How Red Bull Used Social Media To Build Its Brand?

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A print Magazine! Action Sports Television Series! A Full Featured Film! Sponsor of Athletes of Extreme Sports… what idea does all these things gives you…Confused, Red Bull is not a Sports Company; It’s an ENERGY DRINK. Red Bull has not beaten their competition by their product instead because of their Out of the box Marketing Strategies. Let’s look at how Red Bull cleverly used Social Media in the past decade to outsmart everyone and create its own Brand Value:-

Facebook marketing

Red Bull uses Facebook as their primary Social Media Platform and very rarely will you see them posting their red bull bottles and their logo on their images instead what they work on is their Witty Content in their Facebook posts. The key to content is creating something that people want to watch and share but at the same time that which fits in with the core values of the company’s brand. It has 40 million fans on their Facebook Page. What distinguishes them is the way they portray the images and videos in a way that defines them a part of today’s lifestyle instead of a Red bull being just another energy drink. This is what makes their frequent post also having thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Twitter marketing

Red bull has been using twitter to interact with their customers hand on. They have just over 900,000 followers on their account. The usual posts are related to links of images and videos of sponsor athletes and motivating quotes. Number of re tweets and hashtags related to red bull are always trending in the east zone.

Google+, Pinterest and Instagram

Google+ has more than 1.5 million followers. What they do is they reframe the Facebook post and repost it here leading thousands of +1s on their posts. The google+ page is updated once a day. Pinterest has three accounts on the name of red bull which shows stunning extremely adventurous pictures which leads us directly to Red bull website though Pinterest has not been the best platform for Red bull to use to increase their brand value. Recently, Red Bull came on Instagram and has been really popular between the followers all around the world with their ingenious ideas and images.

The secret to red bull’s marketing is its exciting Content and their one liner. Red bull is certainly giving “Social Media Wings” but believe me red Bull, you are really good; you don’t have to send a man in space literally to gain publicity.

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