How Mailigen Increased Email Open Rate Via Email Marketing

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AboutMailigen Mailigen

Headquartered in Latvia, Europe Mailigen was established in 2009 and founded by Janis Rose and Arturs Bernovskis the two tech experts. They started the business when the founder of company looked at the industry and found a gap and noticed the lack of e-mail service provider. Within a few weeks, they came up with the demo product and people started signing up for it.

Mailigen is an e-mail marketing system which is very intuitive and easy to use for all size of businesses. It offers cost effective web-based e-mail marketing solutions with advanced features. Mailigen has offices in United States, Russia, China, Iran and Latvia. It provides e-mail marketing services like Email marketing strategy, integrated marketing services, Auto responders, Mobile and SMS marketing campaigns, API Integration, List management, Reports, etc. for thousands of companies worldwide.

Mailigen has been evolving since its inception by adding new features and services for the businesses like advanced email and SMS campaigns, make online surveys and automate emails. It offers easy, fast and beautiful email campaigns, drop and drag email editor and adaptive templates. Mailigen also allows its users to create HTML emails, include dynamic social media content, segment their subscribers by their contact details, to monitor the campaign in real time, and etc.

Since their inception in 2009, they have won several awards like Golden Hammer Partner in Email Marketing (2014), Platinum Mouse Award for E-business Solution (2012), Top Ten Reviews Silver Award (2011), Member of German Baltic Chamber of Commerce, Member of Baltic Hong-Kong Trade Association, Member of Latvian Information Technologies Cluster.

Marketing Goals & Objectives

Email marketing is a very cost effective way of marketing and reaching people across the globe. It provides businesses several advanced features which can be easily used by anyone without having prior knowledge of technical things. It is simple, reliable and effective for businesses. They can easy measure the campaign results and effects of their marketing.

Email Marketing is easily shareable because anyone can easily share with their friends, family or colleagues. It also helps in increasing brand awareness of businesses. With each email sent to customers it exposes the business and brand to the customers and it also reduces the time and effort of the business.

Email marketing also helps businesses to promote their campaign and to monitor the results through real time data that how many people are actually looking into it. The main objective of Mailigen was to increase the Email open rate through sending emails to their subscribers. They wanted to check how many people actually view their email and they wanted to increase it. Their target was to increase the open rate with 20 to 29 percent by resending emails from 10 to 20 percent.

Marketing Campaign

To increase the email open rate with 20 to 29 percent they started targeting their subscribers through behavioral segmentation. They used this simple technique which most email marketers don’t use. Behavioral Segmentation is a technique of distinctly grouping all the email subscribers and to create relevant messages for them on the basis of collected user data like content types preferred by selected groups, email open time, response time, and etc.Mailigen

To accomplish their goal Mailigen has targeted those subscribers who have not opened their emails. Firstly, they crafted an email for their subscribers about using symbols in email content. The subject line was “Make your emails stand out with symbols” but it worked fairly well with an open rate of 20.5 percent.

Mailigen wasn’t satisfied with the results so they wanted to try once by using behavioral segmentation technique. This time they have targeted the subscribers those who haven’t responded previously by changing the subject line to be more compelling “Send emails with awesome symbols in subject”. They kept the content of the email same but tweaked the subject line.Mailigen

Results Achieved

The response achieved by Mailigen was great. At first, they had only 20.5% open rate but at second time their strategy worked for them. Around 8.6 percent subscribers who have not responded at first time actually responded at second time. The same email generated around 29.1 percent open rate just by changing the subject line and implementing the behavioral strategy.

Now, most of the companies follow this strategy for the marketing of their brand, product or services. The implementation of the strategy has proved that how behavioral strategy plays an important role in email marketing and how one can grab the attention of their customers.


Email marketing is a very cost effective procedure and is customizable. It allows businesses to connect with their subscribers in a more personal way. Email marketing is measurable and it helps businesses to keep the track of real time results of their campaigns. Businesses can easily distinguish their customers and can reach to them anytime and anywhere.

It is an interactive procedure businesses can initiate campaigns by using videos, graphics, game etc. and it is also easily shareable from one person to another. Email marketing is not restricted by the traditional timings.It also provides subscribers the option of opt in and opt out which helps businesses to shortlist their prospects. Email marketing allows us to personalize the mails and target the subscribers personally.

Mailigen has showed how the implementation of a simple strategy can work for the businesses and help them generate leads and results of their campaigns. By collecting the behavioural data of subscribers and using the strategy can help the business grow.

Image Credits: Mailigen

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