaigns by providing demographic details like age, interests, location, gender etc.

Top Growth Hacking Features of Google Analytics are-

  • Helps you get demographic information of prospects such as their age, interests, gender, location, etc. It also aids you know number of visitors who finally completed your marketing goals.
  • It is one of the best free growth hacking tools that provides details of user behavior such as number of new and returning visitors, time spent on the site, exit rates, pages visited, etc.
  • Aids marketers know performance of different marketing channels to know the one that brings in most traffic. Google Analytics also helps you track traffic from different devices like desktop, android, iPhones, iPads, etc.

2.) FameBit[Image6- FameBit Growth Hacking Tool-source-tubefilter]

  • As one of the most unique and exciting growth hacking tools, FameBit is your influencer-marketing platform for branded content and it helps marketers do direct communications.
  • FameBit lets you have some of the finest creators with you, which make it easy to find, hire and work with influential stars on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media profiles.
  • FameBit helps in scaling campaigns, driving results, drive brand awareness, increase purchase intent, build buzz, and trend with the next generation of consumers by using most powerful and creative content that they trust.

Top Growth Hacking features of FameBit are-

  • FameBit is just awesome and best in hacking growth and optimizing YouTube influence marketing. This is going to be your best friend that will help you in finding, working & hiring some of the best YouTube Influencers.
  • It connects brands with “YouTube Stars” that help them in creating original video content, which is further shared with their thousands of followers to optimize video marketing.
  • FameBit is definitely worth to try to hack growth by engaging your prospects in the most enticing, interesting and exciting manner.

 3.) Qualaroo[Image7- Qualaroo Growth Hacking Tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • Use Qualaroo to get the voice of customer insights that will help your businesses grow exponentially. Analytics provided by Qualaroo tells you why people are taking particular actions as its website surveys uncover customer insights results in most authentic manner.
  • Qualaroo makes it easy for marketers to survey specific groups of website visitors and gain beneficial qualitative information to channelize conversion-oriented internet marketing campaigns.
  • To get the clear picture of who your customers are, and how they interact with your website, marketing experts find Qualaroo a highly recommendable growth hacking tool.

Top features of Qualaroo as one of the most powerful Growth Hacking Tools-

  • This is one of the finest growth hacking tools created by Sean Ellis who is actually the brain behind growth hacking.
  • Qualaroo is very helpful in providing you insights about your audience behavior. As one of the best growth hacking tools, it helps you instantly engage your audience and grow your influence.
  • Qualaroo is very powerful in enabling you to identify different browsing patterns of your prospects that aid your customize your marketing accordingly.

4.) Bouncex[Image8- Bouncex Growth Hacking Tool-source-slideshare]

  • Bouncex helps you unlock your highest conversion revenues from each of your website visitors in the most lucrative and effective manner. It is a behavioral automation cloud that helps with behavioral CMS, behavioral Email, behavioral audiences, and behavioral Ads.
  • Bouncex is one of the prime growth hacking tools that provides solutions based on behavioral automation. As behavioral tendency of visitors differ from each other, Bouncex is very effective in targeting them in customized manners.
  • Bounce Exchange incorporates a simple concept as it turns site visitors into customers by inviting them to convert through a pop up right before they think to leave your site. Interactive algorithm of Bouncex helps it detect exit intents of visitors and accordingly it prompts marketers.

Top Growth Hacking features of Bouncex are-

  • Enterprise Segmentation Engine- This stacks complex cohort rules and then effectively hyper-targets each visitor into strategic buckets and helps in channelizing conversion-inducing campaigns.
  • White Glove Marketing Automation- This automates your marketing campaigns in the most comprehensive manner and moves the needle of your business more profitably.
  • Patented Conversion Technology- This is the behavioral automation technology that helps marketers read visitors’ body language and empower conversions.

5.) Marketo[Image9- Marketo Growth Hacking Tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • As a top rated Growth Hacking Tool, Marketo is considered world leader in marketing automation for companies of any size. It helps marketers by providing best lead magnets, email, consumer, customer-base and mobile marketing solutions.
  • Marketo helps you bring in the right customers and it lets your digital marketing campaigns gain the power and flexibility they need to engage customers at different scales of optimization.
  • Marketo helps you measure and optimize your marketing programs and ensures effective marketing automation. It helps you quickly create email, mobile and social campaigns in a conversion-oriented fashion.

Top Growth Hacking Features of Marketo are-

  • As one of the best free growth hacking tools, Marketo lets you tweak your marketing activities and channelize them in well-customized and automated manner.
  • It is very powerful in uplifting your marketing campaigns and spreading it on all the major social media platforms.
  • This is one of the finest growth hacking tools that will aid you in all aspects of internet marketing e.g. from email marketing, automation, analytics to social media management.

6.)  InfusionSoft[Image10- InfusionSoft Growth Hacking Tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • Use InfusionSoft to build better connections with leads and customers. It provides you some of the best sales and marketing automation tools that are built exclusively for small businesses to help them hack growth marketing.
  • InfusionSoft helps marketers capture more leads, improve conversion rates, manage sales process, save time and master e-commerce process. Marketing automation tools of InfusionSoft help you maximize engagement and minimize workload.
  • It helps you trigger personalized communications to target audiences by using email sends, clicks, opens, form submissions, payment history, etc. InfusionSoft also streamlines the digital marketing campaigns by automating lead captures and follow-ups.

Top Growth Hacking Features of InfusionSoft are-

  • InfusionSoft is one of the finest growth hacking tools for small businesses to automate their internet marketing efforts. This growth hacking tool also helps you in communicating with your prospects.
  • It is very effective in enabling you to automatically follow-up with your leads and pitches them about your products and services by using their lead scoring.
  • InfusionSoft offers best CRM for small businesses that organizes contacts and customize marketing campaigns. It also helps you import and organize the contacts and lets you effectively do tagging and segmentation.

7.)  BuzzSumo[Image11-BuzzSumo growth hacking tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • BuzzSumo helps marketers analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor and hence it helps them hack growth through effective content marketing strategies
  • BuzzSumo offers great variety of tools to ensure marketing growth hacking, and you can easily find best in class tools for content discovery, monitoring, content insights, influencers & outreach, content curation, competitor research, content research & planning.
  • BuzzSumo is effective in offering influencer amplification solutions, and by using it, you can easily find influencers in any topic area, review the content they share and hence can effectively amplify your content marketing campaigns.

Top Growth Hacking Features of BuzzSumo are-

  • BuzzSumo is one of the most competent growth hacking tools for content marketing. It lets content marketers have insights into what content will do best with particular set of keywords, topics and competitors.
  • This helps you learn about strategies and techniques to make your content be best fit for you target audiences. It encompasses each and everything you need to market your content marketing campaign and measure its success.
  • Buzz Sumo is also helpful in letting you know about titles that will work best for blogging and social media marketing. You can also rely upon BuzzSumo to know about the influencers in your industry.

8.) Kissmetrics[Image12- Kissmetrics Growth Hacking Tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • Kissmetrics drives growth for businesses by efficiently providing behavioral analytics of internet marketing campaigns. It helps marketers track and understand what prospects are doing and take action accordingly to accelerate the growth.
  • Kissmetrics aids you increase engagement, lead generations, conversions and retention across all your growth cycle. You need to use Kissmetrics for marketing growth hacking to see why visitors convert, or not.
  • Kissmetrics lets you Identify and remove roadblocks to increase conversions. Growth hacking techniques comprised by Kissmetrics will guide you understand what leads to user adoption, interaction, engagement and conversions.
  • Use Kissmetrics to let your marketing campaigns be proactive to drive retention and fuel growth. Kissmetrics aids in aligning your initiatives with customer behavior that is the prime factor in hacking growth marketing.

Top Growth Hacking feature of Kissmetrics are-

  • Kissmetrics is considered best to be aware of the data related to your niche audience and customize campaigns accordingly.
  • It hacks growth for you by getting data of the people who use resources of your website.
  • As one of the finest free growth hacking tools, this helps you segment the prospects according to their browsing behavior and guides you know the audiences you should target.

9.) HubSpot[Image13- HubSpot Growth Hacking Tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • HubSpot includes a Growth Stack for Growth Hacker Marketing and helps marketers generate leads, close deals and manage customer relationships in the most organized and target oriented manner.
  • HubSpot’s CRM solution is a free platform that aligns sales and marketing so that marketers can manage their pipeline without making many efforts. It is one of the best tools to align sales and marketing.
  • HubSpot helps marketers stay organized with ease, and helps them grow their traffic and convert more visitors into customers. HubSpot is must for businesses who want to increase traffic, generate leads, ensure conversions and competently attribute their ROI.

Top Growth Hacking Features of HubSpot are-

  • One of the most popular growth hacking tools for sales teams who wish to sell more by working in a well-humanized fashion. It is very good in engaging your audiences with the help of inbound marketing.
  • HubSpot entails various channels of inbound marketing like blogs, emails, social media, and landing pages, for hacking growth for your internet marketing campaigns.
  • With HubSpot, you can make a stronger engagement with your prospects and for this; you only need to install this app to pitch features of your products and service to capture your leads.

10.) TribeBoost[Image14-tribeBoost Growth Hacking Tool-source-dreamgrow]

  • One of the most Effective social advertising platforms that redirects audience growth process and hence ensures business growth for online businesses
  • TribeBoost manages your online marketing growth, monitors your account status, and additionally, it takes complete ownership of the social marketing processes.
  • Use TribeBoost to monitor Twitter traffic in real-time, 24 hours/day. TribeBoost effectively looks for keywords, all the mentions, and hashtags that are targeted to your audience.

Top Growth Hacking Features of TribeBoost are-

  • TribeBoost is one of the best growth hacking twitter tools that drills down the group of your audience you want to follow you back on Twitter profile.
  • TribeBoost helps you hack growth by enabling you follow only those people whose content interests you on Twitter. It lets you set filters for segregating users according to their number of followers, engagement level and Tweet counts.
  • TribeBoost as one of the most intuitive growth hacking Twitter tools helps your growth hacking be more organized and result-oriented. It helps you easily connect with right people also delivers high-quality targeted Twitter followers for you.

To let you have a better strategical hold, you need to know set of Growth hacking tools that can aid you in particular kind of growth hacking, and then by comparing them, you can choose the one that will let you have an edge over your competitors.

To alleviate the process, I have enlisted some growth hacking tools according to the special purposes they serve. Let us go through them-

List of Growth Hacking Tools serving Special Purposes

Want to have an edge over your competitors? Looking for ways online to take your business to another level through growth hacking techniques? Then you have landed at the right place. To do this, growth hackers hugely rely on growth hacking tools. Do you too wish to leverage growth hacking? Have a look at these top 19 growth hacking tools for a better strategical stakehold.

Attraction/Traffic Generating Tools



Details at

What is it? is the best growth hacking tool that enables every growth hacker to improve his/her brand visibility.

What are the common uses? Primarily, this tool is used to track the number of visitors and analyse from where the traffic to the website is coming.

#2 List Builder


Details at

2What is it? List Builder is a free tool to collect email addresses of your site visitors.

What are the common uses? This tool readily works on desktop as well as mobile. It generates a ‘smart pop-up mode’ that prompts visitors to enter their email after having gained their complete attention.

#3 Pay With a Tweet

Details at

What is it? As the name suggests, Pay With A Tweet is one such tool that permits you to grant the access to your content or product to the people only after they have tweeted/posted about it.

What are the common uses? This tool invites people, thus enabling the content to go viral across major social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

#4 MailChimp


Details at

What is it? One of the most popular email marketing tool, MailChimp has recently integrated more advanced features that are feasible to growth hackers.

What are the common uses? This tool enables to segment the mailing lists as well as send targeted emails based on website activity.

Activation/Acquisition Tools

#5 Bounce Exchange

Details at

Details at

What is it? Bounce Exchange helps you to convert abandoning website visitors into customers through its Exit Intent Technology.

What are the common uses? This tool that takes just 10 seconds for installation enables to test the Call-to-Actions (CTA’s).

#6 Crazyegg

Details at

Details at

What is it? Crazyegg is a commonly used A/B testing tool that enables growth hackers to analyse how the specific segments of website traffic behave.

What are the common uses? It helps to understand visitor’s online behaviour with respect to –where is the user clicking, where does he/she stop to read or watch etc.

#7 Unbounce

Details at

Details at

What is it? Unbounce is the perfect tool to build conversion oriented A/B tested landing pages.

What are the common uses? This tool not only empowers marketers but also growth hackers to improve their level of efficiency and contribute towards generating more sales.

#8 Optimizely

Details at

Details at

What is it? Optimizely is an A/B split testing tool.

What are the common uses? This tool instantaneously allows execution of website’s optimization and helps to increase engagement and conversions.

#9 Visual Website Optimizer

Details at

Details at

What is it? This is world’s easiest A/B testing tool.

What are the common uses? Visual Website Optimizer helps to track visitor’s click behaviour and thus allow you to optimize & personalise your website.

Retention/Curation Tools

#10 Nimble

Details at

Details at

What is it? Nimble is the best and cost effective social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for start-ups.

What are the common uses? It is the easiest CRM software feasible for social media-savvy small businesses that enables maximization of relationships through emails, social signals and other engaging activities to grow the business.

#11 Rapportive

Details at

Details at

What is it? Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin that shows all the information about the contacts that are there in your inbox.

What are the common uses? It allows the users to immediately use the context for better communication and build a rapport with the contact.

#12 Zapier

Details at

Details at

What is it? It is an online platform that allows integration between various online applications by providing a way to easily exchange data.

What are the common uses? Zapier can be used to perform actions based on various events/triggers. For example: Create an entry in the CRM every time someone fills a form on your website. Create a new contact on ERP when someone buys a product on your website.


Details at

Details at

What is it? IFTTT is ‘IF This Then That’ that allows you to create strong connections wherein ‘this’ is the trigger and ‘that’ is the ‘action’.

What are the common uses? It allows the user to perform actions which will lead to cross channel connections.

#14 Polldaddy

Details at

Details at

What is it? Polldaddy lets you to create polls and surveys so as to obtain customer feedback or perform market research.

What are the common uses? This tool possesses strong reporting and filtering capabilities after collecting responses on the website via email or on the mobile.

#15 Vero

Details at

Details at

What is it? Vero is a lead curation tool that creates automated, user-triggered email campaigns.

What are the common uses? This tool enables you to send highly targeted mails based on people’s behaviour on your website.

Tool for Virality

#16 Share This

Details at

Details at

What is it? Share this is a free social sharing widget.

What are the common uses? It allows you to activate your content by understanding the visitor’s behaviour.


Growth hacking becomes easier when you do it in a straight-out well-précised manner.

With over-mentioned 10 best growth hacking tools, you can make your growth hacking even more organized, result-oriented and powerful enough to hit nail on the head.

Being a new trend, Growth Hacking also offers some of the best career opportunities, but to encash on that it is must that you are a certified Growth Hacking Professional.

To get certified in Growth Hacking- Join our Growth Hacking Course & Certification Training Growth Hacking Course & Certification Training

Do share your thoughts about growth hacking in comments below.

Hack the growth for your Digital Marketing campaigns and reap profits.


Inputs by Shivendra Tiwari

[Sr. Associate – Content Marketing]

A content passionate, Jasleen handles content writing & marketing activities. Also, she leads Digital Marketing Internship Program. She is in the content writing and marketing fraternity for 6+ years now & is proficient in writing content for blogs, articles, books, brochures and social media. She embraces practical knowledge of WordPress CMS.

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