High Street Phoenix Used Social Media Marketing Tricks To Achieve A Sale Of More Than Rs. 60 Lakh Through Online Contest

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high street phoenixAbout High Street Phoenix: High Street Phoenix, one of India’s most admired shopping destination and one of the largest mall in India situated in lower parel Mumbai, hosted its annual festival called ‘Shop. Download, Win’ between 15th July and 4th Aug. This contest ‘Shop. Download. Win’ worked on a traditional lucky draw mechanism.

However this time, a very interesting and contemporary twist was added to this traditional event.

The prizes of the contest were (worth Rs. 5.44 lacs)

  • Bumper prize – International Holiday for 2 people worth Rs.1 lac
  • Weekly prizes – I-Phone 5 worth Rs. 1.5 lacs
  • Daily prizes – Vouchers worth Rs. 8,000 + 1 Watch worth Rs. 6,000/-. Total value Rs. 2.94 lacs

Business Objectives Of High Street Phoenix:

  • Top objective was to keep the audience engaged and entertained with this exciting contest.
  • Other objective was to make more and more prospective customers aware of the new launched “Go Phoenixing” mobile application and to encourage its usage.
  • To enhance the productivity of the application which further helps in attaining the objective of revenue generation i.e. encouraging more and more shopping through the app.

Strategy/Approach Adopted High Street Phoenix:

The mobile application was effectively integrated with social media to run the “Shop. Download. Win” contest.  Two platforms used for promotion were Facebook and twitter. “Go Phoenixing” application was used by shoppers in following manner:

  • To enter the bill details during the contest
  • Staying updated about daily winners
  • Staying engaged with the contest buzz

“Go Phoenixing” application provided its users the luxury of adding the bill details of their shopping done on the mobile application

  • The user entered bills which were automatically verified at the back end, making them automatically qualify to participate in the contest. Apart from push notification, SMS infrastructure were also used to notify the users about their transactions.
  • The application personalized the customer engagement as only the winner got the push notification declaring the award to them.
  • The application was a simple “Shop, Download, Win application” keeping in mind the non-shoppers and the online fans.
  • Since all the users could not go to the mall and shop, the application helped them to shop & participate from the comfort of their home.
  • It involved answering a simple question, which was “What would you do with 1 Lac rupees at High Street Phoenix?”
  • The best answers from the online applications went directly to the lucky draw and were eligible for the bumper prize.
  • The total number of participants for the SDW application were 68, out of which a selected number of entries were sent into the bumper draw for the contest.
  • Lots of teaser posts highlighting the “International Holiday” Package were used on FB so as to create a buzz and excitement among the users.
  • Hashtag “#ShopDownloadWin” was used on twitter where followers were redirected to the Facebook application thus boosting the participation.
  • The winners were selected and announced on daily and weekly basis while the bumper prize was announced on a specific date.
  • The results were announced on each of these platforms on a regular basis – Mobile App, Facebook and Twitter

Results Achieved By High Street Phoenix:

  • Total no. of shoppers who downloaded the Mobile app and participated in the contest were 677
  • Total no. of participants on the Facebook application – 68
  • Total amount of shopping (Revenue generation) done linked to the contest – Rs 6,441,838
  • No of updates around contest Favorites and shared – 181
  • No of Facebook updates and likes – 39 updates + 246 likes
  • Total number of winners for daily prize and final prizes – 24

Key Learnings:

  • Careful integration of mobile apps with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter helps in effective promotion of the product.
  • The power and reach of social media helps in effective creation of awareness of the product and at the same time helps the users to make use of the product from the comfort of their homes.
  • Teaser posts and hash-tags help in engaging as well as creating curiosity among the viewers.
  • Strategic application of social media helps in conversion of fans into actual customers.
  • It helps in good revenue generation without involving high costs.
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