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Hindustan Times Used Social Media Marketing To Gain 15000+ Tweets In A Day

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Television is an idiot box. This statement seems to be true at times. When you look back and analyze the time spent, you would find that half of our quality time has been spent in front of the TV. Whose mistake is this? Really, we can’t blame anybody. Tight work schedules, busy lifestyle and pressure of all kinds need some kind of venting outlet. Relaxing on a couch and watching TV is the best way to rejuvenate. What are we loosing finally? We need to think about this too.

Hindustan-TimesQuality time with your family, friends and with self is what is at stake here. We celebrate many days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. why not celebrate a day without TV?

Hindustan Times has taken this initiative of ‘No TV Day’ and they celebrated the third ‘No TV Day’ on 1st June 2013.

About Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is one of the leading newspapers in India as far as the circulation is concerned. It was established in the year 1924. Hindustan Times has evolved over a period of eighty years and has pioneered in the field of journalism. A recent survey indicates that Hindustan Times is the choice of over 3.7 million Indians. It has spread its wings across the length and breadth of the nation. Hindustan Times has its editions in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata with over 36.92 lakhs readership. It not only caters to the news, but also covers vivid subjects like business, entertainment and kid’s magazine ‘Nandan’.

Hindustan Times’ initiative to start a unique day to say no to our idiot box for a day as ‘No TV Day’ has got huge applause among people of all age group across the nation. This initiative allowed many people to spend quality time with their family and friends allowing them to go for outings, nurturing hobbies and most importantly provided them with peace of mind.

Business Objective of Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times projected three major objectives and they are listed below:

  1. To generate awareness among the people about ‘No TV Day’ to be celebrated on 1st of June 2013.
  2. To elevate its reputation among its readers and to achieve increased readership.
  3. To maximize the engagement on #htnotvday campaign.

Strategy Used By Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times prepped-up for the event by generating curiosity among the people and keeping them engaged even before the event could begin and this helped to grab everybody’s attention.

Webitude, a renowned digital media agency, formulated the strategy for Hindustan Times to help them achieve their goals. Webitude used Twitter as their main medium to kick start this campaign. The campaign was kept very lively and interactive and thereby, attracted many new readers as well.

The Twitter Handle used was @htnotvday and the Hashtags used were #onnotvdayiwill and #htnotvday. Hindustan Times requested all its readers and followers to switch off their television and spend quality time with their friends and families.

The following were the strategies implemented by Webitude in order to keep the readers and followers engaged:

  1. Webitude went for a Pre-launch campaigning on 28th of May using the #onnotvdayiwill.
  • This contest was live for nine hours i.e. between 11 am till 8 pm. People got enough time to post their views and share their plans.
  • This generated a lot of curiosity among the readers. People started sharing what they would do or wish to do on ‘No TV Day’.
  • Loads of tweets were posted continuously to keep the readers engaged.

–  Announcement Tweet was posted stating that the Hindustan Times has come up with a cool contest and  winners would get prizes too. People were asked to follow the tweets for further information.

–  Introduction Tweet was posted in order to state what this contest was all about. Curiosity quotient was maintained by indicating what had to be done and what could be won. People were asked to share the message further with their friends.

–  Concept Tweet presented the agenda of the campaign. People were asked to share what they would do or plan to do on ‘No TV Day’ using #onnotvdayiwill.

–  What the winners will get tweet listed out the prizes that could be won by the best tweet. Prospective winners were offered Flipkart vouchers, camera, iPod and Helicopter ride.

– Winner Announcement Tweet announced the winner of the #onnotvdayiwill contest.

  • Twitter was flooded with comments and many shared the campaign with others.
  • This campaign gave sufficient exposure to ‘No TV Day’ campaign to be celebrated on 1st June.
  1. In between, on 29th May, Hindustan Times launched a ‘Go Green’ campaign in which people were asked to tweet as much as they could and for every 10 tweets, Hindustan Times donated one sapling to be planted in Mumbai.
  2. Hindustan Times started off with their ‘No TV Day’ campaign on 1st June.
  • A campaign launch contest was initiated on Twitter using the hashtag #htnotvday.
  • Followers and readers were asked to tweet their pictures and to tell how they were spending their ‘No TV Day’ and asked to come live on foursquare to share.
  • This contest was live for 10 hours i.e. between 11am and 8pm.

Results Achieved by Hindustan Times

The aim of Hindustan Times is to create awareness about ‘No TV Day’ and to enhance their reputation among readers was achieved. Following are the results achieved by Hindustan Times Pre-launch campaign on #onnotvdayiwill:

  • #onnotvdayiwill trended #1all over the world for two hours.
  • #onnotvdayiwill trended #1 in India for two consecutive days.
  • More than 346 new followers were added.
  • Number of tweets crossed 6200.
  • Number of Retweets crossed 700.

Similarly, on 1st of June the campaign #htnotvday helped to achieve the target. The following are results of final launch:

  • #htnotvday trended #3 worldwide for three hours.
  • #htnotvday trended #1 in India for two consecutive days.
  • More than 220 new people started following.
  • Number of tweets crossed 15000.
  • Number of Retweets crossed 1990.
  • Number of brand mentioning crossed 10000.

The campaign also included the noble thought of ‘Go Green’ concept which was very well appreciated among the readers. #htgogreen received around 2000 tweets to support the cause which gave huge success to the campaign. Overall, the campaign was a complete success.


Hindustan Times campaign to generate awareness among people about ‘No TV Day’ was a huge success. It not only elevated the brand’s reputation and readership, but also taught us to value the time spent with family and friends. Hindustan Times used social media marketing as their tool to achieve their goal. Continuous tweets about the campaign generated a lot of readership. The medium was kept interactive so that people would get immediate updates. People were willing to participate because they were continuously engaged resulting in a positive outcome.

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