How Social Media Marketing Played An Imperative Role In Narendra Modi’s Historic Win?

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About General elections in 2014

In the general elections of 2014 conducted in the months of April and May, the right-wing nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a landslide victory. The BJP won 282 of the 543 seats .

India held its sixteenth general elections for the 543 parliamentary constituencies in nine phases stretching over a period of over a month (from April 7 to May 12). Nearly 814.5 million of the 1.2 billion people of India were eligible to vote in the general elections, making it the largest elections ever conducted in the world. The two main coalitions of the country’s parties, the INC-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and the BJP-led NDA competed with each other to form the government. Many regional parties that were not part of either the UPA or the NDA too contested.

In fact, days earlier, Modi’s election victory tweet “India has won! Good days are coming.” went on to become the most retweeted tweet of all time from India. Just before the election results were declared, Modi said in a blog post, “This is the first election where social media has assumed an important role and the importance of this medium will only increase in the years to come…. It became a direct means of information and gave us the much-needed local pulse..”


With the aid of digital media or social media, primary purpose of the Narendra Modi was to reach out to large target audience or voters with their message and vision.

BJP aggressively used different digital marketing mediums for enhancing their reach and awareness to reach its target voter base..

Approach and Strategy adopted by BJP

Let’s find out How Prime Minister Narender Modi successfully led his party during election campaign digitally

Utilization of digital media for the first time done in recent general election by visionary prime minister Narendra Modi.The IT cell of the BJP along with CAG took care of Modi’s campaign on social media. A special ‘social media war room’ with a budget of Rs. 3.5 million was set up to track the digital campaign activities across the country. To connect with more Fresh Graduates he kicked off Digital India scheme so that more youth could come on this biggest democracy.

Narendra Modi with his team was quite active on social media since 2009, but as BJP declared him as Prime Ministerial candidate, upsurge use of digital media was seen.

In sixteenth general elections nearly 814 million of 125 crore populace were eligible to vote. In order to reach out to huge mass or potential voters, all the channels of digital media as well as offline medium were used so that could be accomplished to more voters.

What in fact digital marketing has done for him? What was the role of social media in bringing or making him a PM of India?

Through social media Narendra Modi’s opponents could know that much support he has of public, and this support infused positive energy and gusto amongst his cohorts. As a result envies demoralized seeing this sort of enthusiasm amongst public about Modi.

Advertising Gurus like Sam Balsara, Piyush Pandey and Prasoon Joshi were the ones who created catchy slogans like “Janta Maaf Nahi Karege”, “Ache Din Anne Wale hai”. These catch phrases became viral on social media as well. And “Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar“had become a tag line of BJP as well.

Facebook Page “I support Narendra Modi” has got about8 million likes, and slogan “har har modi ghar ghar modi” went viral across social media platforms.

Through social media he not only disclosed the bad doings of congress government but also made voters aware about their voting rights. And through digital media he made people aware about the development that was done in Gujarat.

Moreover, as digital media is a two way communication so as to keep public engaged he used to reply on their comments.

However, Narendra Modi has been considered a progressive man, who wishes to bring in latest technology in India. That’s why he was supported by urban class population. An urban population which uses technology the most extended support to him. And support and love was seen in terms of likes, shares, comments, retweet etc.

He understood very early that these elections were hugely influenced by youth therefore whole of his strategy accordingly planned and implemented. And youth who was seeking such as kind of leader, and through social media each other could connect as well as engage with ease.

This is for the first time that Indian elections were fought as presidential election of United States of America. Narendra Modi’s marketing strategy not only created a synergy but also amazed preeminent marketing Gurus and pundits of across the world.

Presence of Narendra Modi on Various Social Media Platforms


Narendra Modi has third largest followers on twitter after Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh Khan. At present he has around 13.7 million followers. Only his voice keeps a lot of weight whether it is on online platform twitter or off-line. During elections he makes maximum use of this platform to reach out to target masses. Most important thing being targeted heavily by opponents he did not block a single person for opposing him on social media.


Narendra Modi has got more than 29million likes on his page and most fascinating thing you might have found on his FB page is that every post is written in English instead of Hindi. Generally he speaks Hindi but however to hook up youth use English.


Narendra Modi’s youtube channel has about 254611 subscribers and he constantly uploads videos regarding any event. During elections he kept on uploading videos of his rallies for viewers.

Google Plus

Google plus, social media platform where Narendra Modi enjoys 2,749,196 followers and 352,183,305 views and at present also he posts recent happenings to remain connected with large populace.On all these platforms he writes down his deepest emotions about the policies and concern about the world policies and poverty.

Results achieved by BJP

However with the aid of digital media or social media, primary purpose of the Narendra Modi was to reach out to large target audience or voters with their message and vision. And without using technology or digital media it was not possible for any individual or party to come across with huge

Benefits that Narendra Modi Reaped From a Perfect Digital Marketing Planning:

  • PM could valve about 12 crore first time voters
  • United previous voters of the party
  • Spread out party’s policies amid public
  • Create faith in populace about the party’s idea of growth
  • Inspire youth to participate & to make difference

Not only digital marketing but also he had used public relations and advertising in order to create synergy. And because of popularity of Narendra Modi on social media, BJP not only appealed to vote but also to donate. Almost every hash tag related to Narendra Modi and BJP trended till election results were not declared. Learning’s BJP has comprehensively planned various campaigns for social media as well as implemented successfully on social media. All possible digital platforms were used to convince people to vote for the party. Most imperative thing about Modi’s campaign is that his team maintained consistency throughout elections whereas competitors of Narendra Modi surrendered amid an election campaigns. #Namo has become a household name or a name for which people wanted to make him win.

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