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Webinar Recording: How FusionCharts Got To 21,000 Customers And 450,000 Users Sitting In India Itself

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An excellent session with Sanket Nadhani about FusionCharts’ journey to fame. My favorite part is when the conversation turns to Content Marketing. Sanket gets into the depth of content marketing and provides insights that are a must for anybody serious about content marketing.

Q1 How you conceptualize Global Product, by sitting in India?

Fusion Chart was a kind of incident; see your customer and what they are talking about. If someone asks for some feature, Pallav, CEO Fusion charts, listen to them and take help from developers. We put some product demo on the website. The demo should have all business figures and what your customer requirement should be fulfilled. All put some compressive documentation, better FAQ on your website.

Q2 What kind of marketing tactics you suggest to use?

Fusion chart used free marketing for 2 or 3 years. Marketing without marketing tactics we used. People get source code of the product as well from fusion chart when they buy any product so that they can change any feature in the later future if they want. Fusion charts provided free version of the fusion chart too.

Q3 Did free product which Fusion charts provided generated any revenue?

Yes, it generated some revenue and provides more credibility to our company. For other latest version demand was huge and we got money from enterprises.

Q3 What Fusion chart did for reaching to international market, like market of Europe and US?

First your company should look for the credibility before reaching out to an international market. So firstly language should be very professional. Fusion chart did content writing, writing blogs, etc. for increasing company visibility. It’s not only about products which make your company visible, but good conversation with customers is always necessary. Do have a good team page where you can discuss about your product.  Do answer faster to queries of people. Do some birthday post and maintain other emotional touch. On 10th birthday, we decided to start a book, and we mentioned our journey and people felt touched by our book.

Q4 Have you tried any company page advertisement campaign?

Any company has to pay to scale up their visibility. First, we stick to what message we need to give. We also do release newsletter, email marketing and send a specific message to a specific community.

Q5 How did you, manage a complete designing of a website?

We had a couple of designers, and we hire an agency for all designing things.

Q6. What suggestion you give to new startup company as a marketing coach?

Marketing is more kind of an art. One should have a marketing strategy in place first. Then identify your customer and product need. Be an opinion maker. Recognize the problem and give your product as the solution. Marketing should be user centric.

Focus on how to convert traffic to sales. For example, if someone downloads free trial of your software then focus on how to push them to the next stage and make them buy your product.

Q7 As lot of content has to be created for marketing so  how to track your return on content marketing?

You can try outsourcing to professionals. In the initial phase, founder and core member can start up content writing. We track conversation about particular content like how may like, open rates etc. You can inspire your customer through your company blog by sharing other people experience of your product. Do plan differently for B2B (Business to Business). Do nurturing customers by having feedback from them and solving their queries.

Q8 Some company has good technology, but not able to generate content, there is something like internal editor for content marketing? Are there any channel for building engagement?

I teach myself enough how to implement basic web development. Then I keep a check on feedback and then I pick up feedback and solve it. Do connect people over email, solve their query, write a blog post. Review your product; give some webinar of your product. Also go from generating email databases and try to send some continuous newsletter. Find out some mutual benefited company and develop business relation with people. Do simple tweet, guest post etc.

Q10 How much percentage of revenue should be spent on marketing?

10-15% money of total budget should be spent on marketing. For Fusion chart, it is very less. We just spent 20-25 thousand rupees on trade show if we are showcasing Fusion chart in abroad.

Sanket provides marketing consulting to startups who want to grow their business. You can contact him on twitter if you are interested.

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    • 6 years ago

      Sanket Nadhani   /   Reply

      Thanks for putting up the webinar, Manas. Was great being there.

      Everyone – I will be checking out this space over the next couple of days, so if you have any further questions, put them out here.


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