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Healthkart Reached 500K+ Target Audience Through Referral Marketing

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healthkart imageAbout Healthkart

Healthkart is an e-commerce website for consumer healthcare products based in India. Since its inception, Healthkart was dealing in products belonging to several categories such as gadgets, books, online apparels, accessories etc. However, it thought of venturing into the healthcare sector with a view to offer a variety of products pertaining to healthcare supplements, nutritional products, beauty and personal care products.

The term referral marketing refers to targeting a set of customers who will further promote their product via ‘word of mouth’. This can be done in two ways i.e. either through offline referral marketing or through online referral marketing.

Amongst these, in the digital age, the latter is much in demand. In this digitized world, the traditional referral marketing is taking over the online referral marketing thus creating a platform by monitoring and tracking customer behaviour online. So, Healthkart treaded on the same lines by using online referral marketing to fetch and retain more customers online.

Healthkart’s Business Objectivereferral-marketing

Primarily, Healthkart started off with this campaign to increase the number of registrations on its website. This business objective was set by this healthcare e-commerce store to drive the social reach and referral sales of the consumers on Healthkart’s website.

Thus, the basic motive of employing referral marketing was to grab a huge customer base such that they purchase the products from this online healthcare portal and refer the same to friends and family via several social media platforms.

Approach/Strategy Adopted by Healthkart

With a view to achieve the set target, Healthkart majorly laid emphasis on two of the most widely used social media platforms viz. Facebook and Twitter. The basic concept behind approaching and luring the users through such social media platforms was that whenever the user would make a purchase and refer the same to a friend, both of them would be awarded with a coupon worth $5. This was the reward for making the referral sales via social media referrals.

Likewise, Healthkart ensured that more such referral marketing programmes must be launched so as to ensure increased online visibility at several social media platforms and seek active participation of the users.

It was strategized by Healthkart to put forth the concept of offering discount coupons if the user would refer Healthkart’s products and services to his/her friends on social media platforms as this would be a win-win situation for the parties involved.

Healthkart opted for implementing Invite Referrals, one of the simplest referral marketing software’s to keep a track of the number of customers who are sharing and sending invites to friends on several social media platforms. Invite Referral enabled Healthkart to view the comprehensive list of results’ track record i.e. the transition from referral site visits to the final sales made. It also provided the list of rewards to the referrer who made the final sale.

This campaign was not only confined to users accessing social media platforms to make purchases but it was also reached out to all the smart phone users. This was done through Invite Referral’s mobile app. Healthkart accessed the Invite Referral mobile application so as to offer more sales coupon and generate more sales.

Facebook too stole the limelight in making this referral marketing campaign a successful one. The process was such that when the Facebook user accessed the website via his/her Facebook page then a referral message would get displayed on the page that would instigate the user to suggest Healthkart to his/her friends on social media. The last step of this process was to send an email to the entire set of customers who had participated in the referral programme, aspiring to win the sales coupon.

Therefore, it was evident that social media played a crucial role throughout the promotional campaigns of Healthkart’s products and services.

Results Achieved by Healthkart           referrals

Healthkart left no stone unturned to lure and fetch the customers to make referral sales, the result of which is that within a time span of two months, more than 500K customers were reached out, which ultimately led to a low customer acquisition cost. This whooping number was achieved by making referral sales through 2 biggies in the social media viz. Facebook and Twitter.

Since last two months when this referral marketing programme was launched, it has depicted phenomenal results, thus it is still an ongoing concept through which Healthkart wants to attain more sales. To achieve this remarkably good number of targeted audience Twitter played a crucial role which was evident by the number of Twitter users who shared several tweets to spread a word about this online platform. The users used the Twitter Handle and hashtag of Healthkart and tweeted rigorously, thus enabling referral marketing to play a major role.


Healthkart employed referral marketing and pitched the targeted set of customers to sell its line of healthcare products. It was evidently traced that by using referral marketing which is a low cost marketing model, Healthkart could successfully accomplish the desired set of business objectives. Moreover, implementing Invite Referrals was a wise decision as it helped the healthcare company to increase the number of registrations on this e-commerce website.

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