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How Can AdWords Help You Gain Offline Sales?

How Can AdWords Help You Gain Offline Sales?

Almost two decades back, the trend of online marketing was turned 360 degrees by Google’s ‘Self-Service Advertising Program.’ Now, Google makes $66 billion from its AdWords alone. There is no denying the fact that these AdWords have become an integral part of the online businesses. These AdWords work on a simple yet effective model. With this pay-per-click service, you make and publish ads for your business. These are displayed in Google’s search results and help you reach the target audience. The consumers today are more than active today. Thanks to the modern technologies, they are just a click away from shopping what they want and end up buying offline according to their convenience. If you use the right keywords, you can reach the right people at the right time who are exactly looking for your goods and services.

Up until now, you must be having an overview of why Google ads can boost your business sales. Here are few reasons on why you should use AdWords:

  1. These AdWords provide faster results when compared to SEO: While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes weeks or even months to showcase the results, the Google Adwords are faster. They instantly gets published and you can see if they are working or not in a matter of days. It can get you to search results in few minutes!
  2. You can measure them. With online marketing taking over traditional one, the main advantage of this is that you can measure what is working and what is not. These AdWords Pay per Click help you provide data that is measurable and comparable, hence, making it easy for you to track your progress. Also, these AdWords are flexible with respect to customization. You can choose the specific keyword match, target audience, extensions, geography etc according to your particular needs.
  3. The level of engagement is high: Because of the in-video ads and product listing ads on YouTube, the ads get more clicks. Therefore, Google is making AdWords more engaging since they are helpful to both the Google and the business makers.
  4. You can control the cost of advertising: With Google’s AdWords, you can have maximum cost per day for the campaign you are running. It helps you to maintain your budget without worrying about running out of money. The scalability option helps you to get a lot of leads in a short duration.
  5. It helps you take a lead in the competition: With Google AdWords you are appearing in search engines and that’s why your site will have more clicks and those potential consumers will come to you rather than your competitors. If your competitors are also using AdWords then make more effective AdWords.

Sources: Google User Content


Without any doubts, AdWords are important and changing the way of sales. However, the question is how can you drive offline sales from these AdWords? Listed below are 4 steps by which you can turn the online potential consumer into a satisfied offline buyer:

  1. The power of Search Campaigns

  • Locally relevant information: By showing ads that are geographically relevant by adding location extensions helps you increase the probability of attracting the right customers. This makes it convenient for the customers to find your outlet by the information provided in the AdWords like directions. For this, you will need to link Google My Business to your AdWords account and there you go! Start using the location extensions which can also be used if your business is at more than 10 locations. With the help of Google My Business Locations, you can manage all your locations.
  • Reaching the customers near to your business: By improving the search campaigns, you are showing your ads to people who are near to you and might end up buying from you. You can do this by setting a radius around your stores with the help of local extensions. This increases the tendency of potential customers paying you a visit. This can be done by setting radius that makes sense. Say for example, you can keep the radius more if it is in rural area whereas the radius could be narrower if the area is urban. However, Google provides you with the distance report for your location extensions so that you can find the best possible radius for which you have to target. This report gives information on how your ad is performing. You can adjust the radius according to the report. Another pointed to be highlighted here is what more Google has provided. With the help of local extensions, you can adjust the bids according to the radius you have chosen. On the basis of proximity, you can adjust the bids. For instance, I have a business for which I have set the radius 10 miles. I can bid Rs 500 for 1 mile and Rs 100 for 10 miles. Also, note that you need to be sure of the keywords matching your location names.

Sources: Google user content

  1. Getting foot traffic with Shopping Campaigns

The deciding factor for if someone enters your store or not after looking online is the consistency between what you have and what they want. You can manage this by local inventory ads.

  • Show those products which are sold near to them. With the help of local inventory ads, you can persuade buyers to visit a nearby store location.
  • With the help of sales channel, segregate the existing products so that it is easy for you to bid according to the differences in product values and create more bifurcations for the products. How can you do this? With the help of channel exclusivity, you can separate the products from “All products” so that the products that are sold via single channel are separated from multi-channel products.

Source: Google User Content

  1. Measuring your Online Ads’ full value

  • It is important to know the value of offline share from the total return so that you can optimize it accordingly. You can know the progress of your online ads by estimating the amount of the offline sales made. This can be done by a simple formula. It helps you understand the rate of return from your online ads and helping you to plan for your future ad campaigns. Let us find how it works… Make some realistic assumptions about your offline conversion rates and order values. With the help of a formula (Attributable store sales from search ads = clicks on search ads*store visit rate*store conversion rate*average conversion value) can help you estimate the sales from an offline store. This way you can see what is the contribution of offline sales in the total rate of return. However, if you have insufficient data and information, you can get in contact with your marketing team to know the status of the sales and keep the plan on the right track.

Sources: Google User Content

  1. Optimizing the performance

  • Once you are acquainted with how to measure and understand the structure plus working of your online ads and their offline revenue, the time is for taking action towards a better goal with the help of the available data. By optimizing your campaign, you can get maximum returns not only from online sales but offline conversions too. With the help of campaign performance data, you can adjust the investment made online for getting maximum total profit and are not just stuck to online performance. What you can do is:
  1. Update your metrics: This point out on including offline conversions when calculating the value for your search campaigns.
  2. Optimizing the bids: On the basis of the additional value from the offline sales, you can increase the bids on keywords and product groups. If the physical locations are the driving factor for the sales then you can increase the bid for your location extension targets whereas if the mobile is the reason for profit then you can increase the mobile bid adjustments.
  3. Highlight special offers: By highlighting special offers, you can drive online clicks into offline sales.
  4. Plan for marketing budget: If your online ads are turning into offline stores sales, you can partner up with other relevant stakeholders to push a discussion about omnichannel budgets.

There would be hardly anyone having no smartphone or internet connection hence opening up numerous avenues for revenue and if you want your business to have maximum benefit from the modern technologies, it is important for you to know how it works. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can drive online clicks to offline sales to fill your sales funnel.

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