Hard Rock Cafe Leveraged Facebook & Got 10K+ Fans In A Week

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Hard Rock Café is a theme based restaurant which has a large number of outlets all across the globe. It is an international brand and is spread across 53 countries. The largest and most prominent of all the cafes is the one based in Orlando. In total, there are 175 Hard Rock cafes and the number is continuing to grow. He brand had an intention to increase the number of its joints and was looking to explore the Indian territory for the same. They opened 5 new cafes in India in leading metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad. In order to bring in awareness about the newly launched joints, they wanted to use the social media space and explore how it could be used in an efficient and effective manner. They intended to open a channel through which they could keep in touch with its fan base and keep them updated about the latest events and happenings in the cafes. By doing so they believed that they could increase the number of customers, thereby resulting in increase in the number of footfalls in the cafes. They believed that social media platforms like Facebook and twitter can be used to meet their objective and they will be successful in achieving the desired results.


  • Hard Rock Café intended to create a common platform which could be used by the local outlets of Hard Rock Café in India. This would help them to give regular updates of the upcoming events and other rock shows to the local followers in India.
  • A social media platform was required to bring more and more local bands to play in the café. The details about these bands, their background, their music, etc could be uploaded on this page and the same could be viewed by followers who enjoy rock music. By doing so they would be able to generate more footfalls to the café as more and more people would like to enjoy the show.
  • They also intended to bring about awareness of their various recently launched outlets in the country. They had opened cafes in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. In addition to this, they could also update details of the upcoming events, pictures of already hosted events and similar other details on a regular basis so as to generate interest in the minds of potential music lovers.
  • With the help of this online portal, they could do various activities like run contents, run surveys and polls, introduce new bands, etc. To start with, they wished to run a poll and introduce 5 new bands to the potential audience. These bands were expected to perform in each of the outlets in India.

Approach/ Strategy Adopted By Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Café tried very innovative and creative ways to meet its objective of bringing in more footfalls in its newly launched cafes in India. Since their theme was rock music, they had to think of ways in which this aspect can be leveraged and music lovers can be brought to the cafes. They decided to create a Facebook page for each café in each city, which supported their main Facebook page. Through this, they intended to create awareness about their events, competitions, shows, etc in the local cities. They kept updating these local Facebook pages with all the relevant information to keep their audience engaged. This helped them to gain popularity and achieve increase in footfalls. They also came up with a very creative and impressive punch line, “Love all, serve all”. This was a well thought of plan to give a good impression about the company to the audiences. This would help them in getting more followers and hence more engagement. They also took the help of twitter platform for increasing awareness of the happenings in the new cafes. The updates were tweeted and re-tweeted which helped them gain popularity among the audiences.


With the help of these marketing efforts taken by Hard Rock Café, they were able to add over 10,000 fans on the Facebook page within a span of one week. This was a very significant result achieved by Hard Rock Café through their marketing efforts. In addition to this, Hard Rock Café was also able to increase the traffic on their blog significantly. They were able to see a rise of 1500% in the number of visits per day. This percentage would amount to an average of approximately 2500 to 3000 visits per day. Another significant milestone achieved by Hard Rock Café was that it went viral on various social media portals.


Using Facebook as an online marketing portal has proved beneficial to many marketers. They have used it in many ways to reach out to their audience. A lot can be achieved on Facebook by targeting the right kind of audience. Campaigns can be created which are audience specific. They can be created and modified basis gender, demographics, age, location, interests, etc. Hard Rock Café used Facebook to reach out to rock music lovers and cater to their musical need by conducting events and rock shows and letting them know about it. This helped them to increase the number of footfalls to their cafes. Using the right kind of emotional connect with the audience, they were able to increase the engagement levels of their loyal follower base. Twitter can also be of great help in this regard as it can reach out to highly targeted audience. It consists of various groups and followers created basis their interests. Once the update reaches to any follower, the same can then go viral by tweeting and re-tweeting. This leads to an automatic spread of the news to a large number of interested followers.

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