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How Social Media can Affect Personal Branding of Companies

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Here we are presenting a Guest Post on Personal Branding aspect for Brands

Personal branding apart from an individual’s branding can also be how companies give their brand a personality. Social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, establish a relationship between consumer and company by enabling companies to communicate directly with consumers. This kind of direct communication makes the company more accessible to the customer and enhances the relationship between consumer and brand by allowing it to be more personal and more intimate.

1) Twitter
Twitter can be an effective social media tool to enhance personal branding because it allows businesses to make announcements to consumers about new products or upcoming sales. Twitter announcements are more personal than alternative advertisements because they are sent out to a selective group of people– their followers. Additionally, Twitter announcements can be more persistent than regular advertisements, which establishes a long-term presence with the consumer. One of the main reasons consumers like Twitter is because it provides, quick and short messages, so they stay updated with their friends and their favorite brands without taking away too much time from their daily lives. Since Twitter only allows users to type in 140 characters or less per tweet, this satisfies the needs of the busy consumer, while sufficiently getting the company’s message across.

2) Facebook
Facebook opens a deeper world of opportunity for consumer-business interaction because it includes all of the useful features of Twitter in addition to video posts, pictures, access to personal info, comments and more. Facebook is especially effective because it allows users to post updates similarly to Twitter; however, Facebook gives businesses an accessible appeal that is essential for personal branding. Consumers can “like” and comment on products and businesses can respond to the consumer’s concerns. This kind of interaction gives the business a personality and a more human face. The interaction makes Facebook a more comfortable outlet for communicating with the consumer. Where Twitter is cheap motel, Facebook is your childhood home. Both accommodate your needs, but the latter obviously makes you feel more comfortable overall.

On the other hand, Facebook can eliminate part of the mystique that attracts certain buyers to companies and their products. It’s good for companies to intrigue the customer and to get their attention because this is part of what stimulates their curiosity to visit your website or store to learn more. Since Facebook essentially lays everything out for the customer, the mystery is significantly diminished and consumers may lose interest quickly. It’s equally possible that the consumer may be annoyed by the constant presence of the company. Of course, every consumer is different and it’s nearly impossible for businesses to please them all. As a whole, Facebook’s positive features seem to outweigh the negative ones because Facebook has successfully increased sales for many businesses.

Personal branding is not only important to establish a relationship with customers, but with other businesses as well. Many businesses work together to keep business running smoothly. For example, all businesses need to keep their finances managed in addition to filing taxes every year. Businesses who need these kinds of services usually look to other trusted businesses- – that specialize in accounting or finance for instance– in order to utilize these services and enhance their business. Facebook allows businesses to get to know one another in a personal and consistent way without being too invasive with advertisements and advice. Twitter can allow businesses to get to know one another through one other’s posts, but (once again), Facebook adds that extra personalization that allows businesses to interact with one another through comments and messages. Either way, both outlets set up a convenient place for businesses to get to know one another and find out if they are the business they are looking for.

The most positive consequence of personal branding is the personal relationship it establishes between the consumer and the company. Social media comfortably brings these two entities together to establish a non-invasive form of interaction. Aside from a few downsides, social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook successfully strengthen the relationship between consumers and companies in a positive way that has proven to generate more sales and attract new customers.

About the author: Diane Johnson writes about a number of her interests including shopping, online classes, and traveling.

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    • 8 years ago

      Archana S Nayak   /   Reply

      Great post, Diane! Companies doing due diligence towards branding are increasingly using social media to optimize their ongoing efforts. Good understanding between business partners/alliances is key to generating better quality of content and engaging customers cost-effectively. Twitter is a great platform for personal branding and
      networking wherein companies’ employees can showcase thought leadership and influence a targeted group of followers. Facebook is the undisputed favorite with brands to talk, listen and build stronger ties with a large base of customers. At the end of the day, social media is all about relationships and companies can leverage on the personal connection made with businesses and customers, as long as they don’t lose sight of the human aspect in social.

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