How J&J used Content Marketing Strategy with BabyCentre

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johnson-and-johnsonAbout J&J

Johnson & Johnson Consumer is a global leader that touches a billion lives around the world and works with the vision of ‘Bringing science to the art of healthy living’. In India, the company touches the lives of consumers through businesses spanning – baby care, women’s health, beauty, oral & wound care and over-the-counter-products. Learn how Johnson & Johnson (J&J) used Content Marketing Strategy successfully for its baby care segment and what were the top 4 key learnings with its digital platform


BabyCentre has been recognised as a trusted source of information and knowledge is well established, as pioneering and innovative in getting a strong follower base. It is important to understand the key learnings – what makes it work and how J&J managed to attract a large community of followers by creating an independent content platform.

The Content Marketing Strategy of BabyCentre is well defined through a sharp audience profile of “expectant mothers and young parents, who are found to be hyper for information and want to connect with peers, facing similar issues”. Earlier when the social dynamics consisted of large, close knit families this target group would refer to mother in laws or members of the joint family. However today with a phenomenal rise in nuclear families and rising sources of information this target group tends to use digital sources to resolve their issues and concerns related to pre-natal, post-natal and baby care. This need was recognised by the brand and an investment was made in shaping BabyCentre as a dedicated and authoritative content platform.

Business Objectives of J&J

To build a digital community of young parents and expectant mothers through content marketing strategies to:

  • drive deeper engagement amongst them
  • mine insights and help marketers reach out at this TG at critical and relevant stages

Strategy Adopted by J&J

How to Use Content Marketing Strategy:

To create an independent and trustworthy content source of parenting and baby care focused on:

  • keeping the platform unbranded (no direct connect with J&J and its offerings)
  • focussing the content around real issues faced by the community through multi media content of text, video and chat
  • provide chat facility with other mothers/ parents and experts for problem solving in real-time
  • alerts on key milestones to track your baby’s development and benchmark with children of your baby’s age group to take care of typical parental concerns with respect to development and growth


83 percent of its audience are millennials. Nearly 60 percent of its audience is 18-34 (an attractive target group for many categories). In this age group most people look online for information and BabyCentre is a trustworthy source for this community. Through this J&J has been able to meet its business objective of reaching out to the younger generation of parents and gaining deep insights on this target group through a medium of choice. The brand continues to invest in this as a relationship platform and helps partner brands reach out to the followers with targeted offers and content


The 4 key learnings by the enormous success of this Content Marketing Strategy platform, which is recommended by gynecologist and pediatrician as the go-to web platform for expectant mothers, are as follows:

  1. Add value to a consumer’s life through customised and authoritative content. This has been achieved by inviting Experts and Parents to share real life exeriences and advise based on practical learnings.
  2. Provide tools for understanding key milestones as this facilitates repeat visits to the platform and provides for interactivity.
  3. Help people engage with people (moms) with similar issues and serve as a problem solving guide.
  4. Don’t pitch products, but focus on consumer interests and issues, which has made its community open up and talk freely about issues around pregnancy and baby care

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