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How And Why Of Drip Email Marketing

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Drip Email marketing is a communication that sends or “drips” emails to customers or prospects over period of time. It is mostly automated depending on the phase in which the customer is.

It is commonly used way of email marketing because of low cost associated with it. It is effectively used as sales marketing tool mostly in long-sales cycles. “Drip email marketing” name was taken from an agriculture technique “drip irrigation” in which plants are fed small amounts of water over long period of time.

They are also called life cycle emails, automated email campaigns, marketing automations etc.

It is an extremely valuable addition to marketer’s toolbox. They can differ in types like daily reminders, weekly specials, monthly updates or yearly renewal notices.

Make sure to cover the nitty-gritties first:

Steps for Drip email marketing

Develop content that is engaging and valuable. For this, understand customers before drafting an email for them. Why did they come on your website? What specific thing they searched? What did they download? Segment the lists as per buyer persona, geographic locations, interests etc. If segmentation is not correctly, customers might get series of emails which are not of their interests. Know where your customer stands in the email cycle. Send out the emails accordingly.

Drip marketing essentially should be short and focused. The introduction in the first line should be crisp. The second sentence should be what the business does (please no 4-5 paragraphs!!!)

Test the effectiveness of the email campaigns. Measure bounce rates, click through etc. Check the links used in drip email marketing. Check landing pages. Check what content is working well. Even though we have stated that drip email marketing is automated, it doesn’t mean that we set the schedule and do not look at it, do continuous review of the content, cycle to get maximum result.

Run the campaigns in different formats. Sometimes text based, vary the content in images, video etc., and vary the length of email.

Give them choices; there should always be an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Give them options of unsubscribing from few emails.

Drip email marketing

  1. Since it is automated, it uses time effectively. It reduces efforts and boosts the overall results.
  2. It is good in efficiency.
  3. It is goal oriented. Drip email marketing foundation that it is goal driven. While designing any campaign, it is necessary to define the outcome.
  4. Good timing- By carefully planning when to send emails, marketers give relevant information to the customers.
  1. It is impersonal sometimes (being automated)
  2. It has to be complimented with some other form of marketing as well. It is not usually used as stand alone marketing strategy.
  3. It sometimes has a lower response rate.
  4. It needs time to be completed to yield the results.
Functions of drip email marketing:
  1. It can be used as lead generation.
  2. It can be used as qualification process.
  3. It can be used as lead nurturing. Drip email marketing is an excellent strategy to capture attention of users who haven’t bought anything yet from the website. Short, effective, offer emails will lead them to visit the website again. Lead nurturing can be done in form of educating customers on how to use the product, offering free trials, helping on specific features of the product etc.
How to set drip email campaign:
  1. Divide the audience
  2. Outline a buying cycle- Decide the frequency of emails here, how many emails per month/week?
  3. Ensure that you match the content for all stages in the buying cycle- Email content should be relevant to the customer in that particular phase. That’s the essence of drip email marketing.
  4. Be ready with emails for all stages
  5. Lead scoring- Decide how are you going to measure your metrics
Types of drip email marketing:
  1. Top-of-mind drips- This email campaigns helps to connect to the user throughout the sales cycle.
  2. Educational drips- This is also called lead nurturing.
  3. Re-engagement drips- This helps to bring the user back into sales cycle.
  4. Competitive drips- This is targeted to customers who deal with competitors.
  5. Promotional drips – These emails are related to promotional offers etc. It is short term cycle.
  6. Training drips- These emails are targeted to new customers to let them know how to use a particular product.
For example the campaign can contain:
  1. When a user downloads PDF info of a product, sending a thank you email
  2. Second email related to educating the user on the topic of the product.
  3. Third email transitioning to sell, link to blog post.
  4. Fourth email: Hard sell link

These are the basics of Drip email marketing/ campaign. Do the planning, designing and take the plunge in the world of drip email marketing. Do share your inputs for this blog.

About the blogger: Mrs Harshal Varkhedkar

Harshal is an electronics engineer and a MBA. She owns a computer institute LearnEasy Training in Kothrud, Pune and a budding blogger. She enjoys swimming, yoga, and reading! Learn more on You can connect her on twitter @harshal_LE /

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