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How ScoopWhoop Is Making Successful Business Through Social Media Marketing

How ScoopWhoop Is Making Successful Business Through Social Media Marketing



ScoopWhoop is a one stop destination to discover and share everything Indian that is happening in the internet. Also being now known as “Buzzfeed Of India”. It’s out the box posts or scoops to be precise like “18 Facebook Statuses That Will Give You A LOL Attack ” or “If You Think You’re Lazy Then These 15 Jobs Are Perfect For You” will obviously captures all the attention. It is an Internet Online Company for the online Indian. Founded in August 2013 by the students of Indian Institute Of Mass Communication with  a single motive to do Indian stories worth sharing. By the end of 2015 ScoopWhoop received approx of 29 millions unique view with 55 million page views and is getting millions of social shares.Also through the social media platform it has generated 25 billions of monthly impressions. Keeping up with youth mindset they have kept their goal i.e. “POWER OF WRITING”.


ScoopWhoop prime focus is to expand their viewership. ScoopWhoop being one of the company which works on the fast growing business in India i.e. Digital Advertising which is currently worth 23% of the entire revenue of the entertainment and media sector. From Kalaari Capital alone, ScoopWhoop was able to generate Rs 26 crore and from Bharti Softbank a revenue of 10 crore.  ScoopWhoop now manages its daily funding is been predicted by the end of March 2016 to generate 10 crore of revenue without putting an effort into marketing. 

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In this WTF age, i.e. Whatsapp, twitter and Facebook, where everybody is surrounded by the social media platforms, maybe with mobiles, tabs or laptops, people have created their own online world, where everybody is fighting to make their place. They might post something funny or sarcastic or might put a nice video of a cat jumping from a window or maybe publish news. What ScoopWhoop has done is amalgamating all this and making a channel as a source of entertainment. A one stop destination for online users to gather knowlege and get entertain at the same time. We are getting addicted to the scoops uploaded by them by the way they are curating it and presenting to the audience. Their main strategy is to target the 15-35 years old audience and serve them news with a pinch of entertainment. They use lot of pictures to convey the story and a catchy caption respectively. A story gets published in ScoopWhoop if the topic is trending in social media, then that story has to go through content team with main motive of getting maximum views and share and easy to consume by audience as well.


With almost 2 million Facebook fans and counting in ScoopWhoop without asking,begging or buying. ScoopWhoop have 5 different pages. SccopWhoop Videos, ScoopWhoop News, ScoopWhoop Firangi, ScoopWhoop Humor and the official ScoopWhoop page. Every page is unique in it own way and getting the headlines. Facebook algorithm is working wonders for them. Even if the blog is been posted a day ago, one can still get the Newsfeed for the same, showing the reach and engagement taking place.

ScoopWhoop with their up to the mark content has made sure that they don’t have beg for likes or share and since its all organic. For example- 23 majestic places to visit and at the end the image courtesy was given to MakeMyTrip.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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Date: 01st Feb, 2020 (Sat)
Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)


ScoopWhoop main revenue coming from native advertisement. With the team of just 12 members,  they have given a new scope for the content writers and making sure to earn money by doing what they love..WRITE. Now by the lunch of ScoopWhoop Talkies about a  month ago has been making almost 25 videos a month. Also the documentaries that the ScoopWhoop has started to work on.  

The best way ScoopWhoop has evolved is how they manage to put the best use of social media marketing specially through Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Making people fall in love with the cheesy yet classy post targeting the right audience and henceforth making 40 cr industry in matter of fact of 15 months


The advertising platform offered by Facebook to ScoopWhoop has multiplied its business revenues by getting maximum mas response. With now clients like Godrej, Budweiser and Pepsi and just by doing an advertising story they are strengthening their root. Yes ScoopWhoop currently is a work in progress but it has set it mark and given the inspiration to various entrepreneurs so as they can set their goals and achieve something on their own and specially understanding the true value of social media marketing and modify their tactics accordingly. With that making the name by keeping their audience entertain and amazed. And with sudden changes and new marketing strategies taking place in digital marketing one need to keep the eyes and ears open and stay up-to-date. hence its been essential to not fall behind and making sure that you are ONLINE.

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Image Credits: Google

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