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How can On-Page Factors influence search engine ranking?

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On-Page factors are aspects of a given web page which can affect your search engine ranking. Some of them are:

Page Content

We all are aware that content of a page is something that creates a search result position and hence is extremely importance to the search engines. So, what is a good content from an SEO perspective? Quality content usually holds 2 attributes: it must supply a demand and must be linkable.

  • Good content supplies a demand: Similar to the world’s markets, information is also affected by demand and supply. A good content can be in the form of audio, video, text and sound, but the main motive of such content should be to cater to the demands of the audience.
  • Good content is linkable: If you understand from an SEO perspective, there is no difference between good and bad content on the internet, if it is not linkable. This will further affect the search engine rankings and as a result, the content will not be able to bring in any traffic to your website.

Title Tags

This is the second most important On-Page factor for SEO. Title tags are technically known as title elements that help in defining the title of a document. They are required for all HTML/XHTML documents.

A title tag appears in 3 places: browsers, search engine result pages and external websites.

Image URLs

Image URL hold is another important On-Page factor. There are many people that tend to ignore this factor, which is critical from SEO perspective. Some simple and quick tips to apply when adding URLs to pictures include:

  • Linking the picture back to the product/service page
  • Linking the picture back to About Us or Services page
  • You can also link images to other related content either on your website or blogs

Remember that we are talking here about image URLs and not ALT text. Search engines usually penalize if you consistently use Alt text for blatant promotion.



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