How BookMyShow Expanded Its Customer Base To 32.5k In Just Two Years Through Social Media

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BookMyShow is India’s biggest online movie and events ticketing brand. The website caters to ticket sales for movies, plays, concerts and sporting events via the online platform. Launched in 2007, it is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The main goal of was to gain some helpful feedback by providing a direct platform for our customers to voice their opinions while building the brand through customer relations. They employed various social media tactics and got the desired responses from the customers.

How they did it?

As we can see in the above image, how BookMyShow has used SEO & SEM effectively on Google, it has also made a great impact on Social Media.

In just 2 years, BookMyShow expanded its customer base to 32.5k through Social Media & today it’s 82.5k Followers on twitter, 4.4 million likes on Facebook, 657,821 people have them in circles @ Google+.

So we can see some decent figures how BookMyShow has used not only Social Media, but whole of Digital Marketing as their marketing & promotional tool and this all has been the result of their Interactive Posts.

Not only this, they are having a very interesting blog having 6.2k blog posts under 26 categories which include Bollywood, Hollywood, Celebs & also Cricket and other sports too.


It’s not just about posts, it’s about interesting, attractive, interactive posts.

BookMyShow has beautifully captured the Social Media Channels by its eye-catching graphics & Copywriting posts, which have made it more attractive & user can’t just scroll down without checking them up.

 BookMyShow on Google+

We can see the Cover Image of BookMyShow on Google+, it tells everything about what BookMyShow deals in & we all know the popularity on Google+ increases ranking on the Google Search Results.

BookMyShow Blog

A blog featuring the latest movie reviews, polls, offers and discounts and miscellaneous articles about our activities, tie-ups, products etc.

BookMyShow has beautifully designed its Blog page, covered almost everything that a user would love to read about whether it’s about the Celebs they want to know about or the upcoming movies & latest movies in house along with their reviews.

BoomMyShow on Facebook

BookMyShow on Facebook

The interactive posts, targeting the youth & most of the posts are about the popular & new entrants of Bollywood, which are followed by the youth of India. BookMyShow keeps posting regularly to be on the walls of followers/Likers.

Ahan! They don’t forget to wish celebs on their Birthdays…

BookMyShow with the Birthday posts not only get more likes, but also more shares from the fans & this ultimately brings more engagement on Social Media. Not only these, they also link their blogs in the post to get the likers directly to their website & it’s a wise way of converting traffic into customers.

 @bookmyshow on #twitter

Not only the movies! BookMyShow also tweet about the upcoming Concerts & theatre, Plays and also promote them on page.

#BMS Contest

Interactive Contests by BookMyShow on their page brings more engagement & promotions. They not only interact, but also gets Re-tweets from the followers and also the winners get Gifts from BookMyShow which is also a key to Public Relations.

Promotional Offers

Watch a movie or catch an event & get 5% #CashBack with your #HDFCDebitCard…

Promotional Offers are the key to increase in sales & communication them with the target customer is a bigger challenge. But social media allows you to communicate with your target customers easily but just posting & informing them about what’s In It for Them.

BookMyShow Coupons

 CouponzGuru promoting BookMyShow offer on Facebook…

We are everywhere! Affiliate Marketers using social media for promotion of BookMyShow on their Facebook page and websites. But Social Media is the biggest platform for promotion, like we can see 211 claims for ShopClues offering CashBack voucher for BookMyShow from a post on Facebook page of CouponzGuru.

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So by following the unique approach & keeping in mind the essence of good Social Media Marketing, BookMyShow has achieved a big success by building a Brand Image on social media among its target audience and became the biggest online website for event & movie ticketing brand in India.

BookMyShow App

BookMyShow today is the first preference for movie lovers, to check & book tickets on BMS app which not only allows to book tickets, but also to choose the seats of their own and also to avail cashbacks & offers and Social Media has made them more popular amongst people.

The interactive social media campaign not only brings engagement, but it’s one of the best way to build a brand image, leads & conversion. Also it’s the most appropriate platform for receiving considerable amount of feedbacks from the customers & interacting with them to get the best possible changes, modification & innovation in marketing and promotional techniques.

Image Credits: BookMyshow

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