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Business people are frustrated by the lack of engagement with their Facebook post. Thus in order to increase Facebook post engagement they need to learn how to prominent and rock the Facebook news feed.

Listed below are some tips on how to utilize Facebook’s algorithm to seek advantage and attract audience.

  • First seize attention, then promote

Ever heard of Facebook’s EdgeRanked algorithm? Actually it is a method which looks at affinity, weight and time decay. Basically it takes up a profile and looks at 50 people of he have last interacted or have been their profile. Then it includes only those people in his newsfeed over the one’s he haven’t viewed in a while.

Thus this tip can be advantageous for businesses. Either they can post something super interesting whether correlated to business or anything else that people would find interesting.

Once people starts getting engaged and starts liking and sharing the post, then they can add something promotional which would take those people back to their site. By doing so the people who like the post once starts getting further post on their newsfeed. This can also be called as organic advertising.

  • Post alluring images

Generally people are more attracted towards post that contains images of different kinds rather than boring status updates say for example about political views or about dinner menu. This concept can also be used for businesses. Visual content drives engagement. Local business can attract people by just posting about their new awning and can expect that customers would update their statuses about it.

Business should not forget to include engaging copies and links to their website through these images. Along with an image a relevant link to their services either or a blog about their company should be included so that people can visit the site.

  • Evaluate performance

To be most efficacious with Facebook news feed, one need to know their audience, post content that they want to see actually, find out what kind of posts are engaging more and more people and then content strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

The best way to do this is to keep a track on Facebook analytics.

Facebook is something that people do during their work breaks or after their working hours. Thus standing out on Facebook news feed is to give audience what they want to see. By making the content more interesting and by analyzing which content is gaining most engagement and why, one can be master of Facebook news feed.

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