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GTalk For Windows Is Officially Dead

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google-talk-logoGoogle Talk or GTalk as is profoundly known as has officially come to an end for Windows after having worked for 9 years now. It’s time to bid adieus to one of the most widely used instant chat service bu the search engine giant Google.

This instant messaging service has been finally called-off by Google as it has been replaced by Google’s Hangouts that has been co-existing since 2013. The much in news and more oftenly used chat messenger Google Hangouts has taken the place of the 9-years old running instant messaging service. Google Talk has now been included into the high-profile list of programmes as Google has officially withdrawn it on 23rd February 2015.

The official retirement news of GTalk had been announced by Mayur Kamat, Google’s product manager for Voice and Hangouts, through a blog post on 16th February. Even though the service has been called-off and is officially demised; however, it can be accessed via third-party applications viz. Jitsi, Psi, Instabird, Miranda, IM and many more such applications.

Nonetheless, in an email sent to the users by Google, it was clearly stated that:

“Please bear in mind that these aren’t Google products, so exercise caution when signing in with your Google account.”

After this big buzz, the features of both GTalk and Hangouts are being compared by one and all. It has come across that the key features of Google Talk had the invisibility mode option while it is not available to the Hangouts users. Undoubtedly, the pros and cons of both these services will be drastically different and the users will surely compare them as well. Hangouts is not far behind, it has got its own set of features and benefits. With the browser extension, mobile app and Gmail integration, Hangouts ranks more in terms of consistency level as compared to GTalk when it comes to user experience. Not only this, Google Hangouts readily integrates text messages with the internet-based instant messages along with Google Talk or GTalk features such as voice and video calling.

Even though GTalk was used by the users much; however, Hangouts is one of the important tools in Google’s fight against the widely used and most liked messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Nevertheless, for all those who still do not wish to switch over to Google Hangouts after the end of GTalk services, there are plenty of alternatives that can be cashed upon which will not affect the pocket for the desktop communication needs. The list of services has been divided into broad categories, one those who are still quite compatible with Google Talk and for others that offer a complete migration from the service. The primary category includes Pidgin and Jitsi. While the latter category includes applications such as Skype and Line.

Here is the complete email that Google sent to GTalk users on the withdrawal of the instant messaging service:

Hi User,

We noticed that you recently tried using the Google Talk app for Windows. We wanted to let you know that this was discontinued on 23 February 2015. We recommend giving Hangouts a try so that you can chat with all of your Google contacts. Hangouts supports people’s favourite features from Google Talk, including text chat, presence, contact lists and status messages. In addition, Hangouts lets you have group video chats, make phone calls, express yourself with emojis and keep your conversations going across Android, iOS and your computer.

If messaging right from your desktop is important to you, try the Hangouts Chrome app or Hangouts in Gmail. If you’re not ready to make the switch to Hangouts quite yet, you can continue using Google Talk on Windows with a range of compatible third-party chat apps. (Please bear in mind that these aren’t Google products, so exercise caution when signing in with your Google account.)

As a loyal Google Talk user, we thank you for your support and we hope that you give us the opportunity to provide an even better communications experience with Google Hangouts.

If this sign-in attempt was not made by you, please check details on your Devices and Activity page.

Sincerely, The Google Talk and Hangouts team 

Image Credit: GTalk

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Yes, Gtalk is gone. Technology gets updated with every passing day. Gtalk served its purpose but Google has come up with even better options like Google circles, Google Hangouts. Older version has to give way to news technologies.

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Every technology has certain age and after that it has to be updated. Gtalk worked efficiently for 9 years. It is now replaced by more better option Google hangouts. People always want something new. So it is good for companies to bring new technology in market before some other competitor will take advantage.

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