How BookMyShow Leveraged Facebook Short Campaigns To Connect With Its Potential Customers

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About the company:

Bigtree Entertainment’s BookMyShow is India’s largest entertainment ticketing website with its headquarters in Mumbai. It is one stop destination for movie and non-movie entertainment options like events, sports and plays. Though it was launched in 1999, it came up with an official website only in 2007 and within a decade of its operations, it grew with a CAGR of 40% in revenues capturing over 90% market share in online entertainment ticketing space. With offices in India, New Zealand and Malaysia, BMS aims to provide ticket-booking services to its customers for latest movies, music concerts, stand-up comic acts, plays and major sporting events. BMS has partnerships with all major production houses and studios in India with real-time ticketing option for major cinemas like Big Cinemas, Inox, Cinemax, Fun Cinemas etc. BMS has also ticketed for over 1500 plays online and it is an exclusive and permanent ticketing partner for theatre ventures like NCPA Mumbai, Prithvi theatre Mumbai, Rangashankara Bangalore etc. In events space, BMS ticketed for over 300 live large format sports events and sporting events such as ICL, city marathons etc. It was also official ticketing partner for Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab and official online ticketing partner for Delhi Daredevils in season 2010.

Business Objectives

As BMS was a web-based platform for booking tickets, its main objective was to increase its visibility by connecting to consumers using various social media platforms. The ultimate goal was to boost sale of tickets through its platform for all the events and its offerings. They also felt the need to better connect with customers by giving them a comfortable experience in solving their queries and grievances in a more effective manner.

With these objectives in consideration they decided to have a strategic change in the way they used Facebook platform for communication. Nov 2010 to June 2011 is the period during which they engaged in several campaigns to supplement their strategy of increasing visibility and reaching out to potential customers.


Leveraging Facebook platform
  1. They strived to provide fresh content to customers by actively tying up with major production houses in Bollywood and Hollywood. They planned to give their fans, first glimpse of what’s going to come next with its exclusive trailers and photos. For instance they were the first to show the ICE AGE 3 trailer in India before any other media including newspapers, TV and internet portals/channels. They kept the fan page engaged via exclusive fresh content, exciting contests, quizzes, movie merchandise freebies and tickets to be won which was like a win-win situation for both films and BMS as well as the platform got greater visibility and promotion while the fans were happy.
  2. They conducted few contests for a movie named Shaitan on Facebook fan page wherein fans won pre-screening tickets and Shaitan merchandise as goodies. Happy customers posted reviews about the movie, which created a buzz around the movie. BMS earned the loyalty and word of mouth publicity among their fans.
  3. BMS integrated an FB application named TicketBuddy that allows user to book tickets in the same fashion as that on a website without actually leaving the social hub. The application had innovative pre-booking functionality i.e “Make your Friends Pay” feature wherein it allows you to reserve seats for you and your friend. You can actually pay only for your ticket and make your friends pay for theirs by a link that can be posted on their wall.
Why they majorly used Facebook for Connecting with customers?
1. Facebook – low cost high visibility channel

Though they reached customers through other channels like twitter, YouTube and BMS blog, they planned to use Facebook as their primary medium as it had a large user base comprising of customers belonging to all demographics and most importantly their chosen target segment spending more time on Facebook.

2. Addressing grievances of the customers: The kind of engagement they had on the

Facebook fan page helped them to actively interact with potential customers and resolve their queries and grievances in a short period of time. Thus it helped them boost their brand presence and loyalty in a most cost effective manner.


Tremendous growth in the no of active users indicating the success of campaigns

1. Fan base grew from 12000 in Nov 2010 to 3,46,277 as of August 2011.

2. From Nov 2010 to June 2011

a. Daily active users increased from 2983 to 53354

b. Weekly active users grew to 1,22,651 from 7,098

c. Monthly active users increased from 9,336 to 2,00,491

d. Post views increased to 35,405,900 with a growth rate of 1093%

e. Post feedbacks grew to 117,206 making a growth rate of 2043%


1. Book My Show Facebook campaigns clearly shows the effectiveness of a powerful social media campaign, combined with strategies to effectively target a very specific audience for a specific business opportunity

2. BMS Facebook campaigns have shown tremendous result in terms of increase in fan base and posts engagement. This shows that BMS has struck the right cord by opting a platform where the concentration of target segment is active and huge in numbers, which probably is a good strategy to extract the best ROI.

3. The platform as such is a source of connecting with people in a faster way where the word of mouth (as seen in the contests example above) played a remarkable role in increasing the fans and likes. This effectively means, reduced advertising spends to reach out to maximum customers.

Image Credits: BookMyShow

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