How Bookmyshow Became A Household Name In No Time Of Its Inception

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When was last that I stood in a Que to be entertained? Can I imagine ticketing without e-ticketing?  Well so

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BookMyShow was founded in 2007 by Ashish Hemrajani ex J W. Thompson employee, Parikshit Dar from SPAR and Rajesh Balpande from Chatterjee Soros Group, also all three are alumni’s Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai University. Bookmyshow start-up began with a small website offering online movie tickets in India. And soon as it expanded, it started offering online ticketing solutions for theaters, events, concerts and sports.

During its initial years, BookMyShow had a small team managing all the operations. It now employs more than 400 people.

Bookmyshow used digital marketing for branding being an e-ticketing solutions provider headquartered at Mumbai, built with a clear focus of providing cutting-edge digital solutions to the entertainment industry. B2B and B2C solutions directly penetrating to the bottom line. BookMyShow is a preferred destination for movie and non-movie options since it expanded from movies to plays, events and sports. It provided solutions to the age old routine queuing up on ticketing window for hours along. It made sure objective of audience’s enjoyment and experience is taken care before they enter theater.

But what made them popular with time was urge to “listen to customer”. Realizing that users are vocal about their experiences, getting onto the social sphere was another way of getting user feedback on how to make ticketing simpler and Bookmyshow a brand.

Road chosen for marketing on digital space

Since Bookmyshow is an online ticketing company it made all the more sense for them to exploit the online mediums to the fullest. At inception attaining feedback was the only objective of venturing on social media and improving as per customer taste. With already a few customers on social sites like Facebook and twitter helped Bookmyshow to become a buzz word. It was crucial for customer to reach the provider and for them to know that they are heard. Facebook and twitter helped build rapport. But in time these platforms were being considered as trouble shooters by twitters users, hence company consciously promoted help-desk for speedy solution and elimination of passive words on net.

Lately Bookmyshow Blog is turning out to be viewer review corner hence deciding fate of box office, offers, discount and other products.bookmyshow blog

The Facebook fan page is a more current informative platform where posts include latest movie trailers and event updates, periodically spiced with quiz questions or giveaways. FB page has a record follower of 49 lakh and adding.

facebook snapshot

Twitter – Entertaining while interacting had been aim here. Company tweets music, trivia, quizzes, polls and latest movie news. Users tag and ask friends to book tickets Via Bookmyshow. As we see a fan tweet below

I  did you book your tickets yet?

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Email marketing– is one of the strongest means of reaching out to the consumer since they have a high quantum of content to push out to consumers, emails prove to be the most cost effective method of communication. BMS had stopped doing movie marketing since consumers are fairly well versed with using the portal for booking movie tickets. Hence they focused on promoting other events instead. Defining the target audience for emails in advance using the historic data available. Got those more results than sending blanket emails. Software for email marketing they chose ensured that evaluating all aspects of it. Which let them track the effectiveness of the activity on all parameters, ranging from deliver ability to clicks, to conversions.They classified customers as occasional, loyal or super loyal customers.What helped break monotony of emails promoting products were gratification mails.

Catch them Young

Company had made a conscious effort targeting newly salaried youth with roping in banks and cross selling discount offers on their cards.Also time and again reminding the user on social media to use these offers.

card champaign

If I will gift my customer, I will show the world

Apart from above they also run contests and Campaign’s adding to their popularity and made a point to publish the contest result with winner’s happy face. Offered “Giftashow” where in viewer can give a gift card of Bookmyshow and offer movie merchandise.


What they wanted, what they earned?

Goal was to gain some helpful feedback by providing a direct platform for customers to voice their opinions while building the brand through CRM. Customers did as anticipated and expressed compliments as well as grievances. And in no time Bookmyshow became name used by all generations of same family.

What we can take along as learning

BookMyShow occupies 85 to 90 percent of the online entertainment-ticketing market; 70 percent of its sales comes from movie tickets and the remaining from sports, plays and live events. At present, sports accounts for almost 20 percent of its revenues and is seen as a future growth area.  The website gets 1 billion page views, 50 million visits.

The social platform has definitely made companies pay more attention to what users convey- better server connectivity, browser compatibility, mobile apps for various handsets, etc. Bookmyshow also get advice on feature enhancements, cinema additions, etc. Releasing the Beta versions on FB & Twitter for bug testing has also proved to be of help. Bookmyshow has turned into a great success by use of social mediums and it speaks great about this powerful medium which can build or break any business.

Image Credits: Bookmyshow, Twitter and facebook

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