How to Become a Blogger in 3 Months?

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Do the bloggers making in millions inspire you? Today, I’ll discuss “how to become a blogger”, which, for sure is the question that strikes your head time and again. 

Blogging is the lighting spark of entrepreneurship era. A lot of bloggers I know and follow are millionaires. Where everyone is inspired by the success of bloggers, here, we will also learn the loopholes that hinder the path of a blogger’s success.

There is hell nothing to do with quantity. A good website is a place with quality blogs. It’s better not to push your writers to write many blogs, this would lead your business nowhere but a dump land.

A lot of bloggers started blogging as their part-time job, considering it as a second source of income easily made from home. But, a disappointment, most of them failed miserably.

Let us first discuss how this career choice can also fail you down in some stances and what are the probable mistakes in the backend. 

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The one I consider is the lack of motivation for blogging. It happens as many consider it as a mere source of income achieved without hard work. Instead, blogging is an activity that involves long hours of research, passion and high efforts.

Here, we will learn how to become a blogger & to stand out in blogging as a career and become successful in 3 months. A successful blogger will earn more than a high-paying 9-5 job, and the fun thing is that there is no boss you are your own king. Let’s get started and learn how to become a blogger and earn!

How to Create a Blog?

It’s a task of efforts to create a blog. You don’t even need to be technical to do this. I promise that with hard work and optimal efforts, soon you would be earning in more than 5 digits. 

The only step you need to take is – start with it. A blog needs to be frequently updated with content on a particular (selected) niche. This is done keeping optimization in mind, which would further get you traffic and thereafter, a handsome sum of money.

What are the Perks of Blogging?

Perks of Blogging

Perks of Blogging Source – iWriter

Blogging is the most-easiest and accessible activity one could ask for. You just need to start a blog and write, without having any professional background. 

There is no need to be an experienced lad with any specified educational degree. Luckily, you are not a single hour older to be a blogger.

Here, you get to write in a conversational tone and engage the user with your business offerings.

There is no definition of geographic location as far as blogging is considered. Be your own Boss, start from you anywhere!

What are your Ultimate Goals?

There is no meaning of blogging without any goals as you would land nowhere. You need to be determined to start a business. Before learning the concepts of becoming a blogger, be clear with the goals, which may include:

Relatability with a niche and readiness to tell a story

You can use the your personal blog to express and tell your story,  your personal experiences with your life, the lessons you learned and the advice which may suit the listeners. 

Nevertheless, there are some niche topics with which you can relate with your hobbies. E.g. lifestyle, fashion. There is one thing that you must keep in mind –  the more you are engaged in the topic, the more interestingly your audience would read.

In short, it’s always your input which results in satisfaction or disinterest of your audience.

Increasing your business or brand recognization

Blogging is the best way through which a business owner can amazingly grow his business. If you are planning to bring your physical store online or even setting up your offline business on the internet, write blogs and reach your customers. 

Once you achieve good brand recognition, you can promote further by being a paid speaker or a consultant for showcasing your expertise in that particular niche.

As I promised earlier, once you reach your steps to blogging, there is no chance you would wish to go back. There is an incredible success in this field leading you to reach business heights.

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An urge to make money online

The technological era has urged millions to make money online, sitting back at home. There is no point in following the old tradition of office jobs. 

The new era has offered beautiful opportunities, the best one being your own boss with zero investment. Isn’t it amazing? 

The best part is that you are continuously growing through blogging. The time you invest now in blogging will lead you to a rich future.  Through this post, you will learn how to become a blogger in India and earn.

There is no need to just sep up your feet on full-time blogging. Liking your job? Cool. Do part-time blogging and earn in millions. It demands nothing but patience, time, hard work, efforts, and measureless passion.

Role of Social Media in Blogging

Role of Social Media in Blogging

Role of Social Media in Blogging

Being a blogger, it is very necessary to have social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and most importantly on youtube where you could post your videos and depict the real-life functioning of your products.

Nevertheless, having a bunch of social media handles does not demand you to be actively engaged in these profiles. You can use them for further promotions and content sharing. Use the social media handlers on your main page of the website.

Why is it important to create an Editorial Calendar for blogging?

The editorial calendar needs to be a handy sheet of a blogger. Here, you keep in the note what all blogs and niche are you going to write on and when. Having an editorial calendar helps you not miss out on any of your blog-publishing plans.

How to become a blogger in India?

Be keen to learn and glue on this topic. It would help you to gain enough of blogging. The essential parameters you must follow are:

Decide if blogging is right for you

Ask yourself “What would you achieve through blogging?” If it’s just money that you want to achieve without networking with the audience, then sorry this is not your cup of tea. 

Blogging simply means expressing your ideas and knowledge to people in a very friendly and conversational tone. You also need to be available to help your audience for suggestions over particular concerns. This helps in gaining trust. In short, we can define the qualities of a blogger as:

(i) Ready to help, advise and suggest

(ii) Be disciplined with timely blog publication

(iii) Love to socialize

(iv) Be a passionate writer

(v) Is ready to take criticism

Be a good researcher

After being fully assured of your interest in blogging, you need to choose your niche. You need to work hard here to be sure that your niche has a long-run future. 

You might be thinking that the topic of interest in your niche. Sorry! Choose the niche which has value in the market and one which gives your exploration opportunities. However, it should also match your likability. You can analyze the competition of your niche through its search volume and keyword difficulty. There are various tools which help you determine these factors, some of these are:

(i) Google Keyword Planner

(ii) Ahrefs

(iii) Google trends

Next, research for the platform you are ready to make profits on. Some of the best blogging platforms are WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace. However, I would highly recommend you to use WordPress. It has a good money investment but gives profits in the long run, through its premium versions. 

Through WordPress, you can highly increase your blog optimization and readability.

The next step is getting a domain name and hosting. Starting a business surely demands some sum of investment. It’s okay to enjoy the free platform of WordPress or any other blogging tool.  But, this is what a number of bloggers are doing today. To stand in the competition ahead of them, you need to buy a domain name and hosting plan. 

Web-hosting gives you a unique online presence. You can henceforth design your website on your own preferences. 

For obvious, if you are in business, a domain name with a secure lock symbol on the website, brings your business to the profession front. The benefit you gain is freedom from ads popping up on your page.

The time has changed when finding the perfect domain name was a challenge. This was because it was a demand for google to relate your domain name with the keywords that people search for.

According to the latest update of Google, it’s your content that is needed to be perfectly embedded with optimal keywords. The content keywords can now recognize your niche and bring out the results on SERP if written properly. 

It’s easier now. You can use your own name or frame a distinguishing catchy name that has relatability with your niche. Be meaningful and avoid the following mistakes:

(i) Don’t use the confusing and difficult words

(ii) Avoid the use of words that reflect twin meaning

(iii) Prefer buying a name with .com – .com is the commonly preferred top-level domain name by the site visitors. If you don’t get a top-level domain like .com, then try with other domains as otherwise, the website with the same domain plus .com can expect all your traffic.

There are various places where you can buy the domain and host.

Start your blog

Start your Blog

Start your Blog

It’s time to finalize your blog and get started. But, before that, it is recommended to learn the odds and even. Be clear with the inside-out of the blog to save yourself from further complexions in the future.

This is highly recommended in the case where the creator of the blog is someone else. Understand all the points from this to use in the future reconstruction of the website.

Begin with content embedding

For rising high on SERP, content is the most important and lightened thing to bring your part-play in the google results. You need to be disciplined in writing. This does not mean that you should write a blog daily or 4 in a week, instead right a quality article. This will work even with 3 blogs published in a month.


This one may be challenging to achieve as you are a dependent one here. Yes, you guessed it right. You are dependent on your audience to like and reach your product.

Promote where your audience is quite active. Use social media tools like Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium and Slideshare. 

Use the Google ads stuff that is motivating and going to bring the traffic to your place. At last, keep your promotional content SEO optimized and create backlinking.

How to Become a Blogger & Earn?

How to Become a Blogger & Earn?

How to Become a Blogger & Earn?

It takes no time to start a blog and become a successful blogger. What matters is your attitude of how to become bloggers & how serious you are to achieve your blogging passion. To become a successful blogger, the following qualities would help you out:

Willingness (Passion)

Why people fail in becoming successful bloggers? The reasons are lack of motivation and lack of willingness to learn and work. 

There is a lot of online information that suggests you invest just 2 -3 hours to create a good source of income and earn between $100 to $400. The people inspired by such information usually leave their passion for blogging within 1-2 months.

Let me get this straight, It needs hard work and passion to learn and write. If you want to know how to become a blogger and earn more than your regular pay from your 9-5 job, you really require to have the will. 

These days blogging has become challenging because of regular updates from Google. If a person is willing to learn and adapt to all the changes, there is no update that challenges his success.


To get an answer on how to become a successful blogger in India and start earning, there are some skills that require to stand out in this ocean of bloggers. 

A Good Communicator

You need to be a good communicator in order to know how to become a blogger and start earning. This quality of yours engages users to your blog and give answers to their issues at the same time.

A good communicator makes a heavy technical article to be both witty and knowledgeable. More time on your blog will increase your reach to people and that’s where you started to earn.

A Good Writer

A good blog has more readability and zeroes grammatical errors. You have to improve your writing skills. Example: we all read newspapers and there are minimal to zero errors we come across, this is because its journalists are good writers and amazing communicators. 

Read more newspapers and online articles to improve your writing skills, a successful blogger have that writing skills that will help him to communicate with people easily.

A lot of Hard Work

Becoming a successful blogger requires a lot of hard work. You have to create unique content and then share it, make regular changes in your blogs, SEO and managing social media all of this will take a lot of hard work.

You have to work hard for writing content and maintaining a blog. Google’s update in algorithms, updating old blogs & making new content takes a lot of effort but believe me it will be worth it.

Be a Learner

In blogging, there are many possibilities of making mistakes but not everyone learns from them and repeatedly makes mistakes resulting in a disastrous failure.

Don’t Put All Eggs in One Basket

Never make this mistake of putting all efforts into one blog and depending on just one niche. A wise man said that never put all your eggs in one basket. You lose opportunities by doing so. The result is that after a single failure, you are left with nothing to achieve. 

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I hope that I have discussed all the ins and outs of how to become a blogger in India. Hope that I have solved your queries on how to become a successful blogger. If I’m still losing with some points, please let me know in the comment box. Feel free to share your issues.

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