HDFC Redefined ‘Bad Investments’ On Twitter Through Live Stand-up Comedy

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0DldKG-h“A hell of a Live Stand-up Comedy !” , would be your reaction upon seeing what HDFC life has brought to you via three superbly talented fellows and standard comedian trio- Azeem Banatwalla, Kunal Kamra and Kanrunesh Talwar. HDFC Life Insurance Co. is a well known company, one of the leading life insurance service providers giving tough competition to its co-life insurance service providers, thought of doing something very very innovative in the form of redifining ‘Bad Investments’ on popular social media platform-Twitter and they did it remarkably well, without much doubt.


  • To establish HDFC Life as a more friendly and youth oriented insurance brand, by leveraging Twitter and YouTube to host a live stand-up comedy act.
  • To create brand awareness with investments as the prime topic, while creating a humorous engagement with youngsters on social media.

#Stand Up On Twitter

Stand up comedy is always a huge hit and this time it has arrived on Twitter. HDFC Life, one of India’s leading private life insurance companies is back with the second phase of its stand-up comedy on Twitter with thw name– ‘#StandUpOnTwitter’. Today the campaign hashtag ‘#StandUpOnTwitter’ has found a place in the top 10 Twitter trends in India! which is incredible. Last year, the insurance brand won millions of hearts as a whole new territory in social media engagement by hosting the first ever stand-up comedy on Twitter- #Little2Adjust. In collaboration with professional stand-up comedy actors, Siddharth Dudeja and Bhavish Ailani, the HDFC Life #StandUpOnTwitter comedy act invited twitteraties to send in their queries on relationships using the hashtag #Little2Adjust on Twitter. The duo, then answered these user queries through funny videos.For this edition of #StandUpOnTwitter, the insurance brand has brought the funny trio – Azeem Banatwalla, Karunesh Talwar and Kunal Kamra together for a live stand up comedy act on Twitter on the 9th of January 2015. The theme this time is ‘Insane Investments’.


Pre show buzz creation on Twitter

HDFC Life has ensured a social media buzz designed for maximum reach to the social media savvy millenials in the second phase of #StandUpOnTwitter. Several interesting contests have also ensured maximum engagement and participation on Twitter, and of course resulted into the campaign hashtag #StandUpOnTwitter trending on Twitter India trends all throughout the day.The Facebook and Twitter pages of the brand began by sharing funny teaser videos on the campaign making it all the more popular.


Twitter- Fun contests, co-creation, comedy

This life insurance brand has leveraged Twitter with cool contests where the wittiest responses have been gratified with gift vouchers.

  • In the first phase, users were asked to share witty, quirky tweets that matched the expressions of the comedians.
  • The second phase of contests asked users to share the insane investments made by them.
  • In the third phase, users needed to share selfies that matched the expressions of the comedians.

With #StandUpOnTwitter, the insurance brand has managed to take a strong hold on stand up comedy and carve a niche in the BFSI sector. Moreover, the campaign is a timely one with youngsters looking to make investments for the financial year-end.#StandUpOnTwitter has the right ingredients to connect with millenials – comedy, co-creation, contests. What are your views, share them with us in the comments.

HDFC Life – Cordial and a gesture full of life

In the BFSI sector where trust and friendliness plays a vital role in brand image, HDFC Life has, once again, managed to cut down the ‘boring’ and ‘difficult to approach’ image that insurance brands always carry. It is gradually positioning itself as a more ‘friendly’ and ‘easy to connect’ kind of brand by hosting live standup comedy on Twitter with professional comedians. While the first phase last year set the stage for the insurance brand, the second phase is successfully establishing a stronger hold on the brand objective, to be a friendly brand.Well themed around ‘Insane Investments’ with a live stand up comedy act at its core, the second phase of HDFC Life’s #StandUpOnTwitter has been creating the right amount of buzz on social media. The hilarious user responses and the campaign hashtag trending on Twitter India trends tells us the start on social has been a positive one.

Strategy used by HDFC Life

HDFC Life launched the second phase of its stand-up comedy campaign on Twitter – ‘#StandUpOnTwitter’ where the agenda was comedy. The insurance brand in association with funny trio – Azeem Banatwalla, Karunesh Talwar and Kunal Kamra hosted a live stand up comedy act on Twitter on Friday, the 9th of January 2015. The theme for the comedy act was set as ‘Insane Investments’.The brand started building up buzz from the start of the week, using its social media properties on Facebook and Twitter. Short teaser videos were shared on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages to generate curiosity. These teaser videos revealed day by day provided a glimpse into the humour quotient in the stand up act. It was unique and tremendously catchy indeed.


  • 20k tweets received over the one week.
  • 10k tweets received on Friday 9th Jan, the day of the live comedy act itself.
  • #StandUpOnTwitter trended on Twitter India for entire day, more than 4 hours at 1st position.
  • Highest rate of engagement on 9th Jan due to the live streaming.
  • #StandUpOnTwitter videos received 2 lakh + views on YouTube (and Facebook as well).

Image Credits : Twitter, slideshare, lighthouseinsights

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