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How Google Keyword Planner Can Help You In SEO Keyword Research

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keyword research toolGoogle’s Keyword Planner for SEO is the new improved version of its earlier keyword tool. This new tool is making SEO keyword research simpler and more result oriented than the previous tool. In addition to being just a normal Keyword tool, you can use this tool to conduct a keyword research for SEO. This tool can also be used specifically for local keyword research for SEO. Let us learn how Google Keyword Planner can help you in SEO keyword research.

Keyword research for local SEO, since the latest Venice update, has never been easy. It has posed its set of challenges from time to time. The Venice update was more about Google trying to make local search easier for users but very difficult for digital marketers. The Venice update introduced improvements in rankings for local search results in SERPs. Another feature of the Venice update included the launch of a new system that helped in detecting the user’s geographical location easily. Thus, Google wanted to ensure that the users get access to webpages that are local and relevant.

Earlier, the main problem that SEO specialists encountered was that, if you searched for a term like, “Landscape architects”, Google could give you thousands of search results but results were not location specific. However, if you wanted to know the number of landscape architects in Kochi or nearby then the Venice update made it possible. Furthermore, the local SEO keyword research was not feasible in the keyword tool. However, with the introduction of the new Google AdWords Keyword planner under the AdWords account, local SEO keyword research is now very much a reality.

Preliminary Analysis

It is always a good idea to start your keyword research with a preliminary analysis in your niche areas or domain. After the primary research is completed, then you can move onto researching the local keywords for your niche. There are two types of audiences, the first category of audience is simply curious about finding or getting information about a product or service online and they do not have any intention to actually buy something. The second category is actually planning to buy a service/product or use the information in a profitable way. So pay attention to the needs and demands of the second category of audience who are potential customers in your niche and geographical area.

How to use Keyword Planner for SEO Keyword Research?local seo research

Start by signing in to the Google AdWords account and click on “Tools” tab and then go to “Keyword Planner” option-

Select the first option, “Search for keyword and ad group ideas” and then start adding the search term for the keyword research. Let us take the example of Architects and add variants for the main search term as follows –

  • Architects,
  • Landscape Architects,
  • Environmental Architects
  • Urban Planning Architects

The Keyword Planner for SEO tool will then start giving you search volumes for various keywords for the exact match “Architects” and closely related keywords. By default, your present country will be seen in the list and can be removed by clicking on the tab or you can change to another country of your choice. For a more specific set of keywords customized for a geographical location type in the name of the state or city for which you need the keywords and search volumes. If you decide to keep the country then the searches will combine data from the entire country and it will defeat the purpose of researching local keywords.

The next step in Local SEO Keyword research is getting into details. Select a city that you are interested in. This parameter will show you the search volume for keywords for this specific city. You will be able to determine what type of information is being searched by the people from this city and also whether your business interests are in line with their requirements? Larger the city, higher will be the search volumes so carefully determine why the search volumes are on the higher side and then take decisions accordingly. With mobile searches increasing by leaps and bounds it is necessary to relate device usage statistics with search volumes.

As a top Keyword Planner for SEO, Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool also has an option where you can do a keyword research for areas near your original location. All you need to do is add some nearby areas/ cities/villages/towns. The tool will show you a map with the target location and the nearby locations clearly marked. You can then click on the areas you require and add them to the search.

Once you have typed in the keywords and selected the cities, then click on the “get ideas” button and then you will be shown the results. If you have entered the geographical areas properly, then on the left side the tool will show you the areas that you are targeting.

How To Use The Keyword Ideas Data?

The “keyword ideas” data lists from Keyword Planner for SEO tool can be used in many ways like market research, ad campaigns, marketing, promotional material and content marketing etc. Use this data to provide your clients or your company with detailed information on the search volumes and statistics for products and services from the area that the company is in service. You can also use this data to focus on the geographical locations where search volumes are high or even where search volumes are low, but your preliminary research has revealed that there is potential. When you have the primary knowledge that people are interested in what you want to sell, then use the selected keywords for your content strategy. Start creating blogs, promotional material, press releases, websites etc. to communicate with your business and reach customers through long tail searches. Well researched keywords can form the backbone of your content strategy and this is where the keyword planner comes in handy.

Local SEO keyword research has come a long way since Google introduced Keyword Planner for SEO tool and the days when you were not sure where your searches were coming from are now over.

Use Keyword Planner SEO tool to your advantage in SEO keyword research.

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