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How to achieve engagement through Email Marketing?

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Nowadays, one of the biggest challenge that is being faced by most of the marketers is of getting engagement through email marketing. It is quite true that aggregating a list of email addresses is quite difficult and requires a lot of hard work. However, even after getting a good number of opt-ins, it is still not easy to influence an individual to open and click your email.

Today in this post, we will be discussing some steps through which you can get more engagement in your emails. However, in order to get results, it is necessary to understand and complete each step thoroughly till end.

Subject line of your email

We all are aware of the fact that subject line is one of the most important parts of an email, which can influence and pull readers to open your email. You might have seen some of the ecommerce stores create the subject line in a manner that aggravates the interest of the audience to open the email.

It is essential for you to create a connectivity with your audience from the very beginning and hence for the same reason think of a subject line that provokes curiosity. In fact most of the organization usually test various subject lines and choose the one that brings in maximum number of opens and clicks for their emails.

First few words of your email

This is quite important for email preview and first few words are essentially considered as the key part of the email message. You might have seen that when you open an email, the subject line is accompanies with the first few words of your email. It behave like a sub-subject line and provokes the reader’s interest beyond the subject of the email.

Many email senders do not pay much attention to this part of the email and land up sending mailers that sound non-interesting. In order to improve the same, you can avoid using the line ‘view this email in a browser’ on the top of the email. If you do not, this will be seen in the preview. The content in your emails might be interesting, but if readers view only the email, they might not be interested in opening your emails.

Email content and call to action

People are quite busy and might not be interested in reading every email that they receive. Moreover, if an individual open up your email and sees paragraph trails they would not be interested in reading your emails any further.

Therefore, it is best to look into all these details and keep your email messages short and easy to read. People want to save time and long emails do not help them in achieving this goal. Moreover, if you are using any kind of images in your email, ensure that those images are of good quality and reflects your message easily.

In addition to the message of your email, your call to action should also be very clear and easily readable. This will allow users to click on it easily and let you receive good response rate for your emails.


Overall, emails are the most relied upon tactics for acquiring new customers. However at the same time it also requires a lot of experimentation and patience.

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