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How Hootsuite Can Help You Succeed At A Faster Pace With Facebook

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Now a day it is essential for every organization, whether it is big or small, they should remain present on the web and social media. There are many social networks are present in the market through which company can share information. But certainly it is difficult for companies to manage all of its social network and update them regularly. So there must be something which can help to manage social activities for these organizations. One of the effective solution for this problem may be “Hootsuite”. But what is Hootsuite?

“Hootsuite is a social media management system for brand management created by  Rylan Holmes in 2008. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and  supports social network integration for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,  Foursquqre, mixi, WordPress, Myspace, etc.”

Hootsuite have many interesting features like single dashboard to manage all social networks, easy web access, scheduling calendar, easy analysis and many more. Along with these Hootsuite provides some interesting Facebook features which make social media management much easier.

1) Demographic targeting

a1The main purpose of social media is to connect with the people. In this digital world, customers are not only limited upto city or state. Now the customers are changed from local to global. Then in such situation the concept of the same content for all customers will be outdated. So if you want to target customer then first of all you have to study about their location, culture, age, language, status, interest, relationship In, etc. Content created on this basis will be definitely effective and target specific which can produce big ROI. Practically it is not possible to match each and every requirement of each customers. But upto some extent Hootsuite allows you to target your customers on the basis of some major metrics. Hootsuite provides a dashboard to target their Facebook audiences by language and geography, age, gender, interest, relationship status, and education.

Say  For example, one footwear company wants to promote products. So think about two criteria. First is creating one page having all offers for all the age groups and both for male and female and other criteria is creating two different pages for the same promotion aiming one for girls, women and the other for boys, men. Definitely, second criteria will be more effective as it has a personal touch. Combination of language, location, gender, age, culture  for creating Facebook pages will definitely help businesses to reach customers on a personal level.

 2) Geo- fencing

create-geo-fenceWith the advent of social media and networking enterprises are not limited upto their state or countries. They manage to reach to the people across globe. But to manage people from different country having different culture and speaking different languages is not easy for companies. It is important to talk with these people with their language to gain maximum return. As enterprises grow their web activity, social media presence and their social teams get bigger and more diverse. Many organizations with an international presence have social media experts who specialize in a particular culture, demographics and languages. Hootsuite provides Geo fencing feature to enterprises through which they can target their customers according to their demographic factors. It allows you to decide which locations and languages will be targeted by each team member on any social media profile.

“With over 50 team members and 9 different teams managing around 65 social profiles, we need to be able to control how each of our community managers are posting to our clients’ Facebook pages,” says Nadia Idiart, Avatar’s Community Manager Team Leader. “HootSuite’s new Geo-Fencing function meets those needs perfectly, allowing us to coordinate our Facebook posts for specific countries and languages throughout South America.”

3) Analysis of Facebook audience by demographic and region

For any small or big businesses it is important to understand customers. Social media makes it possible to know your customers in a more deeper way. Hootsuite allows you to analyze your Facebook audience on the basis of different metrics such as location, language, gender, age, etc. With the Hootsuite you can easily find the answers of following questions.

  • How many people visited your Facebook page and from which country?
  • Which language they speak?
  • From which gender and age, they belonged?
  • How many likes you received?
  • Total number of people are talking about your brand?

social-media-for-business-how-to-identify-who-your-audience-isThis knowledge can help you design campaigns and product offers to your target audience according to their requirements, which will provide you a better return on investment.

4) Compare Public pages

public-pages-comparisonFacebook is the largest social media network. So one should not ignore the importance and benefits of Facebook. While doing business it is essential to keep track of your competitors growth, their new invention, offers and many more. Hootsuite gives a facility to compare your Facebook page with the public information about your competitors pages. Here you can see how many people are talking about you and your competitors brands, and who’s leading the battle for Likes. Also, you can monitor Likes and comments, in real-time, on all of your posts.

5) Facebook search in the dashboard

HootSuite has one more interesting features as Facebook search in-dash. Now, you can access it instantly from the Quick Search function by using the drop down above your streams.

6) Event Stream

The success of any enterprise is depends upon how it maintains relations with customers. Hootsuite’s Facebook feature helps you to build long term relations with your customers. Here you can keep a record of all your and your customer’s important events. So that you will not miss any event. By greeting them on time, you can build a positive image about your company.

7) Instream private messages

From the business point of view, it is important to reply your audience message as early as you get it.  On the Facebook page you may receive many comments. To set the long term relation it is essential reply them. But it is a bit time consuming process. Hootsuite helps you to expand private conversations within the stream to view the full thread. Social media managers can effectively reply to all these audiences by just using Hootsuite.

Image Credit: Hootsuite

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