How Agencies can put you in the Right Place with Google AdWords

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Do you wish to place your company at the right place at the right time? Get it actualized with Google AdWords – the assured way to get your business listed on search engine giant – Google through Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns.

Interestingly, in January 2018, online sales reached 150 billion euros a month, worldwide. And people did more than 100 billion Google searches each month to find information, products or services. This whooping number clearly indicates that online search is the go-to action for every prospective customer. Especially ads grab the attention of the user as compared to a text.

Search Engine Marketing takes care of generating traffic to a website through search engines. And Google is the search engine used by more than 90% of users in Europe. Now you know why Google is identified as the ‘Search Engine Giant’. A company needs to appear in Google search results to be able to catch the eye of the prospective customers. So, Google AdWords is the most qualified platform to find potential customers.

Have a look at the graphic by Wordstream that reflects the averages across AdWords metrics such as Average CTR, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Average Conversion Rate (CVR) and Cost Per Action (CPA) across twenty industries.

So, all businesses have a lot of chances to find new customers. You just need to place your company at the right place at the right time. And, for that it is advisable to turn-up to reputed Google AdWords agencies who will dedicatedly take care of managing your AdWords campaigns.

One such reputed agency is Evonbiz that works with your company to study an advertising campaign for Search Engine Marketing. You can invest in Google only when people will look for your products or services using your target keywords in their search queries. Based on the budget that you invest, your ads will appear on Google and on its advertising networks.

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Agencies develop text, image, dynamic and phone call ads, and choose a list of keywords related to your business. Agencies can change your budget when you need, and Evonbiz will tell you what the costs per click are. You will know the level of competition for each keyword. Having an agency as a partner will allow you to see your ads using the best target language, geographical area, and device, age, and gender, hours and day of the week. They will set up and customize your online advertising campaign on Google! This helps you to focus on other vital aspects of the business.

With Cost Per Click (CPC), you will pay only when people will click on your ads. A Search Marketing campaign with Google AdWords allows them to have a complete control of your investment! They use every Euro or Dollar of your budget to bring in new customers.

You will have a clear idea of what your targets are, and they will reach them in the best way. They also use Analytics and the conversion tracking code. At last, you also have the possibility to do a remarketing campaign.

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