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How Keyword Search Tools Helps To Get Page One Rankings

How Keyword Search Tools Helps To Get Page One Rankings

We are most likely looking to obviously get something ranked. Whether the item on an e-commerce site or your blog or your website. If you’re here you obviously know that keywords are key. And I found a website called extremely user-friendly. We have tried few other different keyword search tools and this one is definitely the best one among all others. It’s just really easy to use. Now we will see how it works.

Lets just say you are going to look for a ‘ dining room table’ . you’ll get a list of options. Out of these options we will look for the ones with red colored, obviously red color means ‘no’ just like red means ‘stop’. It means you might not want to use that word which has a lot of competition. Yellow color means ‘neutral’. It means that there is some high competition but it is still a good word to use, a good keyword phrase. Green obviously means that go, it’s a great word to use. So , if you want to know exactly what these columns mean, I am not going to get inside everything. You can just hover over the top of every column name and it gives explanation of what each one means.

But very quickly the only two columns we need to look at is pretty much than column which tells whether it’s a good keyword or not and the other one which tells us the monthly searches for that keyword. So even though we see a keyword with green color but having less number of searches we go for the keywords with high number of searches. We will choose that keyword with green icon and having high number of monthly searches. So instead of choosing the keyword with green icon and 79 monthly searches we will choose the keyword with green icon and 920 monthly searches.

So if you are looking for a website, lets just say that you are selling dining tables and you want a specific website for that item this tool can help you in that too. It will tell you what URLs are available for that specific keyword phrases ex. It can tell a ‘’ is available. So it’s a really good website, a really easy to use.

Now Let’s cover some of the top keyword search tools out there in the industry:

  • WordStream’s Keyword Tool

    This is one of the top free tool for both keyword research and PPC. The wordstream’s Keyword tool’s capability of allowing you better target niche players is really good. It , along with niche keyword suggestions, also allows you to group certain niche targets and find a common theme to them for better advertising and focused promotions.

    It provides you with around 30 searches for free and after that you need to sign up.


    Another great tool for keyword research. Although it’s not free but it’s quite favored in the professional market for its result quality. Along with providing keyword suggestions, variations and synonyms , It also sorts out various keywords on the scale of popularity.

    One of the other features is that it can also be used to get amazon search box suggestions.  And it also allows you to export keyword results as a spreadsheet.


    Soovle comes into play when you have multiple channels for which you are doing keyword research and it helps you to find the most typed in words on various platforms from the input “root” that you have given. It allows your ideas and keywords to expand and reach new levels of imagination.


    One of the most powerful tools out there, UBERSUGGEST will take your input and immediately gives you an unlimited list of keyword variations of your original root keyword.

    It also gives a “bounce feature to uncover more words.


    The use of search term do not help you in keyword reasearch that much but rather it helps you to improve your adwords and Bing accounts. This report helps you by showing you the data regarding to which of the user search queries has triggered your advertisement based on your current keywords. It will help you to know the strength and how good a keyword is doing and eventually will help you to improve your quality scores.


    And Duhh!! It is the alpha keyword research tool that is also free. Along with the regular functions of keyword planner, it shows you data like average monthly searches, competition levels etc.
    And although it do not provide you exact keyword, but it suggests a lot of variations and synonyms to help you further your research.


    It’s not one of the best search tools out there but it lets to take a quick peek into what keywords your competition is focusing and leveraging on.
    In case you wish to find out the strategy of your competitor and/or hat are the keywords focused by your competitor/ market leader , this the best tool to be used.

Check out the Video for the same here:

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