How Tata Salt Leveraged Social Media to Create Buzz About Indian Olympic Contingent

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Keeping up with the image of being one of India’s most respected brands, Tata Salt took the responsibility to support and create awareness about Indian Olympic contingent for Rio Olympic 2016. They made the best use of their official social media advertising campaign Tata Salt Desh Ka Namak pages and stared new sub campaign #NamakKeWaste.

About Tata salt desh ka namak campaign:

Tata salt Desh Ka Namak campaign came in to existence in early 2002 with intention of showing acts of honesty and integrity done by most common people of the society that represents the idiomatic usage of the word ‘salt’. It was about sharing the stories of going extra mile to bring small changes to the society while doing their regular job.

In terms of execution, instead of taking the predictable “from the horse’s mouth” approach and using a celebrity to endorse the idea, the campaign relies on everyday stories like a lady doctor spending extra hour to treat an emergency patient even after completing a long day Or the elderly taxi driver who graciously turns down a ‘reward’ from a passenger who had left her cell phone behind which driver has subsequently returned or a traffic constable refusing to take bribe.

In 2014 this campaign featured celebrity Indian Olympian MC Marry Kom, where she recalls her journey from childhood to becoming Olympian. Story was narrated in her own voice to make audience feel emotionally connected to pain and the struggle of the athlete.

She talks about the family and societal pressure against her choice of sport and claims that although as an Olympian now everybody respects her but it is her duty to provide opportunity to other kids who wants to follow the sport and become like her through Marry Kom Boxing academy.

In the recent past this campaign has been associated with several causes of similar type, like earlier this year they were associated with Kala ghoda art festival, Mumbai where they gave space to art effects of several artist on their official social media page.


At the same time they started #MakeIndiaIronStrong on their social media pages asking people to take pledge to make India strong to increase the involvement of the followers.


Tata Salt Desh Ka Namak started #GandhiInMe  on 2nd October last year where people were asked to share story of acts of kindness and win big prizes.

#gandhi and me share a moment

Earlier they celebrated Everest climb of 48 years old Padma Shri Premlata Agrawal who completed her mission after many hardships and discouragement because of her age under the #IronStrongWomen.


Objective of #NamakKeWaste:

#NamakKeWaste is the latest addition to the Tata Salt Desh ka Namak campaign aimed towards creating the awareness about the Rio Olympic and gathering as much support as possible for Indian Olympic contingent. Although sports in India has always been a binding force above the social and economical barriers but this love is often limited to very few games only.

The whole idea of the campaign is to tell the story of struggles and hardships of the players representing the country in upcoming Rio Olympics who often come from very humble backgrounds.

Approach and strategy:

 The campaign started at the same time on both primary social media channels that is Twitter and Facebook and it was time to give followers shock by exposing them to the fact that they don’t even know the players representing country in biggest sport event. They were asked to recognize their names by giving small information about them.

             douknowhimshivafb douknowherbabitafb

That strategy worked in getting their attention and these updates received thousands of likes and hundreds of shares and comments. It was a good start and people started talking about them and wanted to know more about them. More posts were updated to give out additional information about players.

Next was the India’s Olympic quotient survey which was designed with the purpose of keeping the followers hooked to the campaign while giving them more substance to discuss among the peer groups. The whole idea was to get mouth to mouth publicity and gating more people to follow the social media page.

olympic survey

Individual videos of each player were shared on youtube / facebook and twitter page. All these video showed these players in their complete gear ready for action. These videos were shared on social media with facts about the struggle and hardship faced by the players in the opening statement.

Intentionally all these videos had voice over by players themselves telling the viewers about their lives and struggles they faced to reach this level. Using player’s own voice brought unmatched authenticity and emotional connect as viewer can actually feel their pain through their voices. These videos received millions of views, thousands of shares and comments.

         inderjeetsingvideo shivathapavideo

Graphic images of players in action were shared on social media and people were asked to use them as cover photos or wallpapers. The idea was to keep them engaged in the process even when they were not visiting the official page of the campaign and also to use their profiles to spread the word.


Comments and views of celebrities like Amitabh bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddique were shared on official social media pages expressing their support to the Indian Olympic Contingent and giving out their best wishes. It made the campaign to reach to the huge fan base to these celebrities.

celebrity wishes

With continuous innovative efforts recently followers were asked to click victory selfies and share them to show the support to Indian Olympic contingent. It resulted in tremendous involvement of the people.



There are 145643 people who have liked the Tata Salt desh ka namak on facebook and they have 6724 followers on twitter.

The video of wrestler Babita Kumari has received 46,000 likes ,6232 shares, 957 comments while total number of views is 1.9 million.

Video featuring boxer Shiva Thapa has received 31000 likes, 4712 shares, 914 comments and total views for the video are 1.4 million.

Video featuring shot putter Inderjeet Singh received 33000 likes, 4074 shares,780 comments and total view of the video are 1.7 million.

These are the metrics of the main videos, other updates like Olympic survey, celebrity updates and trivia about players, contest too received good amount of attention from the followers.

On you tube same videos received 756678 views for Shot putter Inderjeet Singh, 867624 for wrestler Babita Kumari and  784935 for boxer shiva Thapa.


Tata salt Desh Ka Namak campaign that started with intention of celebrating the small acts of honesty and integrity of common people evolved in to a bigger platform over the time period. Tata salt kept on adding different events and happening as and when they got right chance to do so. During the entire process they kept the followers engaged in their communication.

#NamakKeWaste was the first time when Tata Salt took responsibility of such importance and they achieved the desired results of creating buzz about Indian Olympian contingent within few weeks. The amount of attention received by the followers is certainly unparalleled.

Photo credits: Tata Salt, Official Facebook /Twitter  page -Tata Salt Desh Ka Namak

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