How Red Bull Uses Social Media As The Key Platform To Build Its Brand

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About Red Bull

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. In terms of market share, Red Bull is the highest selling energy drink in the world, with 5.6 Billion Cans sold in 2014.

Red BullIn terms of Social Media, Red Bull is the brand having 43 Million Likes on Facebook, 1.99 Million Followers on Twitter, 3 Million on Instagram and 4.7 million followers on Google+.

rb3Red Bull Twitter

Red Bull is Active on Multiple Social Channels

Whether it’s a Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or Google+, Red Bull’s Social Media existence is everywhere. It actively participate in all Digital Marketing promotional activities and knows type of audience on each Social Platform.

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Have an Effective Social Media Strategy

Red Bull has a team of Social Media Experts & they form, implement & follow the best of Social Media Marketing strategies and make full integration of Social Media into every project. They keep on updating their page(s) on Social Media Channels regularly & make a mix of Digital Marketing.

Their Social Media Strategy is not about the Drinks, it’s about Sports, Adventure and Lifestyle, because they know People are not interested advertisements, but interesting contents & visual posts attract them and what they love to share & talk about.

Red Bull understands how people use Social Media through best online social media marketing courses and Build their strategies around that.

Red Bull Facebook Red Bull’s official Facebook Page

Creates Relevant Content Worth Sharing

Red Bull has beautifully captured the Social Media Channels by its eye-catching graphics & Copy writing posts, which have made it more attractive & user can’t just scroll down without checking them up. In the image (above), we can see the Red Bull’s Facebook Page, one of the Videos having 54k Likes & 9.5k Comments and in their recent post they got 5,163 Likes & 43 Shares.  So, this shows their high quality & rich content posts that are posted keeping in mind the likes of their audience.

Speaks in an Authentic Voice

Red Bull Twitter @redbull: tweets

The tweets state their Authentic Voice and how they have caption the HD Images & short Videos, along with their links & #tags. The authentic content along with perfect #tags & mentions can make a post tremendously successful.

Red Bull Tweet

Stay Cool. #hottestdayoftheyear got 143 Re-tweets & 294 Favorites within 22 hours.


Red Bull seems have critically examined the pros & cons of each social platform they are using & also the type of audience they are having on each social channel. They know what to post, when to post & for whom to post and how to make successful posts and which post is suitable for which platform & on what time.

While writing this blog, I got 2 tweets of Red Bull on Twitter but there was no update on the Facebook Page by last 7 hours. Also, the posts on each social channel are not the same. But their posts on Instagram seems more engagement than any other social channel.

Red Bull Instagram 54.1k likes in 13 hours on Instagram

I’m a lazy blogger so it took some 9 minutes in editing & posting image here and I just refreshed the Instagram post that they posted 13 hours ago and from 54.1k now within 9 minutes it got 54.5k likes, an increase of 400 likes isn’t amazing…? And I saw another post they did there 23 hours ago, having 59.6k likes.


Red Bull Consistently promotes & sponsor Sports and also they drive physical & digital engagement by organizing high profile events.

The Red Bull Stratos Project was one of the most successful campaigns ever & gone viral on YouTube and today Red Bull is having 4.3 million subscribers on his official page “Red Bull” on YouTube.

Red Bull

Red Bull Events around the world…

Red Bull


Interactive Contests by Red Bull on their page brings more engagement & promotions. They not only interact, but also gets Re-tweets from the followers and also the winners get Gifts from Red Bull which is also a key to Public Relations.

Red Bull Stratos TwitterEdited…

As we can see the 1st tweet, they are allowing the audience to Interact with Felix by asking him about the Red Bull Stratos, & the next 2 tweets (there were lot of posts between them, but this one is edited) we can see how they responded their audience individually replying their comments and solving their queries on Twitter. Twitter seems more for engagement.

#AskFelix and #LiveJump were the two most successful campaigns of Red Bull, which bought them millions of new likes & follows on Facebook and Twitter page. It allows people to interact & share their opinions and views which are the important part of their feedback. It has created a sense of community & belongingness towards its audience, especially adventure and sports lovers interact with each other and enjoy their posts & campaigns.

Red Bull Google Plus

Sources: Red Bull’s Official Website, Page(s) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+

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