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How Nonprofits can segment email lists for increased conversion rates?

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While it’s redundant to tell why email marketing is better than the conventional print and snail mail, it’s still important to understand how email marketing can benefit your non-profit.

Marketing for non-profits comes as a challenge as non-profits in the first place are looking to raise money and not sell a product, hence budgets are a huge constrain. Sending out flyers or using print advertising to ask for donations can sometimes be too outrageous. Email marketing on the other hand is a far cheaper, convenient and effective method to reach out to the potential investors.

This obviously comes with a negative point of time involved in crafting emails and segmenting them for effective reach, which is why many people tend to avoid it quite often. Here’s how you can better segment your email lists for increased conversion rates:

1.) Geography: Sorting your email lists by geography should be first in priority. In case you’d want the people to know of events in the nearby location emails should be sent only to the people who are in that geography.

2.) Age and gender: This plays a huge role in targeting your audience. Not all causes appeal to people of all ages and gender. E.g.: More women of ages 22 and above would be drawn towards a breast cancer awareness drive than men.

3.) Psychography: It’s very important to understand the personality of the group that is being segmented. Not everyone shares the same personality characteristics and there are high chances that the people in the group know each other and would not turn up at the even to avoid certain people.

4.) Organization/Industry type: All organizations have a different need and cater to different causes. This step tends to add another layer to the segmentation to bucket the people depending upon the type of industry they belong to.

5.) Conversion offers: After all the above questions have been answered and adhered to the lists gets segmented on the interest level. At this point a conversion offer is created depending upon the persona. This could be anything ranging from a webinar to an on-site conference or even a whitepaper. The trick here is to provide rich and detailed content to your audience on the basis of their interest.

Building constituent profiles is worth its weight in gold. It not only helps you understand how to interact with the audience better but also increases your chances of meeting your end goals effectively.

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