Hamlet Homes Boosted 521% Conversion Rate Through SEO

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hamlethomesAbout Hamlet Homes

Hamlet company was established in 1994 as Hamlet development Corporation with a vision to provide quality home communities with in Northern Utah region of Utah state. Hamlet company was an assembly of four organizations involving together. They are Hamlet Homes, Diversified Habitats, Hamlet development and Stirling Mortgage. Initially all went fine but in 2008, Diversified Habitats was laid down completely. Later, after 14 years of business operations from the establishment, Stirling Mortgage has been shut down in 2011, due to collapse of housing market. Present, the complete organization is handled by remaining two organizations viz., Hamlet Homes and Hamlet Development along with a commercial division of Hamlet Development. Hamlet Homes is providing its service since from 1994 and is responsible for developing 46 communities around Wasatch front containing more than 4,179 home sites. Main objective of Hamlet Development Corporation is to provide lot inventory to Hamlet Homes and manage the commercial operations of company. Hamlet Homes is providing well designed home communities at affordable prices.

Challenge Faced By Hamlet Homes

Hamlet Homes is popular around the Salt Lake City area for its best home ventures. Although it has good popularity around the Salt Lake City, the company wants to increase its online visibility on different search engines. Initially, it has very least online presence and was dominated on search results by competitive companies using relevant industrial terms. It is surprising to know that the company was least ranked even for its original name. Therefore, in order to increase its online presence, Hamlet Homes approached to a technical team of SEO. After started working with SEO.com together, a revolutionary change is observed in the profits of company increasing its progress.hamlet-homes-logo (1)

Strategy Adopted By Hamlet Homes

Problems should be driven out from roots itself. SEO team consulted by Hamlet Homes started working from the roots itself to identify the depth level of problem faced by the company which is aiding towards low online presence on different search engines. With in no time, the SEO team identified the main reasons that are responsible for company’s lagging ranks and online visibility. According to the reasons detected, SEO team has developed a clear strategy to opt required results in the form of high online presence. Initially, the consulted SEO team started searching for relevant keywords aiming towards the locations of Hamlet Homes communities in order to increase website’s relevance in searching. SEO.com introduced optimized listings in Google places, increasing potential listings number visible on single result page of different search engines. Hamlet Homes requested SEO team to introduce an effective and special social media program into their website. Addition to this request, company asked the SEO team to train their internal marketing team regarding social media program, so that it will be helpful to internal marketing team in managing the social media program.11122928_xl

Results Obtained By Hamlet Homes

Hamlet Homes expected some results favour to them but surprised with the obtained results as they are highly favour to them than the expectations. With in few months of working together with SEO.com, Hamlet Homes found a remarkable hike in its website online visibility. Moreover, there is considerable change in website ranking is observed. Hamlet Homes ranked first for its brand on different search engines. Increase in online visibility of website has increased the web traffic towards the Hamlet Homes website raising its profits. Today, Hamlet Homes is ranked well for more than 70 competitive keywords. Apart from these, there are some other results listed below which are collected from the statistic report of Hamlet Homes website.

  • 90% hike is seen in web traffic towards the website on different search engines.
  • 64% rise in web traffic is obtained through primary keywords.
  • 28% rise is seen in number of visitors spending average time on website during each visit.
  • 521% boost is observed in conversion rate of website, which is highly remarkable.HamletHomes-Case-Study-Arrows1


The above case study of Hamlet Homes is another best example depicting the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), in designing and maintenance of website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best technique to optimize your website in multiple aspects and for obtaining better results than expected. Today, you can observe the revolution of digital medium around us. It is common today to use digital medium for multiple purposes. With the electronic revolution, it is observed that one cannot expect their life without electronic devices and internet. Marketing techniques are changing day-to-day. Initially people used to visit the stores directly for purchasing goods. But today, there is no need to visit the store all the time. They can buy and sell the products online using digital medium.

Search engine optimization (SEO) acts as a back bone for every website. There are millions of websites evolving daily in digital medium, which means every website should face the competition given by multiple websites. Designing a website will not take much time. You can design a website in one day but regular maintenance is necessary for every website. SEO is the technique used for maintaining the website frequently by optimizing different aspects of website depending on necessity. Using SEO, you can optimize multiple aspects of website like its design, content etc. By frequent optimization, you can increase website ranking on different search engines, high web traffic towards the site increasing its online presence.SEO and content

There are many popular companies which are highly recognised today with great prominence. But you should consider the truth behind their success is SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main reason hidden behind the success of every popular multinational company. Every organisation needs publicity to increase its profits in considerable manner. To face the tough competition from multiple competitors around the world, you should take help of SEO technique. There are multiple number of SEO techniques available on the internet. Among the available techniques, you should choose some important SEO techniques necessary for promotion of your website online by increasing its visibility. So why late? If you want your website to be ranked high on different search engines then adopt a proper SEO strategy. An optimized website with proper SEO strategy will gain more profits increasing your prominence.

Image Credit: Utah home builders hub, Seo, blog etech7

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