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How the World’s 5th Largest Career Focused LinkedIn Group was created?

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Disclaimer: All views and thoughts mentioned are strictly the opinions of Subhashish Paul and do not represent IBM views or opinions. If you have any queries, please message Subhashish on Twitter @subhashishpaul

Excellent webinar with Subhashish Paul on how a large LinkedIn group can be created. Given that Subhashish is the owner of the 5th largest career focused LinkedIn group in the world, he impeccably shared his experiences on what all strategies and tricks he had to create and implement in order to increase the visibility and followers of the group. In case you missed it, here is the complete recording of the webinar.

Q. What do you think are the major advantages of taking the whole owners and starting your own group rather than participating in other groups? Is there any additional visibility of the discussion that you make?

A. Earlier in LinkedIn we had a feature called the Q&A section, which was very important for people to post their queries over there. This further allowed them to flash their queries to the entire LinkedIn network and then people would go and respond over it depending upon the relevancy of the question. But as LinkedIn has removed this particular feature, such discussions are not possible now. For instance, if you have around 200 first level connections and I have a lot many in my network and you post a status update stating that, “I’m looking for database experts. Do you know any?” However, if you post the same update in my network, you will receive a lot many responses because of more number of connections in my group. This will further help you to get a good response from my network than yours. It helps you to increase your current visibility, grow your current network and also helps you to communicate your message easily among others. Additionally, you can only post in a group when your query or discussion is approved by the group owner. Therefore, it is essential to have a good rapport with the group owner or else your message is just going to get lost in the entire traffic.

Q. How to get a loyal communicator base in your group to make it more engaging?

A. If you look at LinkedIn, you have a lot of professionals over there. It is always beneficial to have your own discussions initiated in the group and it would be great if some of the influential people in the industry come and comment over it. This will further bring in the more prominent people towards your group through their connections. However, here it is important for you to understand that even if the communications are going down, you can have open ended questions coming in and you can also start promoting people by showcasing their discussions and mentioning them in your announcements. This will encourage them to post more content in your group.

Q. There are many times when LinkedIn connections in a group do not respond. How to handle this situation?

A. While creating a group on LinkedIn, you will also confront with a set of people that do not respond to any discussions or announcements. Therefore, in order to improve this, you should take care that your engagement in a group should be regular. To answer this question in an appropriate manner, here Subhashish gave example of his own group. He said that when he sends any kind of announcements or post any discussions in a group, there are very few people that actually respond or comment on those discussions. Response of people is always on the lower side approximately 50 per cent, but the message is certainly read by almost all the people in the group. As a group owner you should also take care that if anyone is posting their content or queries, you should respond back as quickly as possible and also reply back in an interesting manner, which attracts other people to also comment on discussions. In your replies, you can also mention that if anyone is willing to post their discussions in the group, they are welcomed to do so.

Q. What are the common methodologies to make one’s profile more searchable on LinkedIn?

A. Having a successful group under your name definitely makes your profile more searchable as compared to others. Earlier, LinkedIn offered the Q&A section, which helped people to participate in such discussions and further increase the visibility of one’s profile. However, now in order to make your profile more viewable among people, it is essential to create engaging content and be more active in your community. Moreover, if people (which may not belong to your group) ask for any questions for which you have an answer, it is essential to instantly reply back. As you might know that LinkedIn has a three degree connection so the moment you respond back to it, your answer/discussion will get flashed that particular group. This will allow more people to participate in your discussion, which will further increase the size of your group. Somehow, this will also help people to increase their visibility and participation in a longer run.


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